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12 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Cough


12 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Cough

Cough can be a extremely painful thing to bear. It dries and makes the throat sore. Above all, it can also spoil the rest of a good night. The worst, if a cold comes along! Nevertheless, a number of medicines are available on the market today to relieve you from the pain. Homeopathic medicine for cough are a great idea for those of you bent on homeopathy. The specially made homeopathic cough syrup calms the throat and provides you with a long time relief from them. Since, made with natural herbs and other ingredients, these home medicines for cough are completely safe. Here are some of the top 10 homeopathic medicine for cold and cough you should be kept.

Homeopathic Cough Medicine for Kids and Adults:

Homeopathic remedy for cough is different for adults and kids. Here are a couple of medicines intended for the adults and kids, that are safe and proven effective.

1. Ipecac 30:

Best Homeopathic Medicine For Cough

Ipecac is a medicine that is available over the counter and reportedly does not have contraindications, side effects or other drug interactional effects. They are lactose free and can thus dissolve easily and quickly. Ipecac is known to cure cough, when it is dry, spasmodic, constricted and asthmatic. In case you experience incessant and violent cough, Ipecac can be your best choice. It is also said to be useful if the chest is heavy with mucus and when you notice blueness of skin and pale face. Ipecac is a good homeopathic medicine for allergic cough and cold, made from the ipecacuanha plant root, also used for chest and stomach problems. Make a note of the following symptoms before you use them.

  • Normal cough with nausea.
  • Incessant and violent cough with every breath.
  • Whooping cough
  • Dry, asthmatic, spasmodic and constricted cough.
  • Persistent cough and shortness of breath.

How to use: 4 pills daily, twice a day for three days is the dosage. You could also go by the physician’s advice.

Warning: If you notice no relief even after 4 days, it is at best to seek expert advice. For the pregnant or feeding mothers, consult your doctor before you start self-medication.

2. Acnoite 200:

Homeopathic Medicine Aconite For Cough

Aconite is made from the entire plant, except its root, because the root is reported to be the most toxic part of the plant. In traditional medicine, extracts of aconitum species is prescribed as medicine for fever that comes with cold, pneumonia, laryngitis, asthma etc. Even today, Aconite is prescribed as homeomedicine for cough and cold. The plant is native to Europe and Asia, and are known to cure acute diseases. This medicine bags the title of the best homeopathic medicine for allergic cough, fever and cold. Watch out for these symptoms before you decide to use them.

  • A constant short and dry cough, that tends to start abruptly and suddenly at night, or after midnight.
  • Or, cough that you experience when you get in contact with dry and cold air.

How to use: Use 10 drops of the syrup in half a cup of normal water daily. Or, use as directed by the physicians.

Warning: No contraindications have been reported so far. Pregnant or lactating mothers have complained of toxic effect. Avoid use in such cases.

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3. Drosera 30:

Homeopathic Medicine Ipecac For Cough

Dorserais made from the Sundew plant. Sundew is a herb and the dried form of it is used to prepare medicine. This homeopathic remedy for cough is safe, effective and gentle on your body. This remedy has been in use since the traditional medicine times and is even today regarded as a best homeopathic medicine for cough and congestion. If you are intending to use this, here are some of the symptoms it can combat.

  • Incessant cough that makes you throw up food.
  • There are also times when you may start coughing at night, and sometimes after midnight. Watch out for that.
  • Whooping cough.
  • Cough and sore throat.

How to use: 10 drops of the syrup in 20 ml water at night for about 10 days or use as directed by the physician.

Warning: Ensure a gap of 30 minutes after taking your food or drink, before the consumption of the medicine. However, no major side effects have been reported.

4. Cuprum Metallicum:

Homeopathic Remedy Cuprum Metallicum For Cough

Cuprum metallicum is another known and best homeopathic cough suppressant. The homeopathic medicine for cough acts to soothe your throat, thus relieving you off the associated pain and cold you may experience. An exact picture of what this basic element would look like is absent. Look out for these symptoms before attempting a self-medication of Cuprum Metallicum.

  • You may tend to experience cough, along with breathlessness, after about 3 a.m. in the morning.
  • Dry and whooping cough are other symptoms that should prompt you to take Cuprum Metallicum.

How to use: Use 10 drops of it in 20 ml of water, in the morning for about 10 days. Or, as directed by your physician.

Warning: For the pregnant and lactating mothers, seek medical advice before you decide to try on your own.

5. Mentha Piperita 200:

Homeopathic Medicine Mentha Piperita For Dry Cough

Looking for a homeopathic cough suppressant? Well, here is one! Mentha Piperita 200 is extracted from the peppermint and is a popular herb that has numerous uses. Peppermint oil is the common extract of the herb and is used to calm irritation and inflammations. Mentha Piperita is a hybrid between spearmint and water mint, widely cultivated in parts of the world. This ideal homeo medicine for cough suppressant should be used when you observe the following symptoms:

  • Dry cough that you experience from tobacco smoke or air,
  • Cough and sore throat,
  • Cough that comes with excessive mucus.

How to use: Use as directed by the physician or 10 drops of it in 20 ml of water, both in the morning and evening, for 10 days.

Warning: some people tend to experience allergy and severe headache, along with mouth sore. Consult a doctor in such cases.

6. Ammonium Carbonicum 200:

Best Homeopathic Medicine Ammonium Carbonicum For Cough

Ammonium Carbonicumis made from carbonate of ammonium, a chemical. This homeopathic medicine for cough is also used for asthma, cold, sore throat, bleeding from the nose is very safe and effective. The medicine has also been effective for nose block. Here are some symptoms you should check for before using them.

  • Usually people tend to experience cough that follows a flu. This one symptom can be cured by Ammonium Carbonicum.
  • Cough that starts in the morning, especially between 2 to 5. Sometimes you may also experience palpitations, chest pain and dyspnoea.

How to use: You can use them as directed by the physician, or dissolve 10 drops of the syrup in 20 ml water for about 4 days, twice after meals.

Warning: Seek expert advice when having to use for pregnant and lactating mothers.

7. Causticum 200:

Homeo Medicine Causticum For Cough

Causticum 200 is another known cough treatment in homeopathy. This over the counter medicine is reported to work naturally and no side effects have been observed. These are lactose free and thus the pellets will dissolve quickly. The other best part is it can be used along with other medications. Here are some symptoms you need to check before you use.

  • Cough that can be relieved by drinking water.
  • Cough that is usually dry in the day time but tend to be loose in the night.

How to use: Use 10 drops of it in 20 ml of water. It is used only for one day.

Warning: If you do not observe any signs of improvement even after 4 days, it is at best to seek medical advice.

8. Squilla 30:

Squilla is a known homeopathic remedy for cough. It is made from the bulbs of the sea onion plant and is said to have given very effective healing on patients suffering from chronic bronchitis, one that is commonly observed in older people. No side effects have been reported for this. Look out for the following symptoms before you use them.

  • This cough starts with the cold weather. Most often, children are seen to rub fist over face when they cough.
  • Measles also is accompanied by cough and Squilla can be used for such coughs.
  • Productive cough that makes you breathless.

How to use: Use 10 drops in 20 ml water and use it once in the morning.

Warning: It is best to be used under medical supervision if you are feeling uncomfortable.

9. Bryonia 30:

Bryonia is the very effective homeopathic medicine for dry cough. It also used for health problems like headaches, flu, joint pains, bronchitis and asthma. As it is made with natural plant like broynia, no side effects cost on the patient. It is not only useful for adults but also helpful for kids who have age above 2 years age. For the following symptoms it can be used,

  • Chest pain while coughing.
  • Dry cough while speaking.
  • Excessive cough and sore throat.

How to Use: As prescribed by the physician.

10. Senega 30:

Senega 30 For Cough And Excess Phlegm

Senega is a very useful homeopathic remedy for cough with phlegm and for eye problems as well. This homeopathic medicine is the best alternative to treat cough in older people. It is made from root of flowering plant senega which is commonly found United States and Virginia. The patient symptoms can be:

  • Cough with excess phlegm.
  • Cough dry and teasing.
  • Oppression and constriction the chest.
  • Wet Cough
  • Sneezing after cough.
  • Back pain when coughing.

How To Use: As prescribed by the physician.

11. Spongia Tosta 30:

Spongia Tosta 30 For Barking Cough

Spongia tosta is a useful homeopathic remedy to compress braking cough and tuberculosis. It is made from the well known marine species spongia which also known as turkey sponge. It is also useful for skin diseases. Following are some the symptoms that you have check while using this medicine.

  • Barking cough that sounds like a dog’s bark.
  • Dry cough and difficulty in breathing.

How to Use: As prescribed by the physician.

12. Chamomilla Rec 30:

Homeopathic Chamomilla Rec 30 For Cough In Kids

Chamomilla is a commonly used drug for kids suffering from cough. It is one of the best homeopathic medicine for cough and congestion in children. The remedy is also best suited for the child’s teething and colic troubles. When your baby coughs aggressively around the 9-12 p.m. in sleep, Chamomilla Rec 30 is a good choice to go for. This homeopathic medicine for cough and cold for child is a reported to be safe and mild on child, thus also making it very effective.

How to use: 5 drops of it in 30 ml water for 5 days will work like magic.

Cough is an extremely difficult thing to bear. While that being the case for the adults and grown ups, we can only imagine how much it would ache the toddlers and the infants. Stock up some of these homeopathic cough syrup for adults and make sure you follow how it has to be used so as to ensure you get the best results. As for the babies, it is always a good idea to carry these homeopathic medicine for cold and cough for infants in your bag. Their safety has been vouched for. You could also consult your doctor, just to be sure.

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