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Top 10 Unique Finger Tattoos [Latest Designs and Ideas]


Top 10 Unique Finger Tattoos [Latest Designs and Ideas]

Finger tattoo are currently popular among celebrities. Everyone loves them. You can easily come across tattoos meant for ladies and men. There are plenty of tiny finger tattoos that can be selected. So you are sure to get something that will fit your personality perfectly. Doing some research will help you to know them in details and understand which one should be chosen for your fingers. The right selection is sure to enhance your overall beauty & elegance.

Beautiful Finger Tattoo Designs:

1. Majestic Lion Design:

Finger Tattoos For Men

Men are sure to love having this design on their finger. It shows a lion with mane in its majestic appearance. It does look very much manly, the reason for its selection. Being among the ideas for finger tattoos it is really amazing to sport one.

2. Amazing Rose Art On Fingers:

Rose Finger Tattoo

Women can sport this rose design. It is a black colored rose design. It is done in such a manner that there is a rose flower with stem and leaves that appear as one although it is done on different fingers. Finger tattoos for women is really amazing to look at.

3. Fabulous Snake Design:

Middle Finger Tattoo

Women who are bold in their outlook can sport this finger tattoo design. It is done on side of the finger. Although small in appearance, this design is really fabulous and very clearly shows the person’s taste and moods. The snake appears to be in a pose that is just beautiful and mind boggling.

4. Skull Design:

Skull Finger Tattoo

The skull design is quite a manly tattoo and sported by men of all ages. This design can be etched on the index finger of any hand. It shows the personality of the individual. It also represents the person’s seriousness. This design is indeed among the popular designs.

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5. Cute Moon and Umbrella Tattoo:

Ring Finger Tattoo Designs

This finger tattoos girly design is best tattooed by girls and women of all ages. It is quite tiny and can be etched on the middle finger. Also other designs can be etched depending upon individual preference and desire. This design is small however, is preferred by many as it is casual.

6. Creative Symbol Tattoo:

There are several symbols in this design. It can be etched on all the fingers or just any three of them. It is beautiful and shows the person’s creativity side. This black colored design is done and it is sure to enhance your beauty and grace.

7. Wonderful Sword Design:

This is indeed an amazing tattoo design. Finger tattoo is better tattooed on the middle finger or the index finger. Men will find it suitable as it shows their personality. The design is created in a way that it appears to be inserted through the finger joint.

8. Lovely Arrow Design:

This is unique design of an arrow. This finger tattoo design is split into two parts. The arrow head is tattooed on finger of one hand while the rest of the arrow is etched on the same finger of another hand. When both joined, the finger tattoos for couples appears to be the one complete arrow.

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9. Beautiful Heart Design:

This finger tattoo design is the cute heart design. It is tattooed on the ringer finger of both the hands. Both men and women can sport this tattoo. It enhances their personality and grace. It is very small and is just below the joint. This finger heart tattoo is a growing trend among youngsters the world over.

10. Pretty Love Sign:

Love Finger Tattoo

This finger tattoos love design is definitely one of the most interesting and preferred one by women. A heart sign with a colorful arrow through it is designed in this one. It is also tattooed to the side of the index finger. Although small in size, this design is visible and shows how much the person cares for her love.

Having any of the above given finger tattoo designs can be a fabulous idea. These tiny designs are amazing, especially if you desire something elegant and subtle as well as easy to hide. This trend was launched by celebrities like Cara Delevingne or Rihanna and their fans have become part of the craze.

Images: Shutterstock, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

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