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Top 10 Ever Seen Asha Savla Mehndi Designs


Top 10 Ever Seen Asha Savla Mehndi Designs

Asha Savla embarked on mehendi designing back then for a need. This eventually turned to be her interest where she practiced a whole lot of designs and started creating new ones. And in 1991, she started teaching the skill to the others who had the quest for quirky mehendi designs. Here unique style and methods gained huge popularity and she grew into a monopoly in contemporary mehendi art in Mumbai. Here are 10 of the best Asha savla mehndi designs for you.

Best Asha Savla Mehendi Designs:

1. Brilliant Bridal Mehendi Design:

Asha Savla Bridal Mehndi Designs

What we have here is a beautifully created bridal mehendi design by Asha Savla. Among ladies, these asha savla bridal mehndi designs are hugely popular. And this design in particular has got too detailed prints and patterns created in the left hand of the bride with paisley and floral motifs.

2. Gorgeous Mehendi Designs for Hands:

Latest Asha Savla Mehndi Design

Along the right corner of the hand, there are criss-cross designs that branch out to a tree-like structure along the palm. This latest mehndi designs by asha savla is so eye-catching that it intensifies along the fingers each with intricate patterns as though printed straight from a computer system.

3. Unbelievably Detailed Asha Savla Design:

New Asha Sawla Mehandi Designs

You won’t believe your eyes looking at the beauty of this Asha Savla Mehendi design. It’s so pretty with intricate details. The designs are created symmetrically on either hands. When joined, the two form a beautiful bridal design with lovely peacock design, floral prints, expert strokes and adorable mehendi on the whole.

4. Pretty Arabic Mehendi Design:

Asha savla Indo Arabic Mehndi Designs

This is a gorgeous Indo Arabic mehndi designs by asha savla distinctively created for the left and right hands. There are gorgeous flowers filling the palm and fingers all through. These deep prints are lovely for the hands of a bride. This is created in an Arabic style, but still looks filling.

5. Offbeat Design Created on Either Hands:

Simple Asha Savla Mehndi Designs

Check out this offbeat mehendi design created by Asha Savla that will absorb your attention in just a second. The asha sawla mehandi design forms a heart shape between the index finger and ring finger and there is a small opening created in the back of the hand as well. The design is by itself so indifferent.

6. Unique Design for Left Hand:

Creating a mehendi design made by Asha Savla is not an easy thing. Check out this design for the back side of left hand. This has countless details including hearts and peacock feathers and paisley motifs and lot more at the back of the hand until just the wrist.

7. Simple Design by Asha Savla:

Beautiful Mehndi Designs by Asha Savla

This is one of the simple asha savla mehandi designs. Created for the left hand, the design has lovely flowers in a bridge-like pattern in the left hand. And the fingers are all filled with deep, curvy prints that are all the more gorgeous when created on the hands.

8. Eye-catching Bridal Mehendi Design:

Captivating mehendi design created for the front and back side of hands. Starting from the wrist, the mehendi design beautifully runs all over the palm and fingers with adorable designs and expert strokes that are evident of the skill sets involved in this mehandi.

9. Classic Twigs-filled Mehendi:

Twigs, twigs and lots of twigs are beautifully adorning the palm all through the aasha savla mehndi design created on the left hand. There are large butterfly-like flowers beautifully embellishing the hands and creating gorgeous finish. The beauty of the design lies with enough spacing in between the designs.

10. Alta filled Asha Savla Design:

This design is adorned with lovely purple Alta to add extra elegance. The asha savla mehndi designs hands beautifully fills all over starting from the forearm. There are beautiful paisley motifs and floral prints created with the henna that is altogether a visual treat.

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Wondering the beauties of asha savla arabic mehndi design? There are a lot more mehandi designs for you to explore. Asha Savla is exclusively known for her unique style and stunning strokes that almost looks like they are flawlessly created digitally. Such impressive and unbelievable the creations are. Feel the awe in our furthermore articles as well.

Images: Pinterest and Facebook

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