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Bombay Mehndi Design: Top 10 Unique Designs You Should Try!


Bombay Mehndi Design: Top 10 Unique Designs You Should Try!

Now-a-days we can come across different kind of mehndi designs based on the region they are originated from. The Bombay mehndi designs are one of the most prominent among them. It consists of a unique contemporary style which looks traditional yet fashionable. We can find these mehndi designs with different themes based. These are used on the occasion like Marriage anniversary, birthdays, Eid, Baby shower etc. It is quite difficult for most of the women to find a perfectly themed mehndi design for themselves. So here we are with a collection of beautiful Mumbai mehndi designs with different patterns for different occasions. These Bombay style mehndi designs remain simple and beautiful for all the women out there. So let’s have a quick look on them,

Best Bombay Mehndi Designs with Images:

1. Beautiful Mumabi Mehndi Design for Back Hand:

Beautiful Mumbai mehandi design for back hand

This is one of the most beautiful Mumbai mehndi design for the back hands. You can see that, in this design the hand was covered beautifully from fingers to wrist with unique designs.  So, you can say that this is somewhat a handful of easy design with a beautiful yet simple pattern. These kinds of patterns are mostly adopted during the festivals, family functions and on other important occasions. This design will also go good on the other side of the hand as well.

2. Unique Bombay Mehndi Design for Hands:

Unique Bombay mehndi design for both hands

If you are searching for a full hand Bombay style bridal mehndi designs which are quite easy to make and yet looks more beautiful? Then this particular pattern is waiting for you. It is one of best mehndi design which consist of simple patterns. Further, It takes very less time than the other heavy patterns. So, try this unique design for coming festivals and ceremonies and be a centre of attraction.

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3. Mumbai Style Peacock Mehndi Design:

Bombay style peacock mehndi design

Are you searching for a simple yet beautiful Mumbai style peacock themed mehndi design for yourself? If your answer is yes, then you should go for this beautiful pattern of peacock. Apart from having a simple pattern, this design consists of a traditional look. You can prefer this design for the traditional rituals and festivals as well.

4. Stylish Mumbai Mehndi Design on Palm:

Bombay mehndi design for Palm

This mehndi design is for those girls who have been looking for some stylish patterns. If you have a look at it, you can observe the way it has been made with a bunch of simple and stylish patterns. This design doesn’t take much time as other designs. To get this design, you need only one henna cone and little patience. It will go good for all kind of parties and functions. These kinds of patterns will suit almost all kind of skin tones.

5. Arabic Style Full Hand Mehndi Design:

Bombay style arabic mehndi design for hands

Full hand Bombay style arabic mehndi designs are something that most of the Indian women look after for various important occasions like Eid, teej etc… Well, this beautiful mehndi pattern is one of the adorable design with jali work. It is carried out at the maximum portions of the design stands as the centre of attraction over the entire pattern. If want to try a unique design, then this opt for you.

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6. Simple Finger Mehndi Design:

Covering your fingers with some sort of adorable mehndi design can be considered as one of the most important task in getting yourself ready for any kind of occasion. Whatever flowers and leaves are used to get designs is really awesome and brilliant. When a mehndi design can be this simple and even more beautiful with its unique pattern, then it is definitely worth a try.

7. An Innovative Black Mehndi Design:

Well this is something we can refer to as innovative. As you can see, it doesn’t contain any kind of larger patterns while other designs have. Further, the simple pattern will take less time to complete. This Bombay cut mehndi design will be easy even for the beginners. Starting from the index finger to the wrist the design was carried out very elegantly as a result it will definitely work for almost all kind of occasions.

8. A Different Bridal Mehndi Design:

Bombay style bridal mehndi designs for hands

Are there any cartoon lovers here? If yes, then here is one of the simple Bombay mehndi designs for hands which you are going to fall in love with. As we can see, it is a bridal mehndi design. Normally, most of these kinds of patterns consists the name or a message conveying love towards her better half. If you want to get marriage, then you should try this design to convey your love on your partner.

9. Mehndi Design for Baby Shower Ceremony:

Just look at this adorable pattern of this mehndi design. This is one of the most beautiful designs in our collection. You can see that the both hands were covered from fingers to wrist area with beautiful birds and other patterns. The designs whatever covered on middle of the palm is really awesome. This particular design has conveyed the pure and lovely bonding between a mother and her baby. I can assure you that this will be the best mehndi design for the baby shower and some other baby related ceremonies.

10. Dot Mehndi Design for Hands:

Bombay Style Dot Mehandi Design for Hands

If you are fed up with routine floral patterns, then here is the unique and elegant Mumbai style mehndi design for your back hands. This design covered both hands from fingers to wrist with dots and zigzag pattern. It is one of the simplest design even for the beginners. It will go good for almost all kind of occasions even for the wedding ceremonies. As this pattern looks stylish, it is especially recommended for the teenagers.

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At the present day it is difficult to find a beautiful Bombay mehnd design for one who wants to have a unique and beautiful pattern which will suit their personality. Hope, we have helped you with our mehandi designs collection and feel free to consider our designs for your special occasions and do let us know which one is your favourite.

Images: Pinterest

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