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10 Nearest & Cheapest Countries to Visit from India 2020


10 Nearest & Cheapest Countries to Visit from India 2020

As a matter of fact most of the people find themselves desperate for travelling to some new places. Either be it national or international travelling has its own way in making the people feel relaxed, happy and mesmerized at the same time. What you feel and what you think about your journey depends up on the places you visit and wander. Very rarely we find some people who are less interested in travelling. The most important aspect that one should consider while planning for a holiday destination is budget. We believe that the international holiday destinations costs you more but there are some countries which are not very far from India and travelling to those places will definitely not going to effect your budget. In fact a holiday trip to these countries will nearly cost you same amount that you spent to visit the places in your own country. So here we made a list of the cheapest countries to visit from India.

Nearest and Cheapest Countries to Visit from India:

1. Bhutan:

Nearest and cheapest country Bhutan to visit from India

If you think that you really need to spend some peaceful time with your family/friends then you should definitely try to plan a trip to Bhutan. Since it is one of the closest country to India, it will also cost you less than you could imagine. One can also prefer to have a trip to Bhutan by road from some north Indian states. So Bhutan is one such cheapest countries to visit from India.

2. Thailand:

Beautiful and cheapest country to visit from India

Elephant tourism, Water sports, Treks, Floating market tourism, Night parties and a lot more!!! If you think that including all these things in your to do bucket list of your trip then, I am glad to prove you wrong and I think you should also be because you can enjoy all these things in a single trip to Thailand which is one of the cheap international destinations from India.

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3. Nepal:

Nearest and cheapest country Nepal for Indian tourist

If you are a nature lover and also the one who seeks for adventure in your holiday destinations from India then I have good news for you that India is blessed with one of the best neighbourhood country called Nepal which is a treasure of nature and adventures. You can also try trekking in Mt. Everest base camp which will be once in a lifetime experience. So you can happily plan a trip to Nepal which is a cheap holiday destinations abroad.

4. Vietnam:

Very low budget country Vietnam to visit from India

Vietnam is also one of the cheapest countries to travel from India. It will be a perfect holiday trip for someone who wants to have some peaceful time in a place which is rich in heritage and with a beautiful nature. One would definitely want to go to sightseeing in this natural beauty. It will be a fulfilled cheap international trip for you.

5. Sri Lanka:

Most cheap place Sri Lanka to visit near India

Sri Lanka is definitely a country with some beautiful art and culture. It is known for its amazing beaches and its heritage culture which makes every traveller to plan a trip to this paradise. Being one of the neighbourhood countries of India it takes a less cost to plan a vacation with family/friends. It is also one of the cheapest country to visit from India.

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6. Singapore:

Cheap beautiful place Singapore to travel from India

Garden festival, Nature tours, Food tours, Wildlife tours, Art and culture tours and most importantly shopping!!! If you wonder how it does is possible to enjoy all these things in a budget friendly international trip, then there is no reason to wonder. Singapore which is one of the best the cheapest countries to visit from India will offer you all these pleasures under your budget.

7. Indonesia:

Top cheapest country Indonesia to visit from India

Being one of the most beautiful tourist destinations since years Indonesia will offer you a wide variety of things to experience. Borobudur and Prambanan temples offer you a fine quality of art to make you feel mesmerize and apart from being one of the best tourist destinations it is also one of the cheapest places to travel internationally from India.

8. Oman:

This middle-eastern country Oman will offer you a best holiday trip to have under your budget from India. This place which is rich in some amazing and cool beaches and azure waters will be a perfect holiday destination during the summer. The banana plantations and serene Arabian Sea beaches will definitely make you feel like heaven.

9. Myanmar:

Myanmar is also one of the most beautiful places that most of the tourists across the world will love to plan a trip. It is also the place for simple people and one will get to see the Buddhist way of life here. Simply we can say that a trip to Myanmar will do a complete justice to you time and money and talking about money it is more affordable from India.

10. Hong Kong:

Hong Kong also comes under one of the best cheap countries to visit and one would definitely love to experience its magnificent skyline. This country offers you a wide range of activities and it is also known for its beautiful nature at the country side. One would love to visit Lantau Island, Nathan Road, happy valley and some other places in Hong Kong.

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We know that an international trip will definitely need a pretty much of money, but these affordable destinations will save your money and will add more value to your time. Hope you like these affordable foreign places and do let us know which one is favourite in this list.

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