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Top 10 Pictures of Marilyn Manson (Brian Hugh Warner) without Makeup!


Top 10 Pictures of Marilyn Manson (Brian Hugh Warner) without Makeup!

Marilyn Manson (Brian Hugh Warner) is considered as one of the iconic and successful singers in the history of the Music Industry. Marilyn is also a multi instrumentalist, singer, actor, painter and a music journalist. He has successfully sold his music albums. He has delivered a lot of fantastic and controversial live performances. His quotes and songs stands as a huge motivation for a lot of people to follow their dreams and to be themselves. Apart from his music and singing, Marilyn is also known for his horrifying look which is absolutely unique. In fact his different style and look is something that defines the person he is. But, have you ever wonder how he would look without makeup? Well the answer is simple; He looks entirely different behind the scenes when compared with his stage looks. If you are the one who is curious to have a view on the Marilyn Manson without makeup, then you must read on. Here we have got some images of Marilyn Manson (Brian Hugh Warner) with no makeup. So let’s have a quick view on them,

Pictures of Marilyn Manosn without Makeup:

1. Marilyn without Makeup Pic While Writing:

Marilyn Manson Without Makeup Look.

Here is one of the off screen picture of the Marilyn Manson without makeup while writing. In the above picture you can observe how natural he looks behind the camera. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize him without the makeup as at most of the times he appeared in the public in an entirely different look.

2. Marilyn While Getting a Tattoo on His Body:

Marilyn Manson with No Makeup While Getting Tattoo.

We all know that Marilyn is one of those most famous personalities in the world who have a different type of tattoos inked on their body. In this particular photo, we can see a no makeup look of Marilyn Manson while he was getting inked on his body. Well it is a known fact that he is one of the craziest tattoo lovers.

3. Marilyn Posing with Two Beautiful Ladies:

Marilyn Manson Photo with No Make Up.

This is one of the Marilyn Manson’s photos without makeup. Here, we can see he looks very natural and different from his makeup/stage looks. Most of the people find it hard to recognize him without makeup. In this picture with two ladies he carried a very descent and normal look on his face.

4. Marilyn in a Black Costume:

Images of Brian Hugh Warner with No Makeup

As we can see in this image he posed like a cold blood killer type look and I think that this look suits him as well. As a matter of fact he can slay in any look he wants to as he has that kind of dedication and attitude to try for different kind of new looks. Well, he completely handsome in this look without any kind of makeup.

5. Marilyn in a Descent Look Without Makeup:

Image of Brian Hugh Warner Without Makeup.

Who said that he doesn’t look good without the makeup, in my view he can have even more good looks without the makeup and this classic picture of him is a proof for that. This is one of my most favourite pictures of Brian Hugh Warner without makeup in which he completely slew in a descent look.

6. Marilyn Manson in a Candid Pic without Makeup:

Makeup Less Image of Marilyn Manson.

Well, here we have one of the classic and candid picture of the Marilyn Manson without makeup. In this particular pic he looks too classy. His sleeve tattoo and iconic hair style added more fuel to the fire and as a result I find it as one of his coolest no makeup look of the Brian Hugh Warner.

7. Marilyn Manson’s No Makeup Look in a Black & White:

Marilyn Manson’s No Makeup Look in a Black and White.

Are there any Black and White fans here? I must say that Marilyn and black and white is a terrific combination. He just slew with his horrifying expression in this black and white photo. Moreover, B/W is my personnel favourite combination. He is just look too good in this combo.

8. Marilyn While Playing a Violin:

Who don’t like this look of Marilyn? Apart from feeling amazed by his unique looks with makeup, sometimes I find myself feeling too adorable towards the cute and descent pictures of him. This is one such kind of pictures. He is always been an iconic musician. So, there is no surprise in finding him handling a violin so beautifully.

9. Adorable Picture of Marilyn Manson Holding a Koala:

Well, we can see a lot of celebrities spending time with different kind of pet/wild animals. Here, we have a similar picture of Marilyn holding a Kaola which looks so cute and adorable. In this Marilyn Manson makeup less pic, he is slaying his look in a descent white shirt and beautiful sunglasses. I am sure, you will find it adorable too.

10. Marilyn Posing with Lily-Rose:

It is a known fact that the iconic singer Marilyn Manson and the most versatile actor Johnny Depp are close friends. Here is a lovely picture of the Marilyn posing in a no makeup look with his friend Johnny Depp’s beautiful daughter lily-rose. Both Johnny and the Marilyn have never missed a chance to redefine their friendship goals and this picture is just another proof for it.

Be it his iconic music albums or his horrifying makeup, Marilyn Manson (Brian Hugh Warner) has always been the one who delivered a sense of uniqueness in every aspect. We found that he can easily slay even in his no makeup looks. Hope you guys found out some interesting stuff about Marilyn and his unique looks through our article and do let us know that which one of the Marilyn Manson’s without makeup images you like the most.

Images: Pinterest

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