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15 Best Lion Tattoos for Men and Women with Images

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15 Best Lion Tattoos for Men and Women with Images

The lion is one of the prominent and majestic of all animals on the earth. These are considered as the most strong and powerful creatures on earth. This made the lion tattoos more popular among the men and women. People with zodiac sign “Leo” are more often prefer for a lion tattoo. With the change in time more and more people are getting inspired and fascinated for getting a beautiful tattoo, but one should have to pay pretty much patience and money in order to get inked with a beautiful pattern on their body. The various patterns of lion tattoos have also been evaluated with time with a variety of designs. One will definitely find it difficult to select a particular lion tattoo which looks beautiful and simple at the same time. So in order to help you with the selection, here we are with a beautiful collection of simple, unique and best lion tattoo images for both men and women as well.

Best Lion Tattoo Designs with Images:

1. Beautiful Lion Face tattoo:

Beautiful lion face tattoo

A back or a lower neck is a perfect spot to get a beautiful tattoo like this. This design of lion will look beautiful and strong at the same time. It will be a beautiful choice for the one who wants to have a strong yet unique tattoo of lion.

2. Unique Tattoo of Lion with Its Cubs:

Unique lion tattoo design on shoulder

The tattoos are also meant to tell us some stories. So here we have a tattoo design along with some adorable lion cubs by looking at which we can find a beautiful story. This beautiful tattoo of lion with its cubs is unique and it will definitely go good on someone who would like to have a beautiful and adorable scenery type tattoos like this.

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3. Lion Tattoo with A Beautiful Crown:

Women's lion with crown tattoo

A simple tattoo which only consists of the face of lion will look very attractive and beautiful then any other pattern. The crown on the top has done its job very perfectly on the simple pattern of lion’s face. This is a perfect tattoo design for females and it will also go good on men as well. One can also extend the above pattern by adding some relevant elements if one would like to have a larger pattern than this.

4. Small Tattoo of Lion Head on The Wrist:

Small women's lion tattoo on forearm

Who don’t want to have a small, beautiful and simple tattoo of lion head on their wrist. This kind of small lion tattoos are a perfect option for all the Leo people who wants to get inked with their zodiac sign. This simple lion head tattoo may appear small in size but these tattoos will give you a strong and powerful look.

5. Colourful Forearm Tattoo:

Men's lion forearm tattoo

As we all know that a perfect colourful tattoo is the one that a tattoo lover would definitely aspire for then here we have a colourful forearm tattoo with a beautiful pattern of its head. This kind of tattoo designs will go good on both women and men as well.

6. Massive and Unique Tattoo:

Roaring lion tattoo for females

If you want to have a massive and unique tattoo design which will sharply convey the courage and strength through its pattern then you should definitely consider this large and attractive tattoo design. This kind of tattoos also stands as the symbol of god which resembles the concept of power and justice. If you want to cover your two shoulders and back part, you can try this.

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7. Lion with Crown Tattoo on Wrist:

Men's lion wrist tattoo

This tattoo itself stands for power and courage. This particular tattoo of lion kind conveys the concept of justice, strength and authority. As it is a tattoo of lion king it can be definitely opted by the people who wants to have a pattern which resembles the courage, bravery and nobility. And more over this kind of tattoos will go good on the wrists of men and women as well.

8. Roaring Lion Tattoo on Chest:

Lion tattoo for men chest

A roaring lion is a symbolic of courage, strength and bravery. One can find different patterns of roaring lion tattoos but this particular pattern is unique and strong which will definitely need to look after. This kind of tattoo design will go good on the chest and back as well.

9. Amazing Tribal Tattoo:

Tribal lion tattoo on men's shoulder

Tribal lion tattoo designs have their own level of uniqueness. A lot of tattoo lovers have been attracted by these unique tribal patterns of lions. Ever since the era of tattoos has started these tribal tattoos had made their own way towards the tattoo lovers across the whole world. We can also find various patterns in this tattoo designs.

10. Different Tattoo Art of Lion:

Art of lion tattoo on back of shoulder

Here we have a beautiful art form of lion with its half face on the back of the man. This kind of unique tattoos will leave a different and unique look on your body. This particular lion tattoo drawing will also go good on the back of women as well. This tattoo may appear larger but it will take less time due to its simple art in it.

11. Beautiful Sleeve tattoo:

Beautiful sleeve tattoo of lion

This is one of the most beautiful and unique sleeve tattoo of lion in our collection. One should definitely need to have a lot of patience to get inked this particular art form because this art form will take a lot of time to complete as it contains a lot of details in it. At the same time this tattoo will definitely need a professional tattoo maker.

12. Sleeve Tattoo on Arm:

Lion tattoo arm design for men

Mostly men and women will love to get inked the tattoo of the head of the line. So, here we have a sleeve tattoo of the head of a lion which is inked with a basic black colour in a unique pattern. This kind of unique patterns will look awesome especially on the arms of the muscular man with some huge body.

13. Lion Head Tattoo in A Beautiful Format:

Lion head tattoo design on forearm

This is one of the simple yet beautiful format of the lion head tattoo in our collection. It will make us remember a dream catcher with a unique art form in it. This kind of easy tattoo will definitely go good on the wrist of woman and men as well. Especially women will love to have a beautiful tattoo like this on their wrist.

14. Beautiful Sleeve Tattoo:

Best lion tattoo on men's sleeve

As we all know that lion symbolizes the nobility, courage and strength itself, while the rose conveys the love in our life. Here we have a wonderful combination of lion and rose together will symbolizes the strength, love and life together.

15. Modern Sleeve Tattoo:

Lion head tattoo for men sleeve

We have discussed earlier that a beautiful and unique design will tell you a story, here we have one such beautiful sleeve tattoo of lion which is resting near a small pond. This tattoo is in the form of a scenery. This kind of tattoos will go good on the sleeves of both men and women as well.

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We know that tattoo is something for permanent and one should not suppose to rush for it. And it is equally difficult to select a particular pattern for anyone. Hope our tattoos helped you in finding your own patterns and do let us known which tattoos in our collection you liked the most.

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