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Top 10 Images of The Dark Knight Joker (Heath Ledger) without Makeup


Top 10 Images of The Dark Knight Joker (Heath Ledger) without Makeup

Heath ledger is mostly known as the infamous joker of the Batman series in 2008. It is a fact that heath has delivered a breath taking performance as the joker and has redefined the negative role which made him recognizable throughout the world. The other most important thing about the character is that he is completely unrecognizable in that joker makeup. He also won the academy award for the best actor in a supporting role for the famous joker character he has portrayed. But unfortunately due to some tragic set of events that took place, we have lost him in 22nd Jan 2008. After watching his movies, you can easily say that we lost one of the most talented actors of the world. In remembrance of this inspiring actor, here we have got some off sets and off makeup looks of him for the fellow heath ledger (The Dark Knight Joker) followers.

Images of Joker (Heath Ledger) without Makeup:

1. The Joker with a Beautiful Smile and No Makeup:

Heath Ledger Without Makeup Image

The ever green and the cutest smile that he never missed to maintain on his face. It is quite enough for his followers like us. He is the person who used to handle any situation like a pro with a charming smile like this. That would be the main reason behind his ultimate success in his acting career.

2. The Joker without Makeup Scene:

Heath Ledger without Makeup Scene from the Joker

If you ever thought how the joker looks likes without the makeup, then here we have a perfect answer for your question. It is one of the best images of Joker without makeup scene. I am sure that you will fell in love with this cute look of heath. He really doesn’t need any kind of makeup or outfits to look handsome.

3. The Joker in a Descent Look and No Makeup:

The Joker without Makeup Look

I just love this look of heath. He was always been the person who was ready to deliver a cute pose to the camera at any moment, be it the award function or some other movie screening. I just love the way he present himself on screen and off screen as well. I am sure you will also love him after watching his movies.

4. Heath with Million Dollar Smile:

Heath Ledger without Makeup

Well, here we have another without makeup pic of the dark knight joker and naturally super cute photo. This pic has been collected from one of his video chats. As I stated earlier that he never forgets to give a beautiful smile on his face, so here is the proof. Again I can say that this million dollar smile is all enough for his followers like us and we will remember it forever in our hearts.

5. Heath Ledger in a Natural Look:

Generally, celebrities especially actresses need a lot of makeup to look more attractive and of course the actors are more likely to need less makeup than the actresses. But, very few actors are able to maintain their cute look without any makeup. Heath ledger is definitely the one among them who can handle his cute and handsome look without any kind of makeup.

6. Heath with Bald Look:

Heath with Bald Look

Here, we have another unique and handsome look of our infamous dark knight joker without makeup. This particular look is from one of his movies and I am quite sure that you are going to love him in this particular rough and tough look. The black suits that he wore in this image make him handsome.

7. Heath Ledger in Casual:

Heath Ledger in Casual

It is another handsome and hot look of heath ledger where he just pulled out his cute look in a casual shirt. By seeing the above picture, we can say that he just know how to handles those regular outfit like a pro. This is so far the best look of heath without any kind of makeup.

8. Heath Posing in a Car:

Heath Posing in a Car

It is a very rare picture of heath posing in a car without makeup. You can see how he doesn’t need any kind of makeup to look brilliantly handsome and attractive. This pic is from one of his younger days and we can see that how he evaluated and grew into one of the most talented and leading actors across the world.

9. Heath in Different Cute Variations:

Heath Ledger's without Makeup Variations

These cute and intense variations of heath describe his versatility in the acting. This is one of the cutest photo from our collection where we can see him delivering those adorable and priceless expressions with an ease. When it comes to his outfit, he just looks so handsome in that particular black T-shirt.

10. Heath Posing with a Crazy Look on Sets:

Heath Ledger without Makeup at Set

This pic is another proof for the fact that heath just behaves in a more sportive way. Most of the actors who have worked with heath have addressed him as a talented and jovial actor ever to work with. As we have stated earlier, very rarely he used the makeup in the on screen and off screen as well. His acting and screen presence is enough to attract the audience.

Heath ledger have always been one of the most talented and versatile actor. His acting talent had made him recognizable and gained a lot of fans following throughout the world. I am quite sure that every fan of heath ledger will enjoy our article about his off screen pics.

Images: Pinterest

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