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Top 10 Best Tourist Countries in The World to Visit in 2020


Top 10 Best Tourist Countries in The World to Visit in 2020

People have always considered the travelling as one of the most beautiful and different way to spend their free or lonely time. While travelling, one can come across a lot of different experiences. You will get to know about different cultures and the people with different traditions and the places with different art forms which will definitely make you fall in love with travelling. When it comes to someone who is a foodie like me then travelling is the only one opportunity for you during which you can end up tasting a wide variety of dishes which will be available in different places with their unique flavour. The travel lovers always aspire to travel to the best tourist countries in the world. So here we have a list of top 10 countries to visit in the world.

Best Tourist Countries in The World:

1. France:

Best country France to visit in the World

France always stands as the most visited country in the world it hosts a lot of beautiful landmarks like Eiffel tower which is located in the capital city of France i.e., Paris. It also consists a lot of beautiful landscapes like Corsica which is also one of the most visited island to which every traveller definitely wants to visit. France is blessed with such a beauty that it has even become the most visited country in the world.

2. United States:

Best country United States in the World to visit

United states have occupied a special place in the world of travelling. It also stands as one of the top 10 countries to visit. It consists of a wide range of attractions for tourists such as national parks, historical buildings, museums, galleries and outdoor recreations. A study says that the travellers tend to spend most of their money in the United States.

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3. Spain:

Most visited country Spain in the World

Spain has always been the favourite destination for the travel lovers. A wide range of museums in Madrid have attracted a lot of art lovers towards the France. Even the headquarters of the world tourism organization are located in Madrid, Spain. It consists of a lot of historical towns and cities and it also stands as one of the top 10 tourist countries in the world.

4. China:

Top country China to visit

After the France, Spain and the United states the china stands as the 4th best country in the world to visit. China has a lot of beautiful landscapes and historical monuments and it will be a delight to watch them. While talking about china how can we forget to mention the Great Wall of China which stands as one of the 7 wonders of the world.

5. Italy:

Most visited Country Italy in the World

Italy consists some of the most beautiful beaches and ancient monuments which have attracted a large amount of tourist towards it. One would definitely like to experience its rich culture, fashion and its art which will be a once in a lifetime experience. Every traveller would like to see the Colloseum in Rome which stands as one of the most renowned and beautiful attraction in the world.

6. United Kingdom:

United Kingdom stands as one of the top tourist countries in the world. This country consists of a lot of beautiful destinations in which the London plays a prominent role. The tower of London is one of the most visited tourist attractions in this country. UK has a way the coolest resorts in it like blackpool, wales etc… Which attracts most of the families for planning their holiday camping.

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7. Germany:

Top 10 tourist country Germany in the world

Germany has always confused its visitors with a wide variety of attractions which include small towns, grand places, historic cities, forests, castles and a wide variety of galleries and museums. With all these attractive holiday destinations the Germany stands one of the best country in the world to visit.

8. Mexico:

Top tourist country Mexico in the World to visit

Having the unique culture among the other countries Mexico has always attracted its tourists with a temperate climate. Mexico is one of the top most visited country by tourist according to the world tourism organization. One can get to see and experience its different cultural regions. It has a wide range of beaches which stands as the main attraction during the summers.

9. Thailand:

Tourism in the Thailand stands as one of the major source of income for the country’s economy. Most of the tourists are fascinated for the elephant trekking which is famous in Thailand since decades. This country has also a most attractive water transport which helps the people in travelling along the Chao Phraya River and some other canals. This kind of thrilling as well as chilling transport will give a unique experience to the travellers.

10. Turkey:

The Best Country Turkey to travel

Turkey has some of the famous tourist destinations which are popular throughout the world. In which Istanbul is one of the most famous and attractive tourism spots among the world. It also consists of a lot of beach resorts and towns like Cesme, Fethiye and Didim. Turkey is also one of the best countries to travel to during your holiday.

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Apart from site seeing and enjoyment one should definitely travel to their favourite holiday location at least once in a lifetime. Travelling makes you feel and it leads you in discovering yourself. People always tend to have some best experience during the travelling. And more over being a tourist in a different place and interacting with people of different regions and culture will be a different experience. Hope this article has helped you in gathering a little some knowledge about the top tourist countries in the world. Do let us know which one is your favourite destination.

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