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10 Beautiful Countries in Europe to Visit On A Shoestring Budget


10 Beautiful Countries in Europe to Visit On A Shoestring Budget

Europe is a treasure of nature and beauty. For most of the travel lovers paying a visit to Europe for a holiday destination is nothing less than a dream come true. After all, Europe has some of the most places to visit in it which are considered as some amazing holiday destinations in the world. When it comes to planning a holiday destination one would come across a lot of aspects and the most important aspect among them is the Money. It needs a perfect planning and groundwork in order make an international trip with in our budget. It is a renowned indisputable fact that Europe consists of the 11 out of 20 expensive countries in the world. So, there is no surprise in the fact that people from other than Europe find it troublesome to plan a trip with in their budget. So, to reduce your difficulty here we got a list of some cheapest countries in Europe which will help you in planning a cheap holiday destinations in Europe.

Best Cheapest Countries In Europe to Visit:

1. Ukraine:

Cheapest country Ukraine in Europe

Ukraine is always one of the most beautiful country in the Europe. For a good reason, it is also the one which will help the travellers in having a wonderful holiday with some less amount of money. One the most affordable holiday destination to the travellers is “Kiev” the capital of Ukraine, which is renowned for its religious architecture and historical museums.

2. Bulgaria:

Cheap holiday destination Bulgaria in Europe

Bulgaria is always one of the cheapest Europe country which will offer something for anyone. While mesmerizing the visitor with its beautiful landscapes, resorts and beaches it still stands as one of the cheapest destinations for travellers. Sofia the capital of Bulgaria which is one of the cheapest destination in this country will offer you some historical monuments which nearly have 2,000 years of history.

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3. Poland:

Cheap holiday destination Poland in Europe

If you want to visit a place which is cheap and known for its amazing night life then the wait is over. Poland which is widely considered as one of the cheapest country in the Europe and offering a wonderful night life. So, it is attracting most of the travellers (including the tourists from other European countries) towards its night culture.

4. Romania:

Cheapest country Romania to visit in Europe.

If you are planning for some cheap holiday destinations in Europe then make sure that you add Romania in your bucket list. Cluj, Romania offers a wonderful night time to the tourists. There are also a couple of day time attractions which will make you fall in love with this city. So the cities in Romania will let you have a beautiful vacation while not burning your pocket.

5. Latvia:

Cheapest place Latvia to travel in Europe

The Europe country Latvia is also one of the affordable destinations in the Europe. It boasts a beautiful landscape accompanied with wide beaches and some dense forests. Most of the tourists like to have a vacation in this affordable place. We will find a number of historical church and museums here. The Latvian ethnographic open-air museum is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Latvia.

6. Germany:

Cheapest country Germany to travel in Europe

If you want to enjoy the German culture in upcoming vacation then Berlin, the capital city of Germany is the one dream destination you should look forward to. This beautiful city will provide you a great night life and a wide variety of art and culture throughout the city. The most prominent landmarks like the Reichstag and Brandenburg gate stands as some of the important attractions among the city.

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7. Croatia:

Europe has a lot of coastal areas that are affordable for the tourists. Croatia is one such coastline which has more than a thousand islands. While being cheap it offers a rocky and indented shore which will work as a beautiful holiday destination for all the tourists. Most of the coastal towns and cities in this country provide a wide range of Roman culture and art form.

8. Portugal:

Portugal also comes under some cheap European destinations which offer a wide range of tourist attractions to the travel lovers. In Portugal, Porto is a great option since it offers some cheap public transport and some places. Here, it is offering a wide variety of graffiti art. When it comes to wine, it has an endless supply of port wine. Apart from Porto there are a plethora of other attractive towns and cities in Portugal due to which it is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe.

9. Czech Republic:

Prague is one of the most beautiful and affordable place in Czech Republic. It has never failed to attract lovers towards it. The accommodation here is quite cheap. It possibly provides some best beer around the world. We can also find some old fashioned bars across the town which will reflect the Portuguese style and they are quite affordable. With all these, a plethora of attractive cities and towns, Portugal has eventually become one of the cheapest countries to travel in Europe.

10. Greece:

Most Beautiful and Cheapest Countries to Visit in Europe

Very rarely we can find places in the world that claims as much importance as Athens, Greece. It contains a lot of importance in history. While being among most of the historical places in the world, it has attracted a lot of travellers. On the other hand, Greece also have a lot of attractive and affordable cities. So, it is one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe.

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Europe comprises a wide range of countries that are rich in culture, fashion, and art which made it stand among one of the most attractive destinations among the world. But, on the other hand Europe itself contains some countries with high standards in terms of the cost of living. One will find it difficult to plan a holiday destination in Europe which will come under the budget. We genuinely hope that our article has helped you in finding some cheap places (In terms of budget) to travel in Europe.

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