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10 Famous Circus Animals and Their Feets


10 Famous Circus Animals and Their Feets

We all love to see circus during our childhood days to see how people and animals perform skillful acts on the stage. It was always a wonder to see animals performing on circus as per the trainer’s instructions. There were even wild animals in circuses like lion, rhino, tiger and bear. Today, the number of circus shows has been reduced to the illegalities of making animals perform in the show. The good thing is that today, animals which are taken for circus shows are protected by the Animal Welfare Act. In certain countries, you even need to license wild animals performing in the circus. In this article, we shall be covering 10 types of famous circus animals and their feats.

List of Circus Animals with Images:

1. Circus dog:

Circus dog

Dogs are just adorable creatures we have ever seen in this world. Their loyalty, high level of intelligence and smartness is what makes them the show stealers in every circus. Most people love to see dogs performing in the circus. Dogs easily listen to their masters and make it easy for the master to train them in the circus. Some of the dog feats in a circus include assisting the performer in her/his dance movements. Mostly they are seen as a group performance where 4 – 5 dogs will come and perform with the master. It might be dogs sliding in a rolling drum, dancing or catching balls.

2. Circus Parrot:

Circus Parrot

Birds are actually not meant to be performed in the circus as they are small and delicate creatures. Still, you can see some circus shows where parrots are being included. Some of their feats include 2 parrots rolling through a ring in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction in the outer and inner side of the ring. Or else, parrots are used in talking games, where they speak like humans.

3. Circus Elephant:

Circus Elephant

Elephant and circus – is the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about animals performing in circus shows? Compared to other animals performing in the show, the circus elephant’s performance looks adorably cute. Elephants stand on their heads or balance on pedestals and entertain the audience. Many at times, you can see 2 elephants sitting face to face on a chair by balancing with 2 feet and passing balls. One of the amazing performances of elephants in circus is by balancing their whole body on a ball as it rolls.

4. Circus Lion:

Circus Lion

Circus lions come under the wild animals list. In many countries, wild animals are not allowed to perform in circuses. Several countries have made licensing a must if you want wild animals to perform in the show. Although there are many cases where lions have attacked their tamers in the stage, a circus show won’t be complete if there are no lions. Some of the acts that lions perform in circus include jumping through the hoop/ fire hoop, dancing with the tamer according to the song.

5. Circus Horse:

Circus Horse

Horses played a vital role in circus shows. In the early days, circus horse was used in circus parade to announce the coming show. All the horses and rolling stack performed in the parade through the American village streets to advertise the animals and performers on the circus. In fact, the show stealer has always been the circus horses. Variety of horse acts are there that range from acrobatics to clever stunts.

6. Circus Bear:

Another circus animal in the performing animals list comes the bear. A circus bear is seen more in American circus shows. You might have seen brown bears dancing on the shows. They come as a pair wearing costume dance to the stage on their hind legs. Many at times, they are seen dancing. But there are also performances where bears jump over objects, walk on their hands and perform other confusing tricks like cycling. Only brown bears are trained for circus. Polar bears are not used for this as they couldn’t adjust to the climate in the land.

7. Circus Tiger:

Circus Tiger

Tigers are other wild animals that perform on the circus for entertaining the audience. These are trained by well trained tamers to make them perform well. One of the most common tiger feats in circus includes jumping through the fire ring or hoop. This can be a solo performance under the trainer’s presence or as a group performance where there will be 7 to 8 tigers who perform uniformly under 2-3 trainers in the stage. In England, tigers must be licensed before making them perform for the show.

8. Circus Rhinoceros:

Rhinoceros performing on circus!!! Yes, you heard it right. Even rhinos are seen performing confusing tricks and plays on the stage along with their masters. There are circus shows where you can even see endangered rhino performing for the show. Rhinos carry their masters or performers on their back and walk and jump according to the master’s command when the music plays.

9. Circus Monkey:

Circus Monkey

Among all other types of circus animals that perform in the circus, monkeys are the less trained animals to perform in a circus, as they easily observe and follow the master’s commands. Monkeys are used in circus to perform various acts like walking across a thin, tight rope, catching rings and performing other activities upon the instruction of the trainer.

10. Circus Cat:

Cats also comes to circus animals list. They are friendly like dogs and monkeys when it comes to training them for a circus. Humans find it easy to train cats as they are domestic animals that live with humans as pets. Even children can train cats for performing intellectual or skillful activities and games. Cats are being involved in many game shows and magic shows because of this reason. In a circus, you can see cats performing long jumps. Also, you can see them trained in balancing their body on a rolling ball.

Even though it might be entertaining for kids to see animals performing various tricky acts, the fact is these animals are being massively used and tortured for performing all these acts. Many countries like Britain follows strict licensing before participating animals in circus. But there are places like Wales, where even wild animals can perform freely in a circus.

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