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10 Best Leg Tattoos For Men and Women [Cool Design Ideas]


10 Best Leg Tattoos For Men and Women [Cool Design Ideas]

Leg tattoos are not something new, but practiced since ages. In modern times, its craze has only increased manifolds among both women and men of all ages. There are different types of designs, which might vary in its coverage area. Few may start from thigh region to terminate at ankle. You can find tattoos meant for the legs of both boys & girls. They do appear quite remarkable, while drawing good amount of attention. Doing some research is sure to help find the best one.

Latest Leg Tattoo Designs:

1. Beautiful Man and Woman Design:

This ladies leg tattoos design is quite unique. It covers the entire leg portion & shows the craze for tattoo designs. It has the beautiful face of a woman in pondering pose. There is also a man drawn in full with abstract etchings done in the surrounding. Even small leg tattoos design appears gorgeous.

2. Amazing Abstract Design:

This is among the beautifully done leg tattoos for women. It is rather an abstract etching depicting a man & woman. It is quite colorful. In the surrounding is an abstract inking. This design is among the best leg tattoos to be inked on the thigh. It is beautiful and can be done by both men & women.

3. Exquisite Abstract Art Design:

This design is like some mythological creature of the dark. It is quite ferocious and a bold design that men will love to sport. It is colorfully done and the images do deserve a second look. This tattoo is done on from thigh to lower leg.

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4. Eerie Design:

Leg Tattoos For Females

Those who are bold and want to display their love for eerie things can have such leg tattoos for guys. It has a growing bear. The background is of a flying bird in a jungle full of trees. Done in black, the tattoo has that eerie and fearful appearance.

5. Lovely Rose and Eye Design:

Lower Leg Tattoos For Females

The tattoo design for girl on leg has a woman’s eye with big, beautiful lashes. A rose with stem is drawn crossing vertically the eye. It is beautifully done in black color. Although being simple leg tattoos design, it is really appealing to the eyes as well as trendy and catchy. It is best done by women on their thigh region till the foot.

6. Macho Image Tattoo Design:

This design is quite unique and something different. It is best done by men and covers the entire leg. The image is of a skull like devil having beard and Norse type crown. It does have that evil look in it. The design also shows the person’s boldness and personality.

7. Cute Small Chinese Design:

Small Leg Tattoos For Guys

This tattoo is of a Chinese person wearing a Chinese hat and dress. Although small in size, it does make a long lasting impression on viewers. This lower leg tattoo is beautifully done. It can be done by boys and men of all ages to show their love for the Chinese culture.

8. Aesthetic Butterfly Design:

Leg Tattoos For Girls

This leg tattoos for females is of a butterfly. The image is beautifully ornamented. Although single color ‘black’ is used for inking the butterfly, the design is outstanding. It is done on the back of the thigh and is small in size. It is a trendy tattoo design that is growing in popularity among women.

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9. Bold Owl Design:

This leg tattoo for men is of an owl in serious mood. Having this design shows the personality of the person. It is best done covering the entire leg portion. Single color is used for inking this tattoo. Men can wear the best tattoo designs for legs proudly to showcase their wisdom and boldness.

10. Graceful Reindeer Design:

Women can sport these tattoos for their thighs. It is done on the thigh region. It can be inked on both the leg. The image is of a reindeer with long antlers, with leaves and flowers surrounding it. The scene is quite graceful and enhances the person’s beauty and elegance.

The top 10 leg tattoo designs are just beautiful. Since they come with meanings, it is necessary to choose them carefully. Only then they can provide the much needed beauty and grace that you expect it to. Such tattoos are also amazing on clean and well kept legs.

Images: Shutterstock, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

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