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15 Best Sleeve Tattoos for Men and Women: Unique Design Ideas


15 Best Sleeve Tattoos for Men and Women: Unique Design Ideas

Tattoo is one of the modern art form which is supposed to make by inserting some ink into the layer of our skin in the form of a design. With the change in time the tattoos have also been evaluated with a unique and wide range of designs. The sleeve tattoo is one of the most attractive and eye catchy from among all the tattoo arts. If one wants to have a sleeve tattoo by a professional then it will take approximately 10-15 hours as the designs of these sleeve tattoos will extend from their shoulder to their wrist.

Based on the complexity of a particular sleeve tattoo a professional tattoo artist will merely charge $100 – $200 per hour. These tattoo designs have also been attracting many people around the world with a variety of designs, so we are here to discuss about a bunch of top 15 best sleeve tattoos for men and women with pictures.

Best Sleeve Tattoos for Men and Women:

1. A full Sleeve Tattoo of Lord Krishna:

Full sleeve tattoo of lord Krishna for women

Here we have a beautiful and colourful tattoo of lord Krishna engraved on the arm of a lady. These kinds of colourful sleeve tattoo designs will definitely need a good artist and a lot of patience to get a mesmerizing look like this. This tattoo is the best for people who want to add some devotional element on their arm.

2. Nature Themed Sleeve Tattoo:

Nature themed sleeve tattoo design

Does anyone here have a fantasy for the Mother Nature? Because here we have the best sleeve tattoo for the nature lovers. It is a beautiful floral tattoo at the elbow area of the lady’s arm. These designs will work as the best sleeve tattoos for guys who are interested to get inked with some nature related themes like this.

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3. A beautiful Tattoo with Some Floral Art:

Beautiful sleeve tattoo with some floral art

This is a new sleeve tattoo idea with a floral art on the shoulder of the lady. This floral sleeve tattoo will go good with both men and women as well. One can make it as a quarter tattoo which will start at the shoulder and it covers up to half of the persons arms.

4. Unique Full Arm Tattoo for Men:

Full arm sleeve tattoo for men

A person with a full sleeve tattoo with a beautiful theme in it will definitely attract you. It is a perfect tattoo design for men. Generally these kinds of tattoos need a professional tattoo artist. One can get these kinds of tattoos on their arm for permanent while one can also choose to have this tattoo temporarily for a particular period.

5. Full Arm Dragon Sleeve Tattoo:

Long sleeve tattoo with Dragon design

These colourful Japanese dragon sleeve tattoos have been attracting the tattoo lovers around the world. These kinds of colourful tattoo designs will be a perfect choice for men. These tattoos symbolize a lot of special and unique qualities like luck and wisdom. These cool dragon tattoos can be created in a lot of different styles.

6. Beautiful Couple Sleeve Tattoo:

Beautiful couple sleeve tattoo design

This is a cool sleeve tattoo for the men and women as well. As we can see, this tattoo need not have a single particular design that will cover your entire hand. You can also have different and individual elements of design patterns that are connected to each other which will start at your shoulder and eventually ends at your wrist.

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7. Easy Rose Tattoo Design for Forearm:

Beautiful rose arm sleeve tattoo designs

Well this is a awesome tattoo design with a simple and beautiful pattern of roses in it. Again we have another nice sleeve tattoo for guys that will definitely look good on the arms of both men and women as well. These rose themed tattoos are not only selected for their beautiful design but they also stand as a symbolic for love and life together.

8. A Colourful Tattoo of a Skull:

Colourful amazing sleeve tattoos for men

These cool skull sleeve tattoos have attracted most of the tattoo lovers across the world. These colourful skull tattoo designs generally stands as a symbolic of mortality and death. These skull tattoos gained and maintained popularity throughout the generations with their cool and bold look at the same time. These skull tattoos have been divided into many types like bull skull, rose skull and cross-bones skull tattoo etc…

9. Tree Sleeve Tattoo Design:

Best looking tree sleeve tattoos

This is a beautiful and simple pine tree sleeve tattoo which is engraved on the forearm. This pine tree tattoo has its own specialty of conveying our love towards nature and life. These cool tree tattoos symbolic between life and existence. Generally we can see a lot of environmentalist who are engraved with different kind of tree tattoos which conveys their love and affection towards the trees and environment.

10. Skull-Rose Tattoo Design:

Top skull-rose sleeve tattoos

Here we have another bold and best rose-skull sleeve tattoo in our collection. This skull and rose combo have been attracting the people since centuries. A horrified skull and a pleasant rose together works as a symbolic of life and death. The skull tattoo also considered as the symbolic of overcoming obstacles and fear in our life.

11. Unique Tattoo of Japanese Dragon:

Unique hand sleeve tattoo of Japanese Dragon

These dragon tattoos have gained their own attention through their immense and unique art form. These dragon tattoos have been created in different styles. These cool dragons are generally inked in black colour while some use some bright and bold colours in it. These dragon sleeve tattoos symbolizes the prosperity, wisdom and good luck.

12. Awesome Full Arm Tattoo Design for Men:

Here we have a awesome heavy black inked sleeve tattoo with some different elements that are joined together throughout the entire arm of the person. These kinds of tattoos will take a lot of time and money; generally we need some professional tattoo artist to get this beautiful tattoo design.

13. A Unique Tattoo Deigns for Men:

This is one of the best pattern from our men’s sleeve tattoo designs. This one here is a half sleeve tattoo with a broad pattern which is started from the neck and extended all the way through the shoulder and ended at the elbow of the arm. These kinds of tattoos generally engraved with a basic black colour.

14. A Lovable Heart Themed Simple Tattoo Design:

Tattoos have always been a great practice of conveying our love towards the nature and people. So, here we have a simple sleeve tattoo with a heart which is captioned with the word Mother at the middle of it. Around this little heart we can see some small and beautiful roses that act as a symbolic for love.

15. Cool Tattoo Design for Men:

This kind of striking design will go good with the men with a good body. It is a amazing quarter sleeve tattoo which covered only the upper shoulder of the arm. Generally these tattoos doesn’t require any kind of colours or pigments. This tattoo design will do its own magic with a basic black colour.

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The sleeve tattoos are not only considered as the matter of fashion but it is an art form through which a person want to convey a message towards his/her loved one’s by engraving it on his/her body. So feel free to consider the tattoos in our collection for conveying your love and interest and do let us know which are your favourite designs from our sleeve tattoos gallery.

Image Credit: Shutterstock and Pinterest

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