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List of 9 Extinct Tigers and Lions with Images


List of 9 Extinct Tigers and Lions with Images

Tigers and lions extinction is an emerging concern in this era. Many rare species of tigers, cheetahs and lions have been killed over the past hundred years. Avni was India’s last survivor on the tiger extinction list. Despite the fact that tigers and lions are wild animals that can risk human life, it is not right to hear that the numbers in the world have dropped dramatically. Poaching, trapping and killing animals in the name of trespassing cannot be justified, as they have equal rights to live on this earth. This article is all about the list of extinct tigers and lions.

List of Extinct Tigers and Lions with Images:

1. Javan Tiger:

Extinct Tigers In The World

Javan tigers are different types of tigers that are extinct in the year 1970’s. These extinct tiger species found in the Indonesian island of Java. It was one of the three tiger populations that lived in the Sunda Islands. Compared to other Asian tigers, the Javan tiger was small. It had long and thin stripes which were slightly more than the Sumatran tiger.

2. Bali Tiger:

Extinct Bali Tiger

Bali Tiger is one of the tiger in the extinct tiger species list. It is also known as Panthera Tigris Balica in its scientific records. This tiger is native to Bali in Indonesia island. The last species of Bali tiger was seen in the year 1930s. Bali tiger is considered as the smallest tiger in the Sunda Islands. The skin and skull of this animal were preserved in Bali museum collections. Bali and Java tigers shared the same skulls.

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3. Caspian Tiger:

Extinct Caspian Tiger

Of all the tigers and lions, over the past 100 years, it’s the Caspian Tiger that occupied the world forests ranging from Iran o the Caucasus to the West and Uzbekistan. An unbelievable thing is this tiger comes under extinct tigers list. The last Caspian Tiger that was seen in the Hakakri Province was killed in February 1970. Studies show that both Caspian tiger and Siberian tiger shared the same geographic distribution until the early 19th century when they scattered due to human influence.

4. Saber Tooth Tiger:

Saber Tooth Tigers are one among the list of extinct tigers in the world. They lived in shrubby areas where there were plenty of grasses. Saber Toothed cat is a predatory mammal that has sharp long canine teeth. They are wild meat eaters. Saber toothed cats don’t exist any more. The life expectancy of Saber toothed tiger is 40 years.

5. Cape Lion:

Extinct Cape Lion

Another lion that has gone extinct in the wild is the cape lion. The Cape lion, which is scientifically known as Panthera Leo Melanochaitus is one of the big cats that got expired in the late 19th century. Cape lions are one of the fee big cats that were continuously being tortured and hunted and killed by European settlers.

6. North American Cave Lion:

Extinct North American Cave lion

It also known as the North American cave lion is an extinct lion species that lived in the North America 11,000 years ago. If you have a glance at it, you will notice that North American Cave lion was about 25% larger than the lions that we see today. The North American Cave lions were considered to be the largest lion species in the world.

7. Barbary Lion:

Extinct Barbary Lion

Barbary lions were once being fond of for their large size and dark manes. The Romans killed thousands of Barbary lions in their games and the European hunters wiped them off from this world. Barbary lions measure an approx.9 – 11 feet in length. Deforestation was the major reason why these lions went extinct.

8. Eurasian Cave Lion:

Eurasian Cave lion is also known as Panthera Spalaea. It is an extinct lion species that was native to Europe and lived in this earth 600,000 years ago. Eurasian cave lions were isolated and distinguished from the modern lions that we see in Africa and Asia. Eurasian cave lion feed on giant deer, musk ox, young woolly rhino and young mammoth.

9. Marsupial Lion:

Marsupial Lion lived in the Australian continent 24 million years ago till the end of Pleistocene era, which was about 30,000 years ago. These lions are not actually lions but an extinct species of bandicoot with lengthened premolar teeth. These are carnivorous animals that feed on giant Diprotodon. They were seen in the forests, shrubby lands, woodlands and river valleys.

Tigers are generally regarded as wild animals and they are killed by people simply because they are a danger to human life. In recent years, lions as the king of the forest have also faced habitat loss. Many species have been slaughtered or poached for the sake of major tycoons and for the profit of the industrial giants. All these above mentioned list of tiger and lion species have occupied the forests millions of years ago and have now become extinct species.

Images: Shutterstock and Pinterest

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