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Top 10 List of Marilyn Manson Albums (Best and Worst)


Top 10 List of Marilyn Manson Albums (Best and Worst)

Marilyn Manson is one of the iconic personality in the history of the music industry. He is a renowned lyricist, musician, writer, actor, singer, and a painter as well. Marilyn has successfully sold millions of copies of his albums. He is known for his extraordinary singing, music and also for his horrifying looks. Further, he did a lot of albums and concerts on his own. Moreover, he is always been one of those famous personalities who have never been hesitated to express his view towards the changing society in the form of his quotes and songs. He earned a huge fan base through his music, and a lot of people find an inspiration in him. His songs and the quotes help people in following their own dreams. His albums have gained a lot of compliments and appreciation throughout the world. Here, we have got some best Marilyn Manson albums list for you, so let’s have a quick view on them,

Marilyn Manson’s Album List:

1. Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Superstar:

Marilyn Manson's Album Antichrist Superstar

The Antichrist Superstar stands out as one of the all time greatest albums. We can say that this is the master piece of Marilyn and each and every track in this album must worth a try. Further, It is considered as his heaviest and one of the most successful out of Marilyn Manson’s all albums.

2. Marilyn Manson’s Holy Wood – In the Shadow of Valley of Death:

Best Marilyn Manson's Album Holy Wood

The next album of Marilyn Manson is Holly Wood. This outrageous album of Marilyn stands as a perfect mix between the Antichrist superstar and the mechanical animals. Some extraordinary tracks like the Fight song, the love song and the nobodies have put this album at the top of the list. If you are thinking of giving a chance to his music, then this album should definitely worth a try.

3. Marilyn Manson’s Mechanical Animals:

Marilyn Manson Best of Album Mechanical Animals

If you haven’t listened to the mechanical animals yet then you should definitely listen to it once and I am sure that you are definitely going to love it. Marilyn has tried to convey a message to the present society and the people in it in a beautiful way through this album. This Marilyn Manson full album with all the 14 tracks stands as a good message for the people.

4. Marilyn Manson’s Portrait of an American Family:

Marilyn Manson's New Album Portrait of an American Family

Look at what we have; this is one of the legendary mm albums. This is considered as a classy album with some beautiful and unbelievable songs like the lunch box, dope hat, cake and sodomy and some other tracks which can never be replaced. This master piece was also considered as the starting point of the Manson’s career.

5. Marilyn Manson’s The Pale Emperor:

Marilyn Manson's Latest Album The Pale Emperor

During the time when it was released the pale emperor was considered as one of the brilliant work among the other Marilyn Manson new albums. This album by Marilyn Manson has gained a lot of appreciation and fan base to him. The “Third day of a seven day binge” is the best track ever out of all the tracks in the album.

6. Marilyn Manson’s The Golden Age of Grotesque:

MM Album The Golden Age of Grotesque

This work of the Marilyn was appreciated by both the rock and hip hop lovers of those days. Most of the music lovers have considered it as a true golden age of grotesque. Unlike most of his other albums, this work of Marilyn consists of a soft touch of music in it and it is not at all complicated like some other albums and one would definitely love it.

7. Marilyn Manson’s Born Villain:

If you listen to all the Marilyn Manson albums in order then you will recognize that each and every work has a unique touch with it and it’s almost impossible to compare them with one another. Especially, this particular album consists of a beautiful range of lyrics/poetry accompanied with a fantastic music.

8. Eat Me, Drink Me:

Marilyn Manson's First Album Eat Me, Drink Me

Well, we can say that this is Marilyn Manson first album through which he had conveyed his love and pain by means of those wonderful lyrics along with a heart touching music. It is also considered as his last ever descent album. He had ever released and those beautiful lyrics have worked at their best.

9. Smells like Children:

Even if the most of the people didn’t appreciate this album, it still stands as a master piece and some particular tracks like sweet dreams, diary of a dope friend and I put a spell on you are worked like a magic for this album. During those days when it was said to be the Marilyn Manson latest album, it was called as the creepiest and the quirkiest record ever released by the band.

10. Heaven Upside Down:

Here is another musically sound album in our list. Like the Marilyn Manson’s say 10 albums and the revolution# 12, this album has also worked at its best. In fact this album has received a wide range of love from the music lovers. The tracks like “Tattooed in reverse” and “I know where you live” are some of the best in the album.

Marilyn has contributed some wide range of albums to the music industry through his unique style of music sense. It is difficult for the music lovers to select one single album from all among his master pieces. Hope our article has given the best information concerning a number of his album list and distinctive work. Do let us know which one of Marilyn Manson’s albums is your favourite.

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