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18 Most Beautiful Birds in the World with Pictures


18 Most Beautiful Birds in the World with Pictures

Birds are the beautiful creatures to observe. Right from their beautiful flight pattern to their amazing use of creativity, they fascinate us in many ways. There are thousands of bird species in the world. All most every country consists of itself is a home of their own species of beautiful birds But, how many of them do you know? Here are some of the most beautiful birds in the world with pictures.

List of Most Beautiful Birds with Images:

We have listed down 18 of the most beautiful birds in the world that you sure should know about. The pictures will help you understand them better.

1. Lovebirds:

Most beautiful lovebirds in the world

Lovebird is a most beautiful bird in the whole world and which are small genus of parrot. The life span of the birds is between 10 to 15 years. They feed on seeds. Lovebirds tend to be affectionate and friendly and hence their name. They are blessed with a flexible voice apparatus, that allows them to learn and mimic the human speech. They are generally not aggressive, unless subjected to abuse or poor socialization process.

2. Common Kingfisher:

Beautiful common kingfisher bird picture

The common kingfisher is widespread in Central and Southern England. These beautiful flying birds are mostly seen alongside lakes, canals and rivers. Their head is blue in colour. They have orange marks on the front and behind their eyes, with a white mark on the sides of the head. They generally feed on aquatic insects and small fish.

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3. Indian Roller:

Indian Roller is the most beautiful bird in India.

The Indian roller was earlier known as the ‘Blue Jay’. One of the reasons that make them attractive is their brilliance of colour. It is medium sized and is drab brown in appearance when perched. They are also known for their impressive aerobatics that it shows as a part of courtship.

4. Green Bee-eater:

Beautiful flying green bee-eater bird.

The Green bee-eater is found across Asia and Africa. It is found in grasslands and in open forest. This beautiful bird is small in size and very rarely grows more than 18cm in length. They are therefore targets for many predators across age. They feed on insects, fruits and berries. Their scientific name is Merops Orientalis.

5. Humming Bird:

Very beautiful humming birds.

We can find these humming birds in top 10 most beautiful birds in the world.  These are the  are native to America. They are typically very small, 7.5 to 13cm in length. The life span of these birds is between 3-5 years. They are coloured ruby in the throats and ate bright emerald or even golden-green on their back and their crown. They feed on insects by catching them from the air or from the web of the spiders.

6. Brown Rock Chat:

Beautiful brown rock chat.

The brown rock chat is scientifically known as Cercomela Fusca and can commonly be found in India. They are about 16-18cm in length and can commonly be spotted in agricultural fields, and in buildings. They have brown upper parts and pale under parts. Their beak is slender and is also curved at the tip. They have round tail. They feed on insects. One can find these beautiful birds in India most commonly along the country side at the farm fields.

7. Blue Bird of Paradise:

Very Beautiful blue bird of paradise bird

Another most beautiful bird in the world is blue bird of paradise. It is scientifically known as Paradisaea rudolphi. They are medium sized and this most beautiful bird has blue feathers on its wings. The colour of its bill is ivory and it has white ring around its eyes. It is about 30cm in length and is found in the East of Central Ranges. It is classified in the list of vulnerable birds.

8. Mrs Gould’s Sunbird:

Beautiful small flying Mrs gould’s sunbird bird

This is another tiny and beautiful flying bird which is scientifically known as Aethopyga gouldiae. You can find these birds in India, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam etc. It prefers temperate forests and subtropical and tropical areas. It feeds on nectar, insects and spiders. Further, it is not globally threatened.

9. Splendid Astrapia:

Very beautiful splendid astrapia bird

It is scientifically known as Astrapia splendidissima. It is about 39cm long. The males are usually black with white tail feathers and blue-green throat. The females have brown plumage and dark head. They feed on insects and while their distribution is restricted, they are however not regarded as vulnerable.

10. Indian Pitta:

Indian pitta is beautiful bird in India.

The Indian Pitta is scientifically known as Pitta brachyura. These are native to the Indian subcontinent. It is a colourful bird with dark bluish-green wings and back. The size of this bird is about 18-20cm and has dark brown eyes, short tail, stout bill and strong legs. It feeds on insects. They can be seen on the forest floors or in dense undergrowth.

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11. Painted Bunting:

Very beautiful painted bunting bird.

Painted buntings are very beautiful birds and which belongs to the family of the finchs. When it comes to their size, they vary from the small to medium size. Well it is a male bird and the native of the painted bunting is North America. One can easily recognise these birds due to its attractive personality with beautiful colours.

12. Rainbow Lorikeet:

Beautiful parrot specie is rainbow lorikeet.

Rainbow lorikeet is one of the most attractive bird from the species of the beautiful parrots. Actually it is slightly difficult to differentiate a male rainbow lorikeet with the female one as they look much alike with those attractive colours. They are mostly found along the coastlines of northern and eastern Australia.

13. Northern Oriole:

Very beautiful northern oriole bird

Here we have another beautiful medium sized bird called northern oriole which belongs to the family of the blackbird. We can find a slight difference in their colours as the immature males and the females share a beautiful combination of Yellow-Orange and white bars on their wings with the greyish head while the adults have the combination of flame orange and black colours which make them more attractive.

14. Flamingo:

Flamingos are most considerably the large birds due to their larger neck and the legs and their pinkish feathers. Those red and pinkish coloured feathers of flamingos are due to the pigments in algae which flamingos feed on, this fact clearly implies to the saying “You are what you eat”.

15. Golden Pheasant:

Most beautiful golden pheasant bird in the world

Here is one of the smallest and also the most popular species of the pheasants called the golden pheasant which is also known as the Chinese pheasant. The male golden pheasants are slightly longer than the female golden pheasants. One can find that the male golden species are more bright and colourful than the female golden pheasants.

16. Atlantic Puffin:

This Atlantic puffin is known as the only puffin which is native to the Atlantic Ocean and it is also called as the common puffin. These species have decreased in their count although having an abundant population it is declared as one of the vulnerable species by the IUCN. The male puffin looks slightly larger than the female puffins.

17. Blue Jay:

Blue Jay is a songbird with a larger crest having a broad rounded tail. Well these species are larger than robins and smaller than crows. It consists of a light grey colour at the under parts and the above parts will consist of various shades of blue, black and white. These birds are mainly found at the edges of forests.

18. Dusky Lory:

Dusky lory also known as duskies are one of the most beautiful species in the family and also adopted as pet birds by most of the pet lovers. The length of these birds will be approximately 24cms and 300gms of weight. Those hooked beaks of the duskies will resembles the ones of the parrots. They can live up to 28-30 years under some proper care and diet.

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That’s our list of most beautiful birds in the whole world! There sure are many more, but these are some of the popular ones you need to know. The fascinating birds are a true enjoyment to watch. So, the next time you spot a bird or a flock of birds, try observing them and see what they are capable of doing.

Images: Shutterstock

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