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Top 10 Pictures of Bollywood (Hindi) Heroines Without Makeup


Top 10 Pictures of Bollywood (Hindi) Heroines Without Makeup

Bollywood contains a lot of talented actress in it and it is a known fact that these talented ladies have left the audience mesmerized by picking up some challenging roles with their breath taking performance and I have no doubt in it. But, have you ever wonder how these beautiful actresses manage to look glamorous at all the times? Well ‘Makeup’ has a lot of contribution in making them look stunning on the point. Sometimes due to their makeup and grace it may become hard to believe that most of these star actress looks like the girl-next-door without those professional makeup artists, hair stylists and the designers behind them. If you are curious to have a look on the de-glam looks of these actresses then this article is for you. Here we have got some pictures of the top 10 Bollywood heroines without makeup; let’s have a quick view on them.

Images of Bollywood Heroines Without Makeup:

1. Deepika Padukone Without Makeup:

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone without makeup photos

Deepika padukone is one of the most beautiful actress and all of us aware of the fact that she has marked her presence from the Bollywood to Hollywood through her mesmerizing looks and the graceful performance. The above picture gives us a glimpse of this Bollywood actress real face without makeup and she clearly looks like the girl-next-door in this no makeup look.

2. Anushka Sharma Without Makeup:

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma without makeup pics

It’s been almost 10 years since this gorgeous lady made her Bollywood debut. She truly is the stunning beauty and also praised for her beautiful looks and mesmerizing acting. Well, here we have a pic of this Bollywood star without makeup look which looks quite different from the one with makeup.

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3. Alia Bhatt Without Makeup:

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt without makeup images

Well, I have always been Alia’s fan ever since she made her Bollywood debut through student number one. I believe that she have blessed with some sort of cute childish look with dimples. Here, we got this Bollywood actress original photo without makeup in which she looks as natural and chubby like any other girl next to our door.

4. Priyanka Chopra Without Makeup:

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra without make up

Here, we have a photo of one of the most talented Bollywood actress without makeup look with a beautiful smile which makes you fall in love with her again and again. Priyanka chopra, is the most hard working and talented actress. She has marked her presence in the hearts of both Bollywood and Hollywood audience. The above picture of her clearly states that she can easily slay in her de-glam look.

5. Shraddha Kapoor Without Makeup:

Picture of bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor without makeup

Well, here is the Charming beauty the none other than Shraddha Kapoor in her natural look along with a cute and homely smile. This talented Bollywood actress have achieved a lot of followers by keeping her fans updated with her natural and no makeup looks through her Instagram feed. She just looks flawless in any look even without makeup.

6. Sonam Kapoor Without Makeup:

Indian bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor without makeup.

Who don’t know about this fashion diva? Sonam kapoor, the neeraja actress has always kept her de-glam look open. Moreover, she has always been updating her fans about her natural looks in her daily life through the social media. Sonam have always been one of the most stylish and socially active actresses of the Bollywood.

7. Katrina Kaif Without Makeup:

Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif without makeup.

Katrina has always been a Barbie doll of the Bollywood. This talented beauty have gained a lot of love and popularity through her physique and flaunting looks. When it comes to these Bollywood actresses without makeup pics, we can say that she looks equally beautiful with her radiant skin tone and attractive eyes.

8. Jacqueline Fernandez Without Makeup:

Jacqueline has always been this kind of smiling queen all the time. She is one of those actresses who look naturally beautiful. If you look at her de-glam look, you will eventually fall in love with this natural beauty. Through her stunning looks and moves, she has gained a lot of popularity and fan base.

9. Kriti Sanon Without Makeup:

Most beautiful actress Kriti Sanon in bollywood without makeup

Kriti is one of the young and talented actresses of Bollywood. The movie Heropanti helped her to made Bollywood debut. She has gained a huge fan base through her moves and looks in her debut movie. When you see this Bollywood actress without makeup images, you will find a girl-next-door look in her. Moreover, she is the most beautiful heroin in Bollywood without makeup.

10. Yami Gautam Without Makeup:

Yami gautham, the fair and lovely girl have always been the natural beauty of the Bollywood and maybe she doesn’t need the cream. This natural beauty made her Bollywood debut with Vicky donor. She has gained a decent amount of fan base through her beautiful looks and acting skills.

Bollywood have always been the industry with these talented and glamorous actresses. Most of the actresses prefer the challenging roles. They mesmerize the audience with their intense performance. All these actresses are naturally beautiful even without the makeup.

Images: Pinterest and Instagram

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