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Top 10 Best Couple Tattoos [Awesome Images]


Top 10 Best Couple Tattoos [Awesome Images]

These days, couple tattoos are becoming quite popular among people, especially those married and enjoying long term relationship. With tattoos being more mainstream and accepted, couples of all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles and religious beliefs are found to appreciate this concept of permanent ink and have been doing it together to show their bond and love for one another. There are numerous tattoo ideas available for couples. But the one selected should be meaningful and represent their undying love.

Latest Couple Tattoo Designs and Ideas:

Here are the top 10 Ideas for Couple Tattoos.

1. Colorful Heart Couple Tattoo Design:

Couple Tattoos Heart

This is a unique and matching couple tattoos design. A heart shape is etched with colors in it. Inside the heart are drawn hands of a couple clasped together. This design can be used by both men & women alike. It is really beautiful and shows their mind very clearly.

2. Incredible Food Bowl Design:

Couple Matching Tattoos

This is another unique Ideas for couple tattoos. The design is of a bowl with Asian food in it. It is an amazing design meant for those couples who are food lovers and can’t think life without food. This is indeed the best couple tattoos and can be done on the arm. It shows love for food.

3. Trendy Mrs & Mr Tattoo Design:

Couple Tattoos Simple

This is indeed one of the most popularly availed couple with tattoos designs. In this design is tattooed the abbreviations Mrs. & Mr. The writings are quite trendy and takes the shape of Minnie & Mickey Mouse cartoon character. Tattoo couple is mostly tattooed on the arms.

4. Lovely King and Queen Design:

Couple Tattoos King and Queen

This is one of the popular pictures preferred by married couples. It depicts king & queen that are drawn on the hands of the spouse. The woman can have queen on top and king on its bottom, while the man can have vice versa. This design shows their love for one another.

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5. Gorgeous Symbol and Phrase Design:

Couple Tattoos Arm

Among the couple tattoos ideas gallery is this tattoo design has both symbols and letters inked. It is done on the arm. The man can have phrases of love inked in a box. The woman can have phrases of love in a circle with some interesting symbols. This design is indeed enticing and shows their love.

6. Amazing Holding Hand Design:

Couple Holding Hands Tattoo

This tattoo is inked on the leg near the ankle region. The man can have the tattoo of girl’s hand holding the boys’ and vice versa for the woman. This shows the kind of trust that both can have with one another. It is really amazing and gorgeous to look at.

7. Unique Animals and Antique Designs:

In this meaningful couple tattoos design is depicted animals, flowers and beautiful looking antiques. They are just fabulous and the users are likely to flaunt it proudly to others. The design is inked on the arm. It is done in single or multi-colored according to individual preference and moods.

8. Cute Girl And Boy Picture Design:

Those who love images should get this simple couple tattoos. The girl can have a girl tattoo inked, while the boy of a boy. The images are accompanied by beautifully colored flowers. The images are real cute and worth the try and effort. Couple tattoo images are best is inked on the arm.

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9. Excellent Cartoon Character Design:

These cute couple tattoos designs are indeed a favorite among those who believe in fairy-tales and cartoon characters. The design is of Tinkle Bell & Peter Pan. They are beautifully designed and colored. They do appear real like and are excellent choice for couples. This design is best done on the wrist area.

10. Brilliant King And Queen Crown design

Couple Tattoo Pic

It is the desire of both men & women to be king and queens. Such unique couple tattoos are made possible by inking king & queen crown tattoos on their arms. Their names can be etched below the crown to signify their royalty. The designs are quite amazing and sure to be loved by onlookers.

The couple tattoo design given above is all meaningful and sure to be loved by users. The one selected should best represent their commitments towards one another, irrespective of the terms that their relationship is. Each design is quite different and unique. Hence, more thought needs to be put in before the final selection.

Images: Shutterstock, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

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