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25 Importance and Uses of Trees: Everyone Should Book Mark This!


25 Importance and Uses of Trees: Everyone Should Book Mark This!

Which is the biggest and longest living species on earth? With no doubt I can say it’s the trees. In this whole nature, it’s the trees that play a crucial role in the sustenance of life. Trees represent life. Without trees, no human exists as trees are required to provide oxygen for the existence of humans. Importance of tree plantation in our life is not a small thing, as it has a major part to play in the ecological system of the earth. Here’s an article on the importance of trees and its uses in points.

Importance of Trees

Importance of Trees:

1. Trees Produce Oxygen:

The first and foremost importance of trees composition is that it provides oxygen. During the process of photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen which we breathe. According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, an acre of forest absorbs 6 tons of carbon dioxide and releases 4 tons of oxygen, which meets the needs of 18 people.

2. Trees Help in Air Purification:

The second importance of growing trees is that it helps in purifying the air. Trees help to absorb the pollutant chemicals, gases, odours and toxic substances from the air and filter them to release clean and fresh air. This is done by trapping these toxicities on their leaves and bark.

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3. Trees Help to Prevent Soil Erosion:

One of the uses of planting trees is that it prevents soil erosion. Trees reduce the rate of erosion with its thick roots that acts as a branched network, to stabilise the soil and hold the tree in place, thereby protecting the soil from the impact of rain.

4. Trees Help Fight Climate Change:

Among the benefits of tree plantation, climate change is one of the crucial factors that need to be discussed. Throughout the growth process, trees take in carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen into the atmosphere. This is one of the uses of trees in our daily life.

5. Trees Save Water:

Trees provide shade and that cooling effect helps to slow down the water evaporation from dry lawns. They absorb water and release it into the atmosphere thereby reducing the thirst for water. Certain trees like mangroves improve the water quality by recharging the ground water.

6. Trees Help Prevent Water pollution:

Uses of plants and trees in improving water quality? Yes, you heard it right. When it rains, the rainwater flows through the branches to the trunks and on to the soil, below the tree. This prevents water from carrying pollutants to the rivers and oceans.

7. Trees Provide Food:

Mother Nature is such a blessing that we even get food for our existence from trees. There are thousands of fruit trees that provide edible fruits for humans, animals and birds. Apples, mangoes, cherries, coconuts, berries, nuts are some of the trees that provide food for humans. There are several fruit trees which provide food for birds only, which cannot be consumed by humans.

8. Trees Provide Shade:

What are the benefits of trees in conserving energy? Trees help in conserving energy by providing shade to the surrounding area. By blocking sunlight, trees provide a cooling effect. It is said that if three trees are placed tactically around a house, the effect of humidity and summer hotness can be reduced by 50 percent.

9. Trees Provide Medicinal Benefits:

Trees are very good healers when it comes to health. Every tree has its own medicinal values. For every health condition, there is a natural cure with the help of the trees. The bark, leaves, fruits and flowers of trees are used to cure heart diseases, kidney diseases, diabetes, cold, fever etc.

10. Trees Help to Identify Seasons:

Is it winter, summer or spring? You just have to look at the trees. As seasons change, trees respond to it accordingly. During autumn, the leaves start falling which thus indicates the season. During winter you can see the whole tree covered with snow, where there will barely be any leaves on it.

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11. Trees Prevent Noise Pollution:

The leaves and branches of trees absorb the sound waves and act as an effective sound barrier. Driving on a road which has large trees on both sides produces comparatively less noise pollution that a road with less number of trees. Prolonged exposure to noise can cause many health diseases like aggressiveness, hypertension and higher cholesterol levels.

12. Trees Provide Habitat for Wildlife:

It is quite obvious that where trees are planted, birds and other animals are sure to follow. Even small plants and herbs can be seen growing by its side. The flowers, leaves, buds, fruits and bark are used by many different species. A woodpecker uses the bark, while birds use the leaves to build the nest.

13. Trees Provide Wood:

The timber industry survives with the help of trees alone. Trees create economic opportunities by using the wood for making furniture and other wooden objects. There will be no households in this world without a single wooden furniture or home decor. Also, trees can be used to make paper.

14. Trees Add Economic Value:

Certain trees and shrubs add economic value and contribute to the savings. The real estate industry highly depends on a well-maintained landscape that has trees and plants. Properties with trees and plants can bring a recovery value of 100-200% at selling time, especially when the landscape has medicinal value trees.

15. Trees Can Increase Business Traffic:

Who never wishes to stop by the side of a tree and take a break? Likewise, shops and business units that are set up in a finely landscaped area attracts more business. Trees help to change the mood levels of people, by making them feel relaxed and pleasant.

16. Trees Strengthen Communities:

Trees act as a hub for many people to come and gather. In India, you can see a bunch of people sitting beneath a large tree and spending time. There are several villages where the Panchayati Raj and other group discussions are held under the tree. In several schools, students are taught by sitting in the shade of a tree, rather than sitting in a classroom.

17. Trees Help in Improving Mental Health:

Studies show that people who lived in the middle of greenery are less violent than people who lived in cities. Trees also help in improving the mood levels of a person. Certain trees help to improve our peace of mind. The Bodhi tree also known as the sacred tree helps to enlighten oneself.

18. Trees Reduce Glare:

Trees have the ability to block certain unsightly views like concrete walls and parking lots. It provides an eye-pleasing view of greenery. Not just that, trees absorb wind, dust and reduces glare and smog, thereby ensuring cleaner air. If you are a night driver, you might really know how much trees help to reduce the inconvenience of high beam lights of opposite direction vehicles.

19. Trees Increase Property Value:

These days having a property with greenery is highly demanded and possesses high market value. People tend to live in areas where there are trees and plants. Children love to play in backyards where there are trees and plants. A property with trees and surrounding area will have higher market value by 15% than a property with no trees.

20. Trees Protect Children from UV Rays:

Another use of trees for kids is that trees act as a protective shield from ultraviolet rays. Skin cancer and other forms of dreadful diseases are occurred due to the prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. By providing shade and enhancing photosynthesis, trees reduce UV exposure by 50 percent.

21. Trees Act as a Shelter from Wind:

Trees have an amazing ability to stop winds. It acts as a natural barrier against winds and ensures free flow of air. A house in between trees experience fewer winds than the one without trees. An open landscape is prone to heavy winds that can become devastating.

22. Trees Offer Recreational Activities for Families:

It is true that families choose to spend their weekends or leisure time in green surroundings. Families having kids choose to spend their evening time in parks where children can have some recreational activities. Spending time in the tree shades and park helps to improve the mental as well as physical health.

23. Trees are Worshipped:

Several people and communities believe trees to be sacred. Moreover, there is a lot of importance of trees in Hinduism. As per Hindu mythology, several trees are still worshipped as a part of their custom. There are many trees which have temples beneath it. Special Poojas and offerings are done for this and even festivals are conducted.

24. Trees Help in Money Savings:

By planting trees, you are actually cutting down the cost of spending money on air conditioners, fruits, vegetables, air purifiers etc. Believe it or not, trees help in saving your money in many ways. It helps to cut cost in energy conservation, water management and air purification. So it is one of the importance of save trees.

25. Trees Protect Our Future:

Trees remind us of life and age. Many people plant trees on their special occasions as a part of their remembrance. This builds a strong emotional bonding as well. Only if you plant trees now, you can save the coming generation. The more trees are planted, the more chances of survival exist.

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By now, you all might have known the amazing benefits of trees on our life. But the situation has slightly changed in this modern era, where deforestation and industrialization has led to the decline of thousands of trees, thus resulting in global warming. It is high time that teachers should teach the importance of trees for kids of today, as it can help them realize the value of saving trees and build up a bright new future.

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