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25 Best Stand Up Comedians of All Time In The World


25 Best Stand Up Comedians of All Time In The World

Stand-up comedians are the people who performs the comedy in front of the audience in live. Generally they are also known as the comedians or stand-up comic. The stand-up comedy art has occupied its prominent role in the society during the late 90’s. People began love this art form in which these comedians made them laugh just by talking to them directly. During the olden days the stand-up comedy was used to conduct in the theatres while with the change of time the stand-up comedy shows are now held in restaurants, bars, night-clubs and in the theatres as well. Usually the theaters are mostly preferred by the most popular stand up comedians. But during the 20th century the stand-up comedy occupied its own place in the digital platform. We can get to watch the performance of the best stand up comedians in the world on the television while sitting at the home. All these years some most talented and inspiring and best stand up comedians had come into light from different corners of the world, So here we have got some 25 well known stand up male and female comedians in the World for you.

Best stand up comedians of all time in the World

Best Male Stand Up Comedians In The World:

Let’s find the list of top male stand up comedians of all time in the world.

1. George Carlin:

Best stand up comedians in the world George Carlin

George carlin was one of the famous and renowned stand up comedian from united states of America. In the year 2004, he got the 2nd position in the list of ‘ top 10 stand up comedians of US audience’. He is also known for his black comedy which reflects the politics, society, American culture, philosophy and the everyday life.

2. Robin Williams:

English stand up comedian Robin Williams

Robin McLaurin Williams was born in Chicago in the year 1951 and started his career by performing the stand up comedy in San Fransico and Los Angeles in the mid 1970. He became one of the most beloved actor and comedian for all the children around the world during the 1990’s. He also received the Academy award for the best actor in a supporting role in the movie Good Will Hunting (1997).

3. Chris Rock:

Famous sand up comedian Chris Rock

Christopher Julius Rock III was born in Andrews, South Carolina, USA, on February 7, 1965. Chris is well known for his raw humour and he gained a respectful position through his uninhibited nature. He has also hosted the renowned Academic awards for twice. Apart from being a successful comedian he is been a successful director, producer and writer.

4. Stephen Glenn Martin:

White stand up comedian Stephen Glenn Martin

It was the year 1960 when the steve martin came to the light as a writer of the smothers brothers comedy hour. Steve martin was born on august 15, 1945. His first comedy album, ‘Lets get small’ was released in the 1977 and soon it became a platinum selling.  We can say that he be always one of the best comedian among the most successful stand up comedians in the World.

5. William Frederic Burr:

English stand up comedian William Frederic Burr

Will burr is one of the greatest stand up comedian, actor, pod caster, musician and a writer. He is also known for his pod cast channel, Will burr’s Monday morning podcast, in which he shares his thoughts and experience of his journey. Burr is referred as the ‘Comedians comedian’ by the US stand up comedian circuit.

6. William Melvin Hicks:

Most popular stand up comedians William Melvin Hicks

Bill hicks was an American stand up comedian. Bill started doing some comedy workshop in Texas when he was 16 while studying in the school. While being a successful comedian he is also known as the famous musician and the writer. He was born on 16th December 1961 in Georgia, United states.

7. Jim Carrey:

Funniest stand up comedian Jim Carrey

Jim is one of the most renowned and successful white stand up comedian still the present day. He is a Canadian-American actor, screenwriter, musician and a good painter. Apart from his stand up comedy, Jim is also known for his mesmerizing performances in movies like cable man, Ace ventura : The pet detective, Mask man, Liar Liar etc… He is always the best comedian among the popular stand up comedians in the world.

8. Zach Galifianakis:

White male stand up comedian Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis is one of the famous American actor, screen writer and a well known stand up comedian. After performing the stand up comedy for more than a decade zach gained a lot of popularity and appreciation from the audience among the world with his performance in the hangover trio in a co-starring character ‘Alan Garner’. He is one of the most funny stand up comedian till date.

9. Chris Farley:

English stand up comedian Chris Farley

Christopher Crosby Farley was a famous American actor and a renowned comedian. Chris Farley was born on February 15, 1964 in Wisconsin, United states of America. Chris was one of the good stand up comedian in those days. Farley has mesmerized the audience with his performance in the movies Tommy boy, black sheep, almost heroes etc…

10. Johnny Carson:

Well known stand up comedian Johnny Carson

John William Carson was a famous American television host and a renowned comedian. John was as the host of ‘The tonight show starring johnny carson’. After the world war II, carson started his career in the radio. During the world war II Johnny carson used to serve the navy. Many renowned fellow comedians claimed that the carson has an influence.

11. Jon Stewart:

Greatest stand up comedian Jon Stewart

Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz is one of the renowned comedians from United states of America. Jon stewart was born on 28th November 1962. He started his career as a stand up comedian but later on he began to host the daily show on the comedy central from 1999. He has also done several roles in the movies, but he chooses only a few cinematic projects from 1999 on wards.

12. Gabriel Iglesias:

White stand up comedians Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Jesus Iglesias also known as fluffy was born on July 15, 1976. He is one of the famous stand up comedian, actor, writer and voice actor. His comedy mainly addresses the Mexican American culture, obesity jokeys and every day life. He is also well known for his famous show ‘I am not fat, I am fluffy and hot and & flully.

13. Dana Carvey:

Dana Thomas carvey is a well known American stand up comedian and also a renowned actor. He came in to light during his work as a cast member in the Saturday night live. He was born in 2nd June 1955, Montana, United States. Further, he gained a lot of appreciation by his performance in Trapped in paradise and wanes world etc…

14. Dave Attell:

Best new stand up comedian Dave Attell

Dave Attell was born on January 18, 1965 in Brooklyn, Newyork. He is one of the best stand up comedian from America. He is widely known as the host of comedy central’s insomniac with Dave Attell. As a host he gained an immense following. If we search for top ten names of stand up comedians, he would be there.

15. Adam Sandler:

Most popular stand up comedians Adam Sandler

Adam Richard Sandler was born in New York on September 9th, 1966. One can get to watch him in many Hollywood movies. He is one of the best comedians, producer and the screen writer. He was also a cast member of the Saturday Night Live afterwards he got a lot of opportunities in the movies.

16. Rown Atkinson:

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson was born on 6th January, 1955. In the year 1979, rowan has appeared in a show called Not the Nine O’ Clock News which eventually became the huge success in his career. For his performance in that show he has won the “ British Academy Award”. He is well known for his epic performance as the Mr. Bean which has impressed a huge amount of audience and brought a massive fan following to him across the world.

17. Stephen Colbert:

Male stand up comedians Stephen Colbert

Stephen Tyrone Colbert is not only good American comedian but also writer, producer and a television host. He is well known for hosting a comedy central program which is called the Colbert report. Stephen gained a lot of attention and appreciation for his role as a closeted gay history teacher ‘Chuck Noblet’. Stephen Colbert have also hosted the 69th prime time Emmy awards in September 2017.

18. Kapil Sharma:

Best current stand up comedians Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma is one of the famous stand up comedian today from India. He was born in Amritsar, Punjab, India on 2nd April, 1981. Kapil was ranked 3rd in the most admired Indian personality list by the economic times during the year 2015. He came to light by winning in a comedy reality television show “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge” in the year 2007.

19. Johnny Lever:

The first stand up comedian in Indian is non other than Johnny Lever. He is now one of the most noted comedians in the Indian cinema. He was born in Kanigiri, Andhra Pradesh, India on August 14th in 1957. In the initial days lever used to perform the stand up comedy in the musical shows. Johnny lever is the president of Mimicry artist association Mumbai (MAAM).

20. Sunil Grover:

Sunil Grover is one of the most renowned stand up comedian in India. He was born in Mandi Dabwali, Haryana, India on 3rd August 1977. Sunil gained a lot of appreciation for his potrayal as Gutthi in the show Comedy nights with kapil and later on he gained a lot of fame and following by potraying the role of Dr. Mashoor Gulati on the Kapil Sharma Show. Grover has also acted in some movies.

21. Jimmy Fallon:

Best American stand up comedian Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is also one of the most renowned actor and stand up comedian. He was born in September 19th, 1974 and he is from America. His got a lot of appreciation and fame with his performance as the cast member of Saturday Night Live. Now he is a famous and most renowned host of the late night talk show called The tonight show staring jimmy fallon.

Best Female Stand Up Comedians:

Let’s find the list of top female stand up comedians of all time in the World.

22. Carol Burnett:

Female stand up comedian Carol Burnett

Carol Burnet is an American actress and a well known comedian, writer and singer. She was born on 26th April, 1933 in Texas, United States. She has an experience of seven decades in the television sector. The show Carol Burnett helped her a lot to came into limelight, it was one of the ground breaking reality show on the television that gave a massive following to her.

23. Sarah Silverman:

Sarah Kate Silverman holds one of the top most position from the list of stand up comedians. She was born on December 1st, 1970 and she is one of the best stand up comedian today. Her comic humour addresses the politics and religion. She is also the two time winner of the prime time Emmy Awards.

24. Ellen DeGeneres:

Allen is one of the widely popular personalities among the world. She is known as the host of her renowned talk show ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, since 2003. She is also one of the top stand up comedian today in the world. Apart from being a host and a renowned comedian she is also a great writer. Ellen has also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom during the year 2016.

25. Bharti Singh:

Bharti Singh is one of the most famous female stand up comedian in India. She was born on 3rd july 1984 in Amritsar, Punjab, India. Bharti has been performing the stand up comedy acts since a very long time. Bharti singh was also the runner up of the Indian comedy reality show “ The Great Indian Laughter Challenge”.

Well, this is a list of 25 best stand up comedians who have their unique style in approaching and entertaining the audience. Hope we have provided some valuable and useful information to you and do let us know about your favourite stand up comedian.

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