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Back Hand Mehndi Design: Top 10 Latest and Simple Designs


Back Hand Mehndi Design: Top 10 Latest and Simple Designs

Ages ago, Mehendi designs were considered only for the palms. But it changed so tremendously that the back of hands were given priority and prime focus, especially as we started clicking pictures during engagements and Mehendi parties that had its attention pinned at the back hands. So, here we have a latest back hand mehndi designs that you could try at home with a little practice and capture twinkling images when the camera zooms in at your back hand.

Beautiful Back Hand Mehndi Designs:

1. Graceful Full Back Hand Mehendi Design:

Back Hand Mehndi Design Bridal

Her mehndi designs on back hand makes it so evident that it is a hand of a bride! The design created is so stunning and matching nail colours are also pretty. Moreover, we can find two beautiful rings which are worn by her on both side of hand making the design more attractive.

2. Latest Mehndi Design for Back Hand:

Latest Back Hand Mehndi Design

This is a gorgeous full back hand mehndi design in Arabic style created for the backside of either hands. The mehendi back hand design are created similarly on both hands where it includes unbelievably intricate strokes to give it the feel of a computerized design.

3. Simple Back Hand Mehndi Design:

Back Hand Mehndi Design Simple

Here is a simple mehendi design back hand you could try at home for the upcoming party at home. It’s a lovely design created till the wrist. While the index finger comes with beautiful pattern, the other side hand have round designs spread all over palm.

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4. Mehendi Design with Awning:

Mehandi Back Hand Design

Create the awning style mehandi design for back hand. This is evidently a simplistic design that is full of awning all over the back of hand with a sided arch of leaves along the corners of hands. This design ends with a finger forming rings.

5. Jewelry-style Mehendi Design:

Back Hand Mehndi Designs Easy

This is an adorable mehendi created for the back of hand. This design looks like a jewelry worn in the hand. Further, this design comes with simple pattern for the middle finger that making design more beautiful and attractive.

6. Arresting Indian Mehndi Design:

 Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

What we have here is a beautifully created Indian mehendi design for the back side of hand. This intricate design absolutely perfect for an Indian bride. This design includes beautiful flowers and leaves and covers entire hand from finger to elbow. This design would be make the more attractive if we get matching nail colours.

7. Captivating Arabic Design:

Mehendi Design Back Hand

A stupendous back hand mehendi design created in Arabic style. The design runs from the middle half the hand to fingers and cover entire back hand. Although this design looks tough, if your start once it will be so easy. This design is a must try for it is simple and attractive.

8. Minimalistic Back Hand Design:

This mehendi design for back hand is for all of you who wish to get some beautiful and simple design for the back hand predominantly covering the fingers. There is a pretty round design drawn at the wrist on the both hands. In this mehandi design back hand, you get to see unique patterns in each and every finger.

9. Mehendi Adorned With Colourful Nail Colours:

Who doesn’t like nail colours? There could be hardly anyone. Do check these pretty design with adorable nail colours embellishing your hands end-to-end. Such simple back hand mehndi designs having a central chakra and finger designs can be created within two to three minutes.

10. Easy-to-do Arabic Mehandi Design:

Check these back hand mehndi design photo is evident of the Arabic-style henna created. This design will beautifully compliments your western outfits or any official events you would love to join. Starting from just below the wrist, there are cute awnings of design running through the fingers.

Generally, the back hand mehndi design is simple when compared to creating it in the palm area. These mehendi designs beautify your hands during photoshoots and special occasions where you would want a special feel to the mehendi back hand. Besides, it also has its own health benefits as henna helps in keeping your body cool.

Images: Shutterstock and Youtube

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