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List of 6 Coniferous Trees with Images


List of 6 Coniferous Trees with Images

When was the last time you saw a pine tree standing tall with mist all covering its vision? Well many of us take a break and go for a vacancy to a hill station to get some chilled air. And that’s where you see all these tall coniferous forest trees. Throughout your way to the top of the hill, you can see many small and large coniferous trees that just make the place look exotic. Below listed are the names of coniferous trees found in world with images.

List of Coniferous Trees:

Here is the list of top 6 coniferous trees with images.

1. Juniper Tree:

Types of Coniferous Trees Juniper Tree

Juniper is a conifer tree that comes from the cypress family Cupressaceae. The tree size varies depending on the soil and weather condition. Some may reach up to 20-40 m while others may grow as shrubs. The berries from Juniper tree are used in many dishes. It acts as a flavouring agent. Other medicinal uses of Juniper include treatment from cancer, diabetes, skin wounds, snakebites and numb pain.

2. Pine Tree:

Names of Coniferous Trees Pine Tree

One of the most widely seen coniferous trees in the world is the pine tree. Among all other types of conifer trees in the world, pine trees take the major share. Pines are native to Northern Hemisphere. You can see a large number of pine trees in major hill stations in India, like Munnar, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh etc. Pines trees are mainly used in paper making industries, but are also used in the manufacture of oils, rosin, wood tars and turpentine. Pine seeds are known for its antiseptic and antioxidant properties. The pine resin can be applied on the skin to treat skin infections. The inner bark of the pine is used as an antiseptic band for cuts.

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3. Christmas Tree:

Small Conifer Trees Christmas Tree

The next one on the coniferous trees list is the Christmas tree. Christmas trees are small conifer trees that are an integral part of Christmas. It is also known as Scotch Pine. A Christmas celebration isn’t complete without a Christmas tree. It’s just an artificial decorated tree which would either be a pine, spruce, cedar or fir. The anti-inflammatory properties found in the bark of Scotch Pine are known to treat arthritis pain.

4. Spruce Tree:

The second best coniferous trees example is the spruce tree. Though they are similar to the pine tree, spruce trees have stiff and sharp cones with 1 inch needles. The spruce cones hang down, while the fir cones stand up. The spruce needles turn yellow in the fall and then drop, leaving the branches bare. The medicinal value of spruce tree lies in its oil. Spruce oil has proven to get relief from respiratory diseases, viral infections, arthritis and other forms of muscle strains and pains.

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5. Cedar Tree:

Large Conifer Trees Cedar Tree

Cedar looks so majestic in its shape and size. It’s one of the large conifer trees in the list. Cedar trees are classified into two – true cedars and false cedars. True cedars have dense clusters of evergreen needles from its woody pegs, while the false cedars have upright cones with small leaves. Cedar is not just used as a conifer tree for wood and paper manufacturing, but it also has many benefits on health. Cedar is an excellent cough remedy. Its medicinal value help in treating fever, arthritis, stomach pain and cold.

6. Hemlock Tree:

Unlike spruce trees, Hemlocks have short needles that are less than 1 inch long. They emerge from small pegs. The cones of hemlock hand downwards. A standard Hemlock reaches a height of 40 to 70 feet after maturing. Dwarf varieties of Hemlock are also available that grow only 3 to 4 feet tall. The leaves of hemlock are used to make tea for treating fever, diarrhea and cough. The bark is used to heal wounds and cuts.

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All coniferous trees are considered evergreen, even if some are not. Planting them in our home garden is quite impractical as the soil and weather conditions might not favour in its growth. Be it small or large, these cone trees really add beauty and charm to the entire place when standing tall and sharp.

Images: Shutterstock

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