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Top 10 Pictures of James Charles Without Makeup


Top 10 Pictures of James Charles Without Makeup

You cannot miss out coming across James Charles who is a renowned American internet personality. He is also a beauty YouTuber who showcases his skills in makeup through his videos. He is truly a sought-after internet personality. Here below, we present to you some of the pictures of James Charles without makeup for you to enjoy his smartness. Just because he is indulged in the field of beauty, it doesn’t necessarily mean he should sport makeup all the time. Agree?

Images of James Charles Without Makeup:

1. Evident Difference With And Without Makeup:

James Charles No Makeup Image

Check out the evident differences of James Charles without makeup and glasses and that of with makeup. On one picture, he is seen with clean face whereas on the other, there is heavy makeover done. Yet again, he sports a jean cap and jean shirt.

2. James Charles Wearing White Cap:

James Charles Without Makeup

It looks like James Charles loves wearing a cap, particularly in the reverse. This picture has the star wearing a pure white cap and he poses with his girlfriend who is hugging him gently from behind.

3. Smiling Without Makeup:

James Charles Without Makeup On

Here, James Charles is smiling his heart out like a kid without any makeup at all. There are two pictures of which one is without any makeup and the other has a little makeover done. In either pictures, he wears a white T-shirt and carries a backpack.

4. James Charles Showing Off His Dots In Face:

James Charles Without Makeup And Glasses

Perhaps he is too tired after a long day of shoot! James Charles seems like he is driving back home with a tired face. He is seen with his dark spots evidently seen and has his car seat belt worn around the chest.

5. On The Bed, Tired and Dull:

James Charles is seen lying on the bed. May be this is his tired day without the right mood to kick-start his busy schedule before the camera. Well, each one of us need some break, and so is this YouTube celebrity!

6. In His Dazzling White Sweatshirt:

Picture of James Charles Without Makeup

This is probably his day with a nice partner. He has captured a splendid selfie with his girlfriend, perhaps. James Charles without makeup is wearing a white sweatshirt that has wordings along the chest area.

7. Yellow Background In The Sunshine:

James Charles without makeup on a sunny day. He stands in front of a plain yellow background with the sun-rays directly falling on his face. He looks brighter than usual with his own shadow falling on the chest.

8. Looking Straight With Nonchalant Expression:

James Charles with No Makeup

James Charles is looking straight at the camera without any kind of expression on his face. He is blunt and subtle and looks like he is so lost in thought. May be, he is concerned about his upcoming shoots or that his mind is resting.

9. Smiles At The Side with His Brother:

There could never be any depression or sadness when you have your bestie by your side. And this is evidently seen looking at this picture of James Charles no makeup. He is smiling with his face tilted towards the left.

10. James Charles With Blue Eyes and Blue Cap:

James Charles Without Makeup 2020

Sporting a jean cap, James Charles is seen in a funky look with his eyes wearing a blue lens. This James Charles without makeup on is unique of all the collections in our list here. He looks like as though he is gearing for some evening fun.

Having gone through all the pictures of James Charles without makeup, you must be having an idea of his smartness and charm that is natural. As a sought-after YouTube star, he has grabbed the hearts of the huge mass, and this article has made him yield even more love and expand his fan base with his simple look.

Images: Instagram and YouTube

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