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28 Beautiful Migratory Birds with Pictures


28 Beautiful Migratory Birds with Pictures

What are migratory birds? Migratory birds are a treat to hear about. These beautiful migratory birds from different countries travel to other parts of the world when they have to undergo an unfavourable weather. Sadly, many of these birds are fast becoming extinct because of the many dangers they face. The primary danger is the loss of habitat. Rapid reconstruction and deconstruction of spaces makes them bereft of their habitat. Close to 200 of the species are put under globally threatened list. Here are some of the names of migratory birds with photos you sure must know of.

List of Migratory Birds with Their Names and Pictures:

Here is a quick look into some of the top 28 migratory bird’s names and details. The information about migratory birds are indeed interesting.

1. Dalmatian Pelican:

Migratory Dalmatian Pelican bird

Dalmatian pelicans are massive silvery-white with an orange-red pouch below their long and pointed beaks. However, during the breeding season, this pouch changes its colour to yellow and during the winter, the silvery-grey colour gives way to grey. They can bark, hiss and grunt. You can find them in Asia, Europe and Africa. They are winter migrants.

2. Demoiselle Crane:

Migratory Demoiselle Crane bird

They are birds of Eurasia and can also be found in Turkey. These cranes are migratory birds and those from the western Eurasia fly in to spend their winter in Africa and those from Asia, Mongolia and China will fly in to spend the winter in the Indian subcontinent. They tend to play in important role in the cultures of India and Pakistan and are known by the name Koonj.

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3. Jouanin’s Petrel:

Migratory Demoiselle Crane bird

This migratory bird is a lesser known species. An average Petrel ranges from 30 to 32cm in length with a wingspan of 76-83cm. They are dark and have a wedge-shaped tail. Further, they are known to make noisy grunts and known to enjoy squids for their meal. They are known to move to Red sea, Gulf of Aden and are summer migrants.

4. Great Cormorant:

Migratory Great Cormorant bird

These are winter migrants and often fly away to comfortable temperatures. These birds have a long body and long neck with a length of 84-90cm. They love to feed on fish and tend to breed along rocky maritime coasts. They are also known to dive into the water to chase their prey.

5. Great White Pelican:

Migratory Great White Pelican bird

Here is another name of migratory bird for you to remember. They are birds of pelican family and breeds from Europe through Asia and Africa. Great White Pelican is a widely distributed migratory bird and are highly sociable. They form huge flocks. They enjoy fish and their short and strong webbed feet allow them to wade in water and find their prey. You can find them in Andhra Pradesh, Kolluru lake.

6. Oriental White Stork:

Migratory Oriental White Stork bird

Oriental White Stork is another example of migratory bird. These birds are under the Endangered list because of their very small population. They are white birds that have black wing feathers. They were found in Japan, Russia, Korea and China. With the growth of rice industry and the use of pesticides, their growth has been challenged. They eat frogs, insects, reptiles and other small birds.

7. Greater Flamingo:

Migratory Greater Flamingo bird

They are the largest species of the migratory birds. They are differentiated based on their colour. The species found along the coast of West Indies and sometimes into Florida is bright red and the other found in Africa and East India is pink. During the colder climate, these birds migrate to the warmer climates, usually to India or Iran. They honk like a geese and feed mainly on fish.

8. Whooper Swan:

Migratory Whooper Swan birds

Whooper Swan is another migratory bird and is known as a Northern Hemisphere swan. It is large, with a length of 55-65in and weighs about 7 to 14kg. Whooper swans are known to migrate to even thousands of miles to their winter sites. They spend most of their time feeding on plants and strain the water for food and thus require large areas of water to live.

9. Great Crested Grebe:

Migratory Great Crested Grebe birds

The Great crested grebe belongs to the Grebe family and is a known water bird. The length of the bird is about 45-50 cm. They breed in the vegetated areas of freshwater and migrates from the colder regions, spending winters on freshwater lakes and coast or sometimes on the reservoirs. They feed on fish, crustaceans and small frogs.

10. European White Stork:

Migratory European White Stork birds

This migratory bird is a large one in the stork family, about 100-115cm in length. It is carnivores and feeds on reptiles, amphibians, fish and small birds. This winter migrants prefer warmer climates and thus glide longer distances between Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. They tend to be noisy and clutter their beaks to make sounds.

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11. Siberian Cranes:

Migratory Siberian Cranes birds

The Siberian cranes are mainly found in the regions of East Asia. These one of the critically endangered species due to their lesser population. The Siberian cranes are also known as the snow crane is a popular bird which belongs to the family of Gruidae, the cranes. These birds consist of a snowy white coloured body. These birds from the eastern side migrate to china and the birds from the western side migrate to the different countries like Iran, Nepal and India during the winter seasons.

12. Ruff:

Migratory Ruff birds

This is a medium sized bird with a long neck, small head and a long reddish leg. These ruffs are mainly found on the east and south coasts of the UK during the spring and the autumn. The male birds in these species are much more larger than the female birds. These birds mainly feed on the insects and also on worms and seeds. During the winter season these migratory birds migrate to Africa, Australia, Western and southern Europe.

13. Common Teal:

Migratory Common Teal bird

Common Teal is one of the most the fastest flying bird. These birds belong to the family of ducks and they breed mainly on the marshes and small pools of the northern and Central Asia and also in Europe. The common teal mainly feeds on the aquatic vegetarian from the surface. The common teals are one of the noisy species. This migratory bird is also known as the Eurasian teal and is from the Eurasia and it migrates to the south in the winter season.

14. Northern Pintail:

Migratory Northern Pintail birds

The northern pintails are one of the most beautiful species of ducks that are found around the lakes and ponds. These northern pintails are long necked ducks with some large pointed tails. These birds generally dabble on the water surface of different lakes and ponds and one can also find them near the agricultural fields and they mostly feed on the insects and the seeds. These pintails are the highly migratory and they normally migrate during the winter season to the southern regions of their breeding places which include Asia, North America and Europe.

15. Black Winged Stilt:

The black winged stilt is one of the most beautiful migratory bird with a long neck, white body and it has its long beak and wings with the brownish shade and with the long red coloured legs. These black winged stilt are the social birds species and we can find them in small groups during the time between the April and August. Most of these species migrate to the ocean coasts during the time of winters.

16. Common Green-shank:

Here we have a subarctic bird called the common green-shank which breeds across the northern Europe and Asia. Generally these birds prefer to breed on the dry ground. These common green-shanks consist of the long greenish legs. Just like most of the other birds they prefer to eat invertebrates and also the small fish. These species comes under the list of migratory birds coming to India during the winter season and they also migrate to Australia and Africa.

17. Rosy Pelican:

The rosy pelican is a bird from the pelican family which also renowned as the eastern white pelican or the white pelican. These birds are also rated as the species of the least concern in the IUCN red list of endangered species. The white pelican is a beautiful bird with some huge personality whose length will measure from 140 to 180cm. Usually these rosy pelicans prefer the warm fresh water. The rosy pelicans migrate to different places during their breeding season.

18. White Wagtail:

These white wagtail birds are the open country birds which are also insectivorous. In the urban areas these birds prefer some open places like car parking spots where they can find some food. These birds generally nest on the man-made structures like stone walls. The wagtail is the national bird of Latvia. The diet for these wagtails includes the various aquatic and terrestrial insects and small snails and beetles. The wagtails mostly migrate to the Africa during the winters.

19. Northern Shoveler:

The Northern Shoveler which is simply called as the shoveler is one of the most common duck. The shovelers prefer to feed on fish and other small marine creatures in lakes and rivers. They mostly prefer to nest in the grassy regions which are away from the open areas. The shovelers are considered as fairly quite birds when compared with other noisy species. These shovelers are also examples of migratory birds that come to India.

20. Yellow Wagtail:

The Western Yellow Wagtails are one of the beautiful looking species from the wagtail family. These birds generally breed in the Asia and Europe. The length of these wagtails will be 15 to 16cms long and they have small tail when compared with the other wagtails and these birds are also said to have some high pitched voice. We can find these species which are residents in some regions but most of the Birds from the northern and eastern regions migrate to South Asia and Africa.

21. Gadwall:

The Gadwall is one of the most common dabbling duck in the Anatidae family. These birds mostly prefer to feed in the areas of Europe, North America and Asia. The Gadwalls’s mostly prefer the open areas like some wet grassy lands and some steppe lakes. The gadwalls mostly prefer to rest on the ground, some distance away from the lakes and rivers. Like most of the other birds these species migrate to a wide range of places during their breeding time.

22. Black Tailed Godwit:

The black tailed godwit is a large shore bird with a pair of long dark grey legs. It belongs to the family of Godwit which consists of the three species like the black tailed godwit. These birds generally prefer to breed at the edge of the lakes in fens and in damp meadows and in other places. They are more likely to feed in the grass lands. The Godwits migrate to South Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia and they can be rarely spotted in the North America.

23. Starling:

These are the small to medium sized birds which belong to the family of the Sturnidae. The species are native to the Asia, Africa and Europe. They are more likely to prefer their nests in the open countries and they mostly prefer to eat the insects and fresh fruits. These starlings are known to have a strong personality. The starlings migrate to the southern Somalia and Kenya.

24. Blue Throat:

As the name itself indicates the blue throat got its name from the colour of its throat and the size of this bird will range from 13 to 14cm. When it comes to their gender difference, the appearance of the male will differ from the appearance of the female bird. These species are also commonly called as the chats due to their voice. These are the beautiful migratory birds that visit the Indian Subcontinent and North Africa during the winters.

25. Asian Koel:

The koel is the most common migratory birds in India and other countries of Asia. The Asian Koel is also known as a brood parasite which lays its eggs in the nest of crows and other birds that raises its eggs. This bird is a mostly referred symbol in the Indian poetry. These Asian koels are more likely to eat the various kind of insects and some other small vertebrates. Some of these species migrate to some longer distance and they mostly breed in southern china, Bangladesh etc…

26. Eurasian Golden Oriole:

This bird belongs to the family of the oriole while the male birds in these species consists of the black and yellow colours while the female birds consists of a beautiful green colour. Due to their colours it will be difficult to recognize them in between the leafs of the trees. Like most of the other birds the Eurasian golden oriole also feeds on the various fruits and insects. These beautiful migratory species mostly choose to migrate during the night in the spring season.

27. Blue-Tailed Bee-Eater:

These species belong to the family of Bee-Eaters and we can get to see them seasonally in India. Like other bee-eaters these birds also consists of a wide variety of colours. These species mostly prefer to breed in the south eastern Asia. One can find these birds near the various water bodies and as the name itself indicates they mostly feed on various insects especially on the wasps and the bees. These are known as the strongly migratory species and are seen in some parts of peninsular India.

28. Cuckoos:

The Cuckoos are the family/group of birds which includes the koels, couas, European cuckoos, malkohas etc… These are the medium sized birds and most of them prefer to live on the trees. These Cuckoos generally feed on the fruits, insects and on other kind of animals. The majority of the species live in the wood areas. They normally migrate to the oceanic islands of Indian and Atlantic Oceans. In UK, you can find them in between April to May Month and they migrate from Africa in these months.

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Our list of migratory birds is a combination of the endangered and the commonly spotted ones. So, the next time someone asks you about the migratory birds, this information about migratory birds will come in handy. Check out the others in the species you may be interested.

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