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15 Different Types of Exotic Birds with Images


15 Different Types of Exotic Birds with Images

The exotic birds are one of the living proofs of some of the beautiful creatures! Each of them in their own way is unique and beautiful. While we are fascinated by many of them, there are others just to impress us. How about leaving you intrigued by a collection of the world’s absolutely amazing exotic birds? Here’s a quick reading of some of the lovely ones. Get ready to be shocked.

Types of Exotic Birds:

Here are 15 different type of exotic birds with images listed.

1. The Finch:

Beautiful exotic pet birds are Finch.

The finch of Australia is a delight to have. Although they can’t talk, this rare exotic bird can impress you with their social interactions and aerial antics they have with each other. They have a 10-year lifespan and are usually multicolored. For those who don’t want to meet a parrot’s demands, they are ideal replacements to parrots as animals.

2. The Lovebirds:

Small exotic lovebirds

One of the most beautiful exotic birds are lover birds. Of the many species, eight belong to Africa, the desert of Namib. However, they are known for their nature as a chirpier. They are highly social and enjoy eating all day long. Their colours vary from population and are typically small, approximately 17-18 cm long. Lovebirds are delighted with seeds and berries.

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3. The Rosella:

Colorful Rosella exotic birds

These colourful exotic birds are native to Australia. These are very colourful parrots with a length of 25-35 cm. They like to live in woodlands, forests, gardens and suburban parks, which enjoy feeding on fruits and seeds. They are also observed to enjoy swimming in puddles. These birds usually have a life span of 15 years.

4. The Cockatiel:

Small cockatiel exotic birds.

This is one of Australia’s most beautiful exotic pet birds. We can find them in black, yellow and brown colours, with a 20-year lifespan. They are known for their whistling ability, so skilled that they aim their whistling towards their favorite item or favorite people at times. They love ample space, one that without much hindrance allows them to flap their wings.

5. The Macaws:

Beautiful exotic macaws birds.

Macaws are different types of exotic birds and which are long-tailed with large beaks. They eat various foods, including seeds, flowers and stems. However, many are endangered or extinct in their species. These beautiful and colourful exotic birds are native to Southern America. Look at the picture and see how beautiful is!

6. The Victoria Crowned Pigeon:

Large exotic victoria crowned pigeon birds.

The Australian-born Victoria crowned pigeon is a large bluish-green pigeon. In search of food, they travel in small groups and enjoy seeds and invertebrates. The species ‘ males are aggressive and dominant. They enjoy other dry fruits when they are held captive.

7. The Royal Flycatcher:

Beautiful exotic royal flycatcher birds.

The Royal Flycatcher is considered as one of the beautiful exotic birds among the world. This is widely known for its attractive crest. The male birds of these species consists of a vivid scarlet crest and the females have their crest yellow in colour which is decorated with some blue and black tips. Usually these birds display their crests during some aggressive encounters and during some courtship rituals.

8. The Kingfishers:

Colorful exotic kingfishers birds.

One can find these kingfishers in various regions of Africa, Asia and other places. The family of kingfishers consists of 114 species which is again divided into 19 subfamilies. All the kingfishers consists of larger heads, stubby tails and smaller legs. Most of the kingfishers live across the various lakes and rivers and generally feed on small fishes and other marine creatures.

9. The African Crowned Crane:

This beautiful Crowned crane is the national bird of Uganda. These are mostly found in the regions of eastern and southern Africa. Even they are found in most of the regions in Africa they are subjected to threat in now a days due to the pesticide pollution and the overgrazing. These come under the list of large exotic birds due to their slightly heavy personality.

10. The Hoopoe:

The hoopoe is the national bird of Israel. One can find these birds throughout the regions of Africa and Eurasia. This exotic bird gained a lot of popularity due to its unique crown. When it comes to its size, it is comes under the list of small exotic birds in our collection. It is also recognized as one of the most colorful exotic birds.

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11. The Peacock:

If you search for exotic birds in India, the peacock will be there. It is the national bird of India. The peacocks usually roost on the trees and rests on the ground. Peacock/peafowl is native to India and it is known for displaying the Indian culture. It is a medium sized bird and we can find three different species in it. It generally feeds on insects, seeds and on other flower heads.

12. The Quetzal:

The quetzal is known as one of the most beautiful exotic birds in the world which consists some colourful tails and feathers. Normally these quetzals make their accommodation near the mountains and some forest areas where they can feed on fruits and some small creatures like lizards and ants.

13. The Inca Tern:

These beautiful birds are found near the cold waters and at mainly the humid regions. The Inca terns have gained a lot of identity due to its different looking white moustache. Most of these birds feed on the fish. These are mostly found at the rocky coasts where they can breed on the sea cliffs and guano islands.

14. The Rainbow Lorikeet:

The rainbow lorikeets are known for their unique and colourful personality. These birds are the species of parrots. They are more likely to found in the areas of rainforest and woodland. It is a medium sized parrot and its length will range from 25-30 cm from head to tail. The lorikeets mostly prefer to travel in pairs.

15. The Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise:

Wilson’s bird of paradise is a small exotic bird which will be only found in the islands of Indonesia. These birds mostly live in the lowland areas of rain forests. Though the personality of males and females remains the same but there is a huge difference in the body colours between the genders.

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The many type of exotic birds come in a variety of species, each with various sizes and colours. Their elegance is what remains constant. Our list of exotic birds is just an insight into the many exotic bird species that we may not know about. Look at them and tell us about the ones you know of.

Images: Shutterstock

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