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10 Latest Colour Rangoli Ideas | Colour Kolam | Colour Muggulu


10 Latest Colour Rangoli Ideas | Colour Kolam | Colour Muggulu

The beauty of Rangoli designs depends on two main aspects which are its design and its color. When you create beautiful rangoli colour kolam, it is going to have a much welcoming and positive outlook to your entire home which is much needed altogether! These colour rangoli designs or colour kokam or colour muggulu can be of very simple patterns, but when you give them the needed shade, it totally gets a transformation in terms of its look. Below are a few of such alluring designs you got to check:

Latest Colour Rangoli Designs:

Here are the top 10 latest rangoli designs with colours.

1. Pretty Sangu Designs with Colors:

Colorful Rangoli Designs

This beautiful Sangu rangoli design is made with multiple colors. This is elegantly bordered with lovely lamps and other floral motifs around the sides and bottom. And coming on to the actual colour muggulu design, there is a central star surrounded by six Sangu patterns to give it a closed finish.

2. Beautiful Floral Colour Rangoli Design:

Latest Colour Rangoli

This is a lovely rangoli patterns to colour that involves two shades: one is light green and the other is purple shade. There is a central flower design with a yellow color flower itself. This is encompassed by patterns in green. The colour rangoli design is altogether bordered by violet shaded designs which looks like a chocolate. Moreover, this the will one of the best design among the colour rangoli designs with dots.

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3. 6 Pointed Floral Design:

Multi Colour Rangoli Design

This is a pretty floral design that starts with a beautiful flower in the centre. This emerges out to lovely pink colored flowers. And this in turn is surrounded by yellow color petals of totally six ends. There are 3 pointed peacock feathery finish given to each of these petals.

4. Five Layered Colourful Kolam:

Unique Layered Colour Rangoli Design

Once again, this design begins with a small kolam in orange shade. The next layer is full of green colored petals. The next layer is of purple shade beautifully bordering the previous layers. The alternating shade is an added plus to the colour full rangoli. This colour kolam is followed by paisley motifs and finally a chain of multicolour layer.

5. Simple Rose Flower with Leaves:

Colourful Flower Rangoli

This colorful rangoli designs is a simple flower with red shaded petal. It is designed along with two green colored leaves to give it a natural outlook. This can be created even with minimalistic skills in creating Rangoli designs.

6. Unique Shaded Colour Rangoli Kolam:

Colour rangoli designs with dots

Here is a simple colour muggulu design created with just three colors which are green, blue and yellow. This creative rangoli designs using colours is high recommended for special occasions and celebrations at home as it gives you a traditional outlook and it is very much welcoming as well.

7. Four Colourful Flowers in Rangoli:

Here are four colourful flowers in the Rangoli design. These are distinctly created with a central star-like design. There are lovely arches encompassing the design and this gives rise to pretty petals for a finer finish. This rangoli colour design best suits your auspicious events.

8. Circular Colour Rangoli Design:

Give your house entrance a rich and elegant look with this circular rangoli design. The entire design starts with a central circle followed by petals and layers of alternating designs that gives a totally grand look on the whole.

9. Geometrically Rich Colour Rangoli Design:

This is a colour rangoli or colour muggulu or colour kolam that each one of you will love if you particularly like geometric patterns. There are beautiful triangular shapes, hexagon and star shapes. Each of these comes with a central circle and multiple colors to give you a twinkling outlook. Apart from above colours, you can use any colour for rangoli.

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10. Circular Pretty Rangoli Design with Multiple Colors:

Here you have a pretty colourful rangoli design of circular shape. There are a few twigs raising out of the designs in random. It gives the outlook of a flower with adorable petals and leaves. There are white dots embellishing the design all through for an added touch of beauty.

These are some of the latest rangoli designs with colours that will give you the real special feel during special occasions at your home. It can altogether toss the positivity and freshness to your home and make it grand to kick-start the special day at your home or party hall!

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