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List of 9 Deciduous Trees with Names and Images


List of 9 Deciduous Trees with Names and Images

What is a deciduous tree? A deciduous tree is a tree that sheds all its leaves in autumn. In some parts of the world, deciduous trees lose their leaves during the dry season. While in several other parts, leaf loss can be seen in winter depending on the variations in rainfall. Deciduous trees have broad flat leaves that capture ample sunlight (in summer) and water (in monsoon). Deciduous trees examples include maple, oak and hickory trees. The colour of the leaves of deciduous trees ranges from yellow to purple. Orange and yellow are the brightest colours seen widely. Here’s a list of deciduous trees with names and images.

List of Deciduous Trees with Names and Images:

1. Golden Shower Tree:

Small Deciduous Trees Golden Shower tree

Golden shower trees are small deciduous trees that bloom during the month of March – April in India. The flowers come in rich yellow colour in bunches, which gives a visual treat to the eyes. In the state of Kerala, the golden shower tree and its flowers play a crucial role in one of their festivals – Vishu (Malayalam New Year). It is well known by the name ‘disease killer’ as the root, leaves and bark of this tree possess many health benefits. It gives instant relief from cold and flu.

2. Sacred Fig:

Deciduous Trees List Sacred Fig

A species of banyan fig (Ficus religiosa), the sacred fig is a big deciduous tree that can grow up to 30 metres in height. Sacred fig is also known by the name Bodhi, Peepul or Ashvastha in Indian language. According to Hindu mythology, the sacred fig represents happiness, longevity, prosperity and good luck. Peepal is an excellent natural remedy for treating asthma and skin conditions. It also helps to cure various blood-related diseases.

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3. Bombax Ceiba (Cotton Tree):

Deciduous Trees Names Cotton Tree


Another best deciduous trees are Bombax Ceiba. It is nothing but the silk cotton tree. It is also known as red silk cotton, red cotton tree or cotton tree. As the name suggests, the red silk cotton tree has red flowers which are large in size. The fruit appears during March and April. The fruit possesses cotton like fibrous stuff that is gathered and used for filling pillows, quilts and sofas. The bark of this tree has the ability to fight against fever and diabetes. Several acne and pimple creams are made from Bombax ceiba.

4. Red Sandalwood:

Red Sandalwood is a fragrant deciduous tree native to India. It is a small tree that just grows 5-8 meters in height and has a dark greyish bark. Red sandalwood is used in Indian medicines for treating digestive disorders, coughs, blood purification. A mix of rose water with red sandalwood can prevent acne and scars and provide relief from irritation caused by acne.

5. Tectona grandis – Teak:

Tectona grandis or the teak is a large deciduous tree that grows up to 30 metres in height with many small branches. Its papery leaves during the fall create a big mess for the home-owner to clean. World’s biggest teak tree is grown in Parambikulam Forest, Kerala state, India. Teak is mainly used for making furniture and boat decks. Teak leaves have a cooling nature. Hence, It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for skin inflammations.

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6. North Indian Rosewood:

Tall Deciduous Trees North Indian Rosewood

Dalbergia sissoo or the North Indian rosewood is one among the medium to tall deciduous trees that reach up to 15 metres high in dry areas and 30 metres in wet areas. It is also known as Shisham in Hindi. The flowers bloom in white to pink colours that have a good fragrance. After teak, Indian rosewood is the most cultivated timber tree in India. Indian Rosewood’s high oil content stimulates new cell growth and repairs damaged tissues. The lines and wrinkles in your body can be reduced by applying rosewood oil.

7. Semecarpus Anacardium:

Semecarpus anacardium is an Indian deciduous tree that is found widely in the outer Himalayas to Coromandel Coast. The tree has a close look like of cashews, where the fruit is composed of two parts. One with the reddish-orange fruit and the other part is a black drupe that grows at the end. The fruit tastes sweet when ripe like cashews but the black fruit at the end is toxic and produces severe allergic reactions if it comes in contact with the skin. In Ayurvedic medicine, Semecarpus anacardium is used for improving sexual health. It increases the sperm count and cures diseases relating to the digestive system.

8. Madhua Longifolia:

Flowering Deciduous Trees Madhua Longifolia

Madhuca Longifolia, also called as Mahua is one among the Indian flowering deciduous trees. The leaves of Mahua fall from February to April to welcome the musky-scented flowers. It’s when the leaves fall that the flowers appear. After a couple of months of flowering, the fruit ripens that turn out to be fleshy green berries. When it comes to medicinal value, the bark of this tree is used to relieve cough, heart congestion and blood related problems.

9. Fragrant Padri Tree:

Large Deciduous Trees Fragrant Padri Tree

Fragrant Padri Trees or the Stereospermum chelonoides are another large deciduous trees that grow 10-20 m tall. It is native to South Asia and is known as the tree for enlightenment. In India, this tree is widely grown in Himalayas, Meghalaya, Assam and in the dense forests of Western Ghats. The chemical Lapachol present in Stereospermum chelonoides has the ability to prevent cancer. The mix made from the roots of padri tree is given to treat patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

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Sadly the number of deciduous trees is reducing in large numbers due to deforestation and industrialization. Deciduous trees whether large or small, have their own unique value in the field of medicine and ecological system. Each of the trees mentioned above has strong growth in Asian soil and is proven effective in treating several health conditions.

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