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10 Romantic Cheap Honeymoon Destinations in the World


10 Romantic Cheap Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Honeymoon have always been on the top of the bucket list for the most of the newly weds, but only a few of them are found to make their honeymoon most memorable and what about them who couldn’t make it possible? And what could be the reason behind this? The most common and the important reason we will come across is the lack of information about the beautiful and mesmerizing honeymoon destinations which are more affordable than they actually think. In this 20th century, the air travel has become affordable, hence it is a perfect advantage for the honeymooners across the world. If you are the person who is looking forward for a beautiful yet affordable honeymoon then this article is definitely going to help you with some useful information about the best and cheap honeymoon destinations in the World. So, let’s check them one by one.

Cheap Honeymoon Destinations in The World:

1. Indonesia – Honeymoon in Waterfalls:

Cheap honeymoon destination Indonesia in World

If you are looking for a destination where you can have an adventurous and beautiful honeymoon time with your better half then the wait is over. You can find a lot of interesting things to do in Indonesia. You can enjoy the trekking, water slides in some beautiful canals and a much more with your life partner.

2. Costa Rica – Romance in Rain forest:

The best cheap honeymoon destination Costa Rica in the World

If in case a luxurious honeymoon filled with a lot of exiting places and adventurous things is something you are looking forward to and you are bounded by your budget then I think Costa Rica will do justice for you. If you are looking for some romantic and affordable destinations, this place will offer everything for everyone.

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3. Croatia – Honeymoon Under Electric Blue Sea:

The best budget honeymoon destination Croatia in World

Many of the Croatia’s coastal cities and towns resembles the Venetian and Roman times. Croatia itself consists of more than a thousand islands. These Islands are accompanied with some indented and rocky shore which attracts the travellers to this heaven like place again and again.

4. India – Taj to Express Your Love:

One of the cheap honeymoon place Taj in the World

If you are the person who loves to explore to the places which filled with different types of culture and tradition, then India is waiting for you. It is a diverse country which offers something to learn and explore. It also offers a lot of private locations where you can enjoy some quality time with your better half which makes this beautiful country stand among the best and cheapest honeymoon destinations in the world.

5. Thailand – Relax with Thai Massage:

Best budget honeymoon destination Thailand in The World

Be it the adventurous mountain treks and the mesmerizing and coolest beaches or the beautiful and relaxing resorts, Thailand offers everything for a newly married couple. Thailand attracts a lot of couples with its wide range of affordable yet peaceful locations.  So, it makes this place as stand among one of the best affordable honeymoon destinations in the world.

6. France – Romance at Eiffel Tower:

Best affordable honeymoon destination France in the World for new couple.

France has always been on the top of the bucket list of most of the couples. It offers a lot of attractive locations, beaches and a lot more shopping places which make their honeymoon even more memorable. The night life in Paris is enough for you to fall in love with this magical place.

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7. Hawaii – Honeymoon on Gold Beaches:

The best economical honeymoon destination Hawaii in the World

Hawaii consists of a beautiful tropical climate. It never failed to attract the tourists with its peaceful nature preserves, memorial and some relaxing beaches. Hawaii is the perfect place for who is looking forward to having some memorable quality time with your partner. Moreover, the main advantage for the travellers is that it stands among some best and cheap honeymoon places in world.

8. Sri Lanka – Sandy Beaches and Rain forest:

Sri Lanka is full of romantic landscapes, green tea gardens, golden beaches and some adventurous mountains for trekking. Be it the beautiful and historical monuments of this place or the treasure involved in its nature. This heavenly place has never disappointed its tourists with its beauty. It is also known as one of the budget honeymoon destinations in world.

9. Philippines – Honeymoon at Waterfront Promenade:

If it is your first trip together as a couple then Philippines will do justice with its mesmerizing beaches and outstanding weather. You can visit to a lot of nature friendly spots and enjoy some romantic dining in some decent restaurants. At the same time, you can also go crazy with the amazing street food. You can enjoy all these things at a very affordable cost. So, it eventually made this place stand among some of the best budget honeymoon destinations in the world.

10. Nepal – Honeymoon At Everest:

Nepal has always been one of my favourite holiday destination. If you and your spouse are into nature and adventure seeker like me, then you will also eventually fall in love with this place just like me. This place also has a lot to offer for the romantic couples. You can get to visit a lot of peaceful and romantic places in this beautiful and budget friendly destination.

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No matter how often you travel with your family or friends, the honeymoon will always stand as one of the most special journey, why because? You will definitely go to find out by yourself in your dream honeymoon and when you are ready for such kind of trip your partner then feel free to collect some useful information from our article and do let us know about which one you personally choose for and what are the places you consider as the best economical honeymoon destinations in the world.

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