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Top 10 Pictures of Gabi Demartino With No Makeup


Top 10 Pictures of Gabi Demartino With No Makeup

One of the most popular celebrities of the America, especially in the YouTube world is Gabi DeMartino. She has developed her own fan base and has evolved as an actress and singer plus a social media star as well. She is often touted for her fashion sense and lifestyle videos. With over 2.4 million subscribers, she has a total view of 245 and above. Well, in this article, we are here to look at beautiful pictures of gabi demartino with no makeup. Glimpse and enjoy.

Images of Gabi Demartino Without Makeup:

1. Right After Shower, Wet and Fresh:

Image of Gabi Demartino With No Makeup

Gabi Demartino looks like she has just got freshened up in the shower. With wet hair, she is sporting the morning look wearing a bathrobe in white with a grey shaded T-shirt worn inside. Her ears with a stud having white stone, Gabi is simple and classy.

2. Exhibiting Some Product with No Makeup:

Image of Gabi Demartino No Makeup

She seems to be gearing up for some shoot for her YouTube channel. And that is why Gabi Demartino without makeup has some product on either of her hands. Her thoughts are hovering over her explanation, perhaps. Without any kind of makeup, Gabi is seen with rosy lips and clean face.

3. Getting Ready for The Makeup Regimen:

Pictures of Gabi Demartino With No Makeup

In this picture, Gabi is pumping out some liquid, perhaps a facewash or a scrub to tell her viewers how to get ‘her’ perfect look. This gabi demartino no makeup has her with a ponytail tied and with a simple off-white shrug.

4. Waving Through Her Hair Without Makeup:

Gabi Demartino Without Makeup

It must be her night routine to untangle her hair and get ready for the bedtime. Gabi is penetrating her fingers into her hair with her vision pinned elsewhere, may be the mirror in front. She is seen without any makeup while wearing a pink colored bathrobe.

5. In Tears, Down and Sad Without Any Makeup:

Her audience would want her not to sport this look on any day ever again! Gabi DeMartino is leaning on the desk with her eyes filled with tears. Pray god for it should be happy tears and not out of sorrow. Without any makeup, her face is turning pink as she gets emotional.

6. Tired and Dull Without Makeup:

It must have been a hectic, long day full of shoot, as Gabi is evidently seen too tired without any makeup on her face. Wearing a light grey round-neck tee, she is sitting on a couch with a lighting set up at the backdrop.

7. All Smiles, But No Makeup:

Gabi Demartino Without Makuep On

Gabi DeMartino is smiling her heart out at the camera with her mouth closed. She is sporting that no-makeup look which makes her look so simple and subtle. With a glossy light pink dress, she looks angelic despite being without makeup.

8. No Makeup Look In a Pink Jerkin:

Fully pinning her focus on the camera, Gabi DeMartino is without any makeup wearing a light pink jerkin. It may be that pink is her favorite color. This picture is leaving us suspicious whether she is getting ready for the shoot or relaxing post-shoot.

9. Busy with Editing Without Makeup:

Picture of Gabi Demartino With No Makeup

This picture of gabi demartino with no makeup has her in front of her laptop system where the editing works are going on in full swing. She excuses from her busy schedule and takes time to pose for a cute selfie without any makeup at all.

10. White Woolen Jacket Without Makeover:

Gabi Demar Without Makeup

Wearing a pure white woolen jacket, Gabi is seen enthusiastically posing at the camera. She wears a pretty ring in the ring finger of her left hand which is indeed adorable. With a straight hair, she wears absolutely nil makeover in the picture.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that a YouTuber should always sport that look which is sported in front of the camera. You may also have to understand that they have their personal space to go without make up and be their own self. This collection is that of natural looks of Gabi DeMartino without makeup.

Images: Instagram and YouTube

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