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10 Best Asian Countries to Visit On A Shoestring Budget


10 Best Asian Countries to Visit On A Shoestring Budget

Being a travel lover I can say that most of the travellers like to visit the places which are more diverse in terms of culture, tradition and especially the food. Whenever I heard the word diverse, Asia is the name that strikes in my mind. While on one hand it has countries with some higher standards of living like Singapore, Hongkong, and Taiwan. On the other hand, it has some developing countries like India which will offer a wide range of travel options for the tourists. So, now it is quite obvious that Asian countries will make the perfect holiday destination for all the travellers. But, when it comes to the international travelling the most important aspect one should consider is the Money and all of us are quite aware of the fact that these international holiday trips will eventually tend to burn our pockets. So to help you with it we have come up with a hot list of some beautiful and cheap Asian countries to visit which will work generously with your back pockets and will definitely work as your dream holiday destinations.

Beautiful and Cheap Asian Countries to Visit:

1. China:

Cheapest Country To Travel In Asia China

China is one of the cheapest countries in Asia for travel. One can also find expensive places to stay in case if they have the budget. On the other hand if you are a person who are looking forward to experience the flavour of china in an affordable budget then you should definitely make a visit to Beijing and shanghai as they are more affordable. So, it becomes dream destinations for most of the travellers.

2. Thailand:

Beautiful And Cheapest Country In Asia For Travel Thailand

Thailand is also one of the cheapest and most affordable budget places to visit in Asia. One can find a fine amount of beaches while experiencing the city life and night life as well. Whether you are a student planning a trip for a holiday or a couple planning for your dream honeymoon Thailand will let you spend some amazing time while making you experience its culture and chilled climate.

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3. Vietnam:

Best Budget Places To Visit In Asia Vietnam

Many of us might have seen Vietnam in some war movies and that’s not the only factor it is recognized for. Vietnam has a more to offer the tourists which include sacred temples and pagodas, chilling beaches and rice terraces etc… One shouldn’t miss the country side of the Vietnam which offers a wide range of attractions that resembles its history. All in all, Vietnam comes under some of the cheap Asian countries to visit.

4. Taiwan:

Most beautiful and cheap country Taiwan to visit in Asia

Most of you all are might be thinking that Taiwan is all about factories, polluted cities and all. But let me notify you that you missed the cool and amazing country side of Taiwan which will definitely go good as your dream holiday destination. It tends you save your money in many aspects which include cheap transport and food.

5. Cambodia:

Cheap holiday destination country Cambodia in Asia

Cambodia has a lot to offer for all the travel lovers. It consists of wide range of hill stations, beaches, historical temples and pagodas with a spectacular architecture that will take you back to hundreds of years. Most importantly one should definitely visit Prasat Thom which is a 30mt tall temple located in Koh Ker, Cambodia. After all it is also one of the most cheap and affordable place to make your holiday destination.

6. Nepal:

How can one miss this chilling and most beautiful destination in Asia? Whether you want to go to sightseeing or lonely or else adventurous holiday destination then Nepal will do complete justice for your money. One can easily afford a trip to Kathmandu, Nepal where you will get to see a lot of pilgrimage spots. It will also help you to have a wonderful experience in mountain trekking. If you want an affordable dream holiday destination in which you can get to have the views of world’s highest mountain range Himalayas then you should make a visit to Nagarkot. Here you can experience the mood of Himalayas.

7. Indonesia:

Indonesia is truly the largest country with a diverse mixture of cultures. It nearly contains 18,000 islands and a lot of historic temples and wide range of beaches. With all this kind of attractions this south Asian nation is able to offer anything for the tourists around the world. With all these tourist spots Indonesia also stands among some of the cheap countries to visit in Asia.

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8. India:

Most budget places in India to visit in Asia countries

There are a lot of tourist destinations in Asia; some will do justice to the adventurous trips while some will go good with a descent family trip which includes sightseeing and all. But no country will do a match with India whose diversified regions with different culture will leave the tourists mesmerized. When it comes to affordability I think you don’t need to worry about it as you can opt for a wide range of tourist destinations in India with just a few thousands in your pocket which I think is not possible with most of the other countries in the rest of the world.

9. Sri Lanka:

Cheapest country Sri Lanka in Asia for travel

Sri Lanka which is one of the cheap holiday destination in Asia. It will make your holiday trip more amazing with its stirring mountains, golden beaches and a wide range of greeneries. On the other hand this country will offer you some different tourism spots like Pinnawala elephant orphanage, a wide range of historical temples in Polonnaruwa Dambulla cave temple with over 150 statues of Buddha and a lot more.

10. Malaysia:

Affordable Asian county Malaysia to visit

How can one forget about the home of twin towers, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia? We can get to see many historical places in Malacca. You can’t miss the Penang hill, snake temple and other interesting spots in Penang. If you are a person who loves the hill climbing then you shouldn’t miss the mount Kinabalu with a height of 4,095km. It is the tallest peak in South East Asia. Moreover, it is recognized as one of the popular destinations for hill climbing in Asia. With all these tourism attractions Malaysia is also recognized as one of the cheapest country to travel in Asia.

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Travelling has occupied an important place in most of the peoples lives. With the change in time the expenditure for travelling has also been changed, now it takes a large amount of savings to make an international trip. One should definitely need some planning and a clear budget to make a trip to their dream destination. Hope our hot list of some cheap destinations in Asia will help you in finding a cheapest place in Asia to travel. Do let us know about your dream holiday destination in Asia.

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