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Top 10 List of Flowering Trees with Pictures


Top 10 List of Flowering Trees with Pictures

Flowering trees are a beautiful blessing of nature’s creation. There is nothing more wonderful than to see a flowering tree at its full bloom. When it comes to home garden, flowering trees or the garden trees play a vital role. Irrespective of the size and colour, shape and features, a fully blossomed tree invites chirping birds, delightful fragrance and a feeling of rejoice. But the only problem with the flowering tree is that it requires ample space to grow. Where people who live in apartments and flats, it might be difficult to grow colourful trees. For them, an alternative is to grow a flowering shrub. In this article, let’s have a look at the list of top 10 names of flowering trees with pictures.

List of Flowering Trees with Pictures:

1. Sacred Tree:

Flowering Trees Sacred Tree

Sacred Tree is also known as Butea Monosperma or Butea Frondosa in botanical terms. In India the Sacred Tree is well known by the name ‘Flame of the Forest’. Sacred Tree is a native to Indian continent, but also widely seen in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Malaysia. The tree blooms with bright orange-red colour that is 15 cms long. In Telangana, Sacred Tree is considered as a form of Agni – God of Fire. According to Buddhism, Butea Monosperma is a flowering tree for achieving enlightenment. The leaves of Sacred Tree possess astringent properties thereby stimulating and promoting diuresis and menstrual flow. In Ayurvedic medicine, Sacred Tree is believed to cure diabetes and other eye-related diseases.

2. Dogwood Tree:

Garden Trees Dogwood Tree

Dogwood tree is one of the most popular flowering trees in India. The tree blooms ion two different colours. The white dogwood tree with white flowers and the pink dogwood tree – a pink flowering tree. Dogwood tree comes in different sizes. From small shrubs to a single branched ornamental tree, this Indian gardening tree sets an international appearance. Dogwood trees are fast growing flowering trees that grow up to one foot within a year. While planting a dogwood tree, make sure the soil is highly organic and well-drained. These trees require full sunlight or partial shade for healthy growing. Dogwood tree has several health benefits. Dogwood helps in treating malaria, diarrhea, fever, fatigue and headaches. It is also used as a tonic to strengthen the immunity.

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3. Jacaranda Tree:

Jacaranda tree is a flowering tree with purple flowers. The flowers last for long and bloom in the spring season. The flowers of the Jacaranda tree are mesmerizing. More than the leaves in the tree, you will see the flowers, which is a unique experience. It’s a fast growing garden tree that adapts well to a range of soil types. During the fall, the flowers change to yellow hues and form a carpet beneath the tree making it one of the best photography frames. The leaves and bark of the Jacaranda tree is used to heal the pain associated with varicose veins. Taking a hot bath in Jacaranda leaves help to treat skin infection and wounds.

4. Golden Shower Tree:

Botanically known as Cassia Fistula, the Golden Shower Tree is a native to India. The Golden Shower Tree is a state flower of Kerala. The people of Kerala celebrate their Malayalam new year with the flowers of Golden Shower Tree. The flower blooms on March – April (during this festival) and symbolizes prosperity. This tree sustains in warm climatic conditions. During the summer, the tree is fully packed with yellow flowers that give a glowing look for the viewers. Golden Shower or the Cassia Fistula is a medicinal value flowering tree. The seeds of the tree are used as a laxative. Powdered seeds can be used for treating inflammation. In Ayurveda, this tree is known as Aragvadha which means ‘disease killer’.

5. Pink Trumpet Tree:

Flowering Trees List Pink Trumpet Tree

Pink Trumpet is another fast growing garden tree that reaches 30 meters high. The tree begins to bloom in spring and winter. The tree grows well in full sun. Very less maintenance is required to handle and grow these trees. Pink Trumpet is a fast growing tree that has several health benefits. Pink Trumpet is good at treating acne, peptic ulcers and sore throat. The leaves are used to heal wounds and burns. For those who have high blood pressure, pink trumpet is good at relieving high BP.

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6. Magnolia Tree:

Small Flowering Trees Magnolia Tree

Magnolia is a small flowering tree that grows from 2 feet and reaches 80 feet tall. Although Magnolia is a slow growing flowering tree, it grows fast when the climatic conditions, fertilizers and soil type favours. Magnolia can be seen in every Indian gardens with its branches spread across 50 feet. Magnolia requires exposure to full sunlight to grow fast. The soil type should be slightly acidic, loose or well drained. In the European countries, you can see the Magnolia flowers used as a decorative item in bridal bouquets. The bark of Magnolia helps to cope with sleep problems, anxiety and stress. Biologists use the flower buds and bark of this tree to make medicine for weight loss, digestion and constipation.

7. Crepe Myrtle:

If you are looking for a fast growing beautiful tree with flowers, then try planting Crepe Myrtle. Crepe Myrtle can grow up to 3 feet per year. From a shrub not less than 3 feet tall, it can grow up to 30 feet. Crepe Myrtle can be grown in home garden, but make sure to leave 8 to 10 feet away from the building wall. The spacing helps the plant to grow in its full size. The best time to plant this flowering tree is in the late fall or early spring. The flowers of the Crepe Myrtle are used as a paste to heal cuts and wounds. In India, Crepe Myrtle plays a vital role in Ayurvedic medicine For a long time, Crepe Myrtle has been used in Indian medicine therapies to treat diabetes.

8. Gulmohar Tree:

Names of Flowering Trees Gulmohar Tree

It’s such a romantic feel to walk beside the Gulmohar tree as you can see a bunch of flowers spread all over the tree on top and many fallen on the ground. Seeing a full bloomed Gulmohar tree is a pleasant viewing experience. Gulmohar is one of the most liked trees by the people of India. It’s a well-known street tree for its stunning colour flowers. The scientific name of Gulmohar is Delonix Regia or Royal Poinciana. It’s an Indian flowering tree with red flowers. The tree is known for several medicinal benefits. The plant helps to treat constipation, arthritis, inflammation and hemiphlagia.

9. Yellow Oleander Tree:

Yellow Oleander Tree or the Cascabela Thevetia is an always flowering tree with yellow flowers. It’s a small ornamental flowering tree with large bushes. These trees rarely get over 10 feet. At times, they also grow 20 feet tall. The flower of the Yellow Oleander has a nice fragrance which attracts insects and bees for the sweet nectar. To grow in its fullest, this tree requires either partial or full sunlight. You can see this yellow flowering plant very commonly in Indian home gardens. It requires less maintenance compared to other flowering plants. Although the plant has several medicinal benefits, it’s use as a poison is well-known. Oleander is used for treating respiratory ailments like asthma. Women with painful menstrual periods can use Oleander for faster relief.

10. Hibiscus Tiliaceus:

Hibiscus Tiliaceus is a small flowering tree with yellow flowers. This tree belongs to the Hibiscus family. Hibiscus Tiliaceus is a small tree that has its branches spread all over. It grows to 6 meters long. The stems of this small flowering tree are long and flexible. Flowers that grow on Hibiscus Tiliaceus tree have a bright yellow colour. The tree blooms during the warm season. The plant grows fast no matter the soil type is or the climate is. The leaves of Hibiscus Tiliaceus serve medicinal purposes like treating fever and cough.

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Flowers bring real happiness to the home and mind. It truly can change the mood and ambience of the place. These above mentioned trees are not just garden trees that are grown for shades, but also possess several health benefits as well. To cut a tree, it requires just half of the day, but to grow a tree, it takes a minimum of 20-25 years, which is why it is required to preserve and maintain these flowering trees.

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