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Flower Mehndi Design: Top 10 Latest and Simple Designs


Flower Mehndi Design: Top 10 Latest and Simple Designs

Girls out there, could there be anyone who doesn’t like flower mehndi design for your hands and legs? For its beauty and captivating designs, each one of us would be addicted to create floral designs with Henna. These floral prints can be done in many different types using diverse range of strokes and styles. Let us quickly look into ten of these best flower mehndi designs below and understand the craftsmanship that goes into it along with the suitability of these designs to different occasions.

Latest Floral Mehendi Designs:

1. Adorable Central Floral Design:

New Stylish Flower Mehndi Design

At the centre of palm, there is a large floral mehendi design created like a rangoli. It starts with a tiny flower in the centre and has its petals branching out all through the centre of hand. While finger have zigzag designs, centre of the palm have big flower, ankle has bracelet design and the rest of the hand kept empty.

2. Small Floral Mehendi Design for Back of Hand:

Floral Mehndi Designs for Wedding

You will simply love this design if you are a fan of small flowers. This flower mehndi design image shows the backside of hand where small flowers are created on both hands. The design is created to fill all through the hand until the backside of wrist.

3. Most Unique Floral Mehendi Design:

Flower Mehndi Designs for Front Hands

This design is for all of you who would love to have minimalistic design. This is a simple floral mehndi design where most portions of the hands are filed with flowers and different designs. There are elegant flowers embellishing the bottom of palm and criss-cross designs filling the hands beyond wrist.

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4. Simple Design for Back of Hand:

Starting with the simplest design for your hands, here is an easy flower mehndi design drawn at the backside of hand. It pops against the body at the joint of first finger and thumb. There are floral structures encompassed by spiral designs with only the first finger having minute strokes.

5. Large Design for the Palm:

Centred with an Om symbol in the palm, the big flower mehndi design is created filling the entire palm. There is a double layered design created at the centre followed by adorable flower with large petals. There are twig-like patterns drawn to the first finger alone.

6. Quick-to-create Mehendi Design:

Flower Mehndi Design Simple

This is an Arabic flower mehndi design that anyone can create within minutes. All it takes is just a few minutes to create this design because it comes with just two paisley motifs and two large flowers that start at the back of wrist and runs in Arabic style to the back of index finger.

7. Intricate, Skillful Strokes of Mehendi Design:

Mehndi Design of Flower

At the front side of hand, there is a beautiful rose flower mehndi design at the centre that is fully bloomed with large petals. Attached to these petals, there are few leaves as well. Though the design on front hand may look simple, it requires deep efforts for creation.

8. Satiating Mehendi Design for The Palm:

If you need a fulfilling Mehendi design for your palm, you got to check out this mehndi designs flowers simple. It starts with a lovely flower at the bottom of palm and gets attached to large leaves. This develops into criss-cross patterns which extends till the first two fingers using gentle strokes.

9. Realistic Mehendi Design Using Alta:

Flower Design in Mehndi

Create this eye-catching simple flower mehndi designs for hands with Alta. It is created on the left hand where the designs are projected towards the body. There is a bunch of pretty flowers with thin lined strokes in the petals. With Alta filling given to the flowers, the design looks indeed real.

10. Quirky Mehendi Design:

Feeding your needs for latest floral mehndi design that are quirky, here is a lovely design for the palm where there are two blocks of designs one running along the upper palm and connects to the first finger while the other is along the lower palm and connects to the thumb.

These are some of the best small flower mehndi designs that you can easily try at home. All it needs is a little bit of practice and consistency in trial. Just because your initial trials flop, don’t lose the idea of trying the art. It is definitely worth it for the beauty you achieve.

Images: Shutterstock and Pinterest

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