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Top 10 Pictures of Human Barbie Without Makeup


Top 10 Pictures of Human Barbie Without Makeup

A fan of Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova? Popularly known as the Human Barbie, she is a celebrity based in Ukraine. Besides being naturally synonymous with a Barbie in terms of her beauty, she also adds relevance by using contact lenses and makeup. And she has also confessed the use of breast implants while the secret to rest of her fitness is her exercise regimen. Here is a beautiful compilation of all Pictures of human barbie without makeup!

Images of Human Bribie Without Makeup:

1. Looking At the Right and Straight:

Human Barbie Without Makeup

The Human Barbie is being serious as she is looking at something with deep vision. Her hair is tied with a band and left free in the front. She has got absolutely no makeup on her face, and has got just a single silver chain in the neck.

2. Spending Some Laptop Time Without Makeup:

Sitting in front of the camera, look at the Human Barbie without makeup in this picture where she has her forehead held on one hand and resting the elbows on the table. She seems to be thoughtful as observed in her keen look at the camera.

3. Staring At the Camera Without Makeup:

Human Barbie Doll Without Makeup

Without any makeup on her face, the Human Barbie is seen with her hair plaited fully and left in the front. She is wearing a casual dress that is sleeveless on the top in white color and a black shorts that adds to her comfort level.

4. Casual Look With A Side Rose:

Picture of Human Barbie Without Makeup

Sporting a casual look, the Human Barbie without makeup is seen with free hair. Towards the right side of the head, she has a blue colored rose pinned gorgeously. Nevertheless there is something that keeps her nonchalant as seen in the picture.

5. Posing From Inside The Car:

This again is a dual picture of human barbie doll without makeup where she is tilted towards the left on one and toward the right on the other. She seems to love wearing silvery chains as she wears one also in this picture. Without any kind of makeup, she looks absolutely flawless in either of the photos.

6. Wondering What Is Happening!

Human Barbie Without Make Up

It looks like the Human Barbie is wondering what has just happened in front of her eyes! She is seen without any makeup. Her face and chest look oily and she has her face tilted towards the right as though she is in awe of something.

7. Straight At The Camera In A Blue Background:

Here is the another beautiful human barbie makeup off picture. With her eyes being blue and the background the same too, the Human Barbie is seen having her focus fully pinned at the camera. She has the hair left free and in the front and wears a sleeveless top.

8. Working Hard At The Laptop With No Makeup:

Working Hard At The Laptop With No Makeup

Having the focus zeroed in on the laptop, the Human Barbie without makeup is seen here in a bright picture. Though the picture lacks in clarity, the Barbie is bright and has only her face seen in the image where she has her hair left free.

9. After Shower Look With Free Hair:

Picture of Human Barbie Without Makeup

Without any makeup on the face, the human Barbie has her hair left free. It is wet and tangled giving a casual look. And she has her blue eyes looking at the camera where she wears a sleeveless top. Her no makeup look is absolutely fine and elegant.

10. Curled Hair In A Gorgeous Dress:

Human Barbie Makeup Off

Sporting a grand dress, in this picture, the Human Barbie is looking elegant despite being without any makeup on her face. Her hair is left free with a lot of curls seen over it. This looks like it is a full hand dress.

Beautiful collection of Human Barbie without makeup pictures that range from free hair to after-shower to grandly dressed costume. Glimpsing through this list will give you an overview of how elegant she is on the whole and extent to which she is naturally beautiful without any need for makeup at all.

Images: YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

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