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10 Cheapest Honeymoon Destinations in India: Newly-weds Should Know


10 Cheapest Honeymoon Destinations in India: Newly-weds Should Know

Marriage is considered as one of the most important phase of a person’s life. It is a phase when two people tie the knot with each other and decides to live together forever. So, it’s quite natural for a newly married couple to wish to go to a place where they can spend some quality time with each other without having any stress and other aviation such vacation is known as the honeymoon. But, in India most of the people believe that the honeymoon destination as a dream. It will cost them a lot and include a lot of stress as well. So, I will take the immense pleasure in letting you know that your dream honey moon destination will not affect your pockets as much as you think. Here, we have got a list of 10 cheapest honeymoon places in India for you guys. So, let’s get a fast read on them while not obtaining any delay.

10 Cheapest Honeymoon Destinations In India with Images:

1. Darjeeling – Summer Honeymoon Resort:

Cheap honeymoon destination Darjeeling in India

If you are an immense nature lover then you should definitely plan your honeymoon in the Darjeeling which is not only cheapest honeymoon place in India but also offers a wide range of landscapes, tea gardens and some breath taking mountains. I am pretty sure you definitely going to fall in love with. Darjeeling offers everything a newly married would wish for.

2. Ooty – The Coolest Honeymoon Place:

Ooty have always been considered as one of the most popular honeymoon spots since decades. Whether you and your spouse are the nature lovers or the adventure seekers, Ooty will offer a lot of love to you through its amazing nature and the beautiful climate. Moreover, it is one of the most affordable honeymoon destinations in India.

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3. Kovalam – Honeymoon on Beach:

Cheapest honeymoon place Kovalam in India with beautiful beaches

Although, you can cover Kovalam in a complete honeymoon package to Kerala, the nature lovers will opt to spend more time in this place as it offers all those factors that a newly married couple would look after. The most important among them are lighthouse beach, Kovalam beach, Vellayani lake and the Chowara village & beach.

4. Munnar – Honeymoon on Hill Station:

The cheap and best honeymoon destination Munnar in India with hill station

Well, here we have another amazing honeymoon spot for the newly-weds. Munnar is a place which is rich in nature. There are a lot of exciting things that one could do in this place. The most important among them are the trekking, camping and boat tours which will make your honeymoon adventurous and memorable.

5. Shimla – Honeymoon for Snow Lovers:

The Low Budget Honeymoon Destinations Shimla in India for Snow Lovers

Shimla has always been one of the most favourite honeymoon destination for most of the people since ages. Its snowy peaks, peaceful yet delightful landscapes and the relaxing weather have always attracted the travellers. All in all Shimla is one of the cheap and best honeymoon destinations in India.

6. Udaipur – Honeymoon in Royal Residence:

Indian cheapest honeymoon destination in Udaipur Royal Residency.

If you are planning for a romantic escape in India with you better half, then Udaipur is best the spot. This city has always carried some sort of romantic charm with it which has always succeeded in attracting most of the couples towards it. Moreover, it is one of the low cost honeymoon destinations in India.

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7. Goa – Foreigners Honeymoon Destination:

An affordable honeymoon destination Goa for foreigners In India.

Goa, the name itself arise a lot of excitement in us. If you are looking for a most beautiful and cheapest honeymoon place in India, then Goa is the place you should pay a visit for. Whether you are a traveller or someone who is looking for a holiday spot or a newly married couple, this place always has something to offer wide range of entertainment.

8. Nainital – Himalayan Resort:

Nainital - Himalayan Resort

Nainital is one of the most breathtaking and low budget honeymoon destinations in India. If you are the one who is looking for the honeymoon spot which consists of an awesome Himalayan backdrop and some amazing scenic vistas, then you should definitely visit to the Nainital with your partner for a memorable honeymoon.

9. Alleppey – House Boat Cruises:

If you are a nature lover and want to spend some amazing time with your partner at a place which is rich in nature and offers a romantic charm, then you can make Allepey as your honeymoon destination. I am quite sure that this beautiful place will never let you down.

10. Pondicherry – Romance in French Quarters:

Out of all the travelling destinations in the south India, Pondicherry is the place that attracts every romantic couple towards it. Being the French established colony in India this place will offer you a wide range of colourful architecture and culture. Moreover, colourful French colonies and cafes will surely mesmerize you. The amazing beaches stand as the main point of attraction. At the same time, it is one of the most cheap honeymoon destinations in India.

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Honeymoon is considered as one of the most beautiful time during which you are supposed to make some cool trips with your better half at a place where you feel most alive and peaceful. Finding a perfect economic honeymoon destination will involve a lot of stress. So, we really hope that our article has helped you in the process of finding some cheap and best honeymoon places in India.  Do let us know which place is your favourite among them.

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