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10 Of The Cheap and Best Honeymoon Destinations in Asia


10 Of The Cheap and Best Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Asia is the largest and populous continent on the earth. It boasts a lot of wonderful places which resembles various types of diversified traditions and culture. This largest continent offers a wide range of honeymoon destinations and trusts me when it comes to travelling. The mesmerizing Asian countries will never fails to impress, but the most primary thing one should consider while travelling is the budget. Asia will offer you both luxurious, mid-range and some really cheap honeymoon destinations as well. If you are the person who is looking to spend some beautiful time with your better half and budget is the only thing that holds you back, then this article will definitely help you in finding some beautiful and economical honeymoon destinations in Asia. So, let’s have a quick view on them without getting any delay.

The Cheap and Best Honeymoon Destinations In Asia:

1. Bali – Honeymoon in Island:

Cheap Honeymoon Destination In Asia

If you are looking forward for a perfect romantic honeymoon, then the Indonesian Island Bali will be the best option for you. Be it the exotic private beaches or the beautiful resorts and it’s mesmerizing natural spots will definitely let you have some wonderful time with your partner at this place. You will find many more exciting spots in this island.

2. Cambodia – Devotional and Traditional:

Affordable Honeymoon Destination In Asia

Most of the newly-weds always seek to have a romantic and traditional place as their honeymoon destination. This South-east Asian country offers a sizzling night life and a some romantic and classic dining options which makes honeymoon most memorable. If you are one of those couples, then Cambodia will do some justice for you. Watching the sunrise over the Angkor Wat temple has always been on the bucket list of most of the couples.

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3. Sri Lanka – Honeymoon on Sandy Beaches:

Best Cheap Honeymoon Destination In Asia

If you ever get to spend some time in this tiny place, then you will understand that how underrated this beautiful place is!. You will definitely find some best and coolest beaches in this place that will make your honeymoon even more memorable. When it comes to the budget, undoubtedly Sri Lanka is one of the cheap honeymoon destinations in Asia.

4. Thailand – Beautiful Honeymoon Place:

Best Budget Honeymoon Destination In Asia

Be it the exotic locations of this place or the authentic flavour of the food, Thailand will definitely give you once in a lifetime experience. Some places like the floating market, unique caves and different kinds of monuments and their architecture will definitely make you fall in love with this place. Thailand has over 300 islands and it is considered as one of the best and cheap honeymoon destinations in Asia.

5. Malaysia – Romance in Rain forest:

Economical Honeymoon Destination In Asia

The South-east Asian nation Malaysia bestowed with a lot of honeymoon spots where you can spend some romantic dining time in some beautiful hotels, some private resorts, some islands, beaches and a lot of fabulous shopping places over there. Furthermore, you can enjoy some beautiful forest treks as well. What more do someone need to make their honeymoon even more memorable? It is also one of the affordable honeymoon destinations in Asia which is a way cooler to hear.

6. Laos – Romance in Mountainous Terrain:

Best Affordable Honeymoon Destination In asia

One of the beautiful mountainous terrain is Laos. Be it the handicraft market which will helps you in making an ultimate shopping experience. The beautiful architecture of the temples around this place will definitely give you a beautiful experience. It will be cheap and best honeymoon destinations in Asia for almost all the nature lovers and the romantic couples.

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7. Vietnam – Honeymoon in Bustling Cities:

This South-east Asian country is one of the ideal place for the couple who are interested in the nature and the wildlife. Newly married couple should definitely make a visit to the Vietnam which will prove as once in a lifetime experience for you. Vietnam is one of the promising and one of the cheap honeymoon destination in Asia. I am sure; it will make some beautiful and romantic memories for you and your spouse.

8. Maldives – Honeymoon in Blue Lagoons:

If you want to have a honeymoon at a paradise like place with some white sandy beaches and crystal blue water which are accompanied with a forever nice weather, then you should definitely pay a visit to Maldives. You will definitely go to fall in love with its weather and beautiful resorts. There is no wonder if you end up in spending more time with your spouse at this beautiful place.

9. India – Honeymoon in Traditional Places:

India is a vast country with people belonging to different types of traditions and culture. If you and your partner are the people who are more into the tradition and culture and moreover, if you love to explore in to different types of locations and food then I bet that no other country will make you feel more mesmerized than India. It is also one of the best affordable honeymoon destinations in Asia.

10. Nepal – Honeymoon in Buddhist Place:

Nepal will never let you down whether you are a nature lover or an adventure seeker or someone who would like to spend some quality time with your better half. This beautiful neighbour of Himalayas will definitely make you feel mesmerized without burning a hole in your pocket as it is one of the best budget honeymoon destinations in Asia.

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Honeymoon is something that every person looks after to spend some beautiful time with their life partner after the marriage. Most of the people often try to spend some best time with their spouse during this phase within their budget. We really hope that newly married couple found some help through our article in finding some best and affordable honeymoon destinations in Asia and do let us know which one you would prefer for your honeymoon.

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