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10 Best Name Tattoos [Amazing Designs and Ideas]


10 Best Name Tattoos [Amazing Designs and Ideas]

Name tattoos are perhaps among the most popular designs used by both men and women of all ages. The truth is that name tattoos are being used for a very long time and hence, nothing new. But modern sophistication has helped people to derive artistically etched tattoos that best represent their parents, lover, children, spouse, friends or even the pet’s name. But it is necessary to choose a good tattoo artist to get it professionally done.

Latest Name Tattoo Designs:

Here are the top 10 name tattoo designs for men and women.

1. Colorful Name Design:

If you are vibrant in nature, then this tattoo design will best represent your personality. The desired letters for the name are written in vertical form. The name tattoo pic has each letter surrounded by magnificent colors to highlight them. The colors are also lavishly used in this design to make them visible and catchy.

2. Name With Rose Design:

Name Tattoos Designs On Hand

This tattoo design can be had by both men and women. The name is done in beautiful designs. On both its sides are large red colored rose flowers that are just gorgeous to look at and are connected to one another. If you want to get flower name tattoo design, then it can be ideal.

3. Exciting Name Splash Design:

Name Tattoos On Side Of Hand

The tattoo is not only colorful, but also quite attractive to the eyes. It has different colors splashed in the background. Upon them is etched the letters of the name in design. The entire tattoo designs name is indeed great art work. Both men and women can have this type design.

4. Royalty King of Cards and Dice Design:

This name tattoos design on hand is completely stunning. This name tattoo design for men has different names etched in the middle in separate designer boxes. To the top are etched different Ace cards. To the bottom of the name are etched four dices showing different numbers. Any name tattoo can be etched on the arm region.

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5. Crown Name Design:

This is a design that women are sure to love sporting. This design can also be done on the arm or leg. This name tattoos on side of hand is actually Queen’s crown beautifully designed. Just below it is neatly etched the name to represent the person who wears this crown.

6. Cute ‘A’ Letter Heart Shaped Tattoo:

This name tattoos on hand design has the letter ‘A’ tattooed. There is also a heart that is drawn from one side of the letter. The heart is given interesting designs. It is done on the arm. This is a wonderful way to show love for the person whose name has been tattooed.

7. Artistic Name Design:

If you love artistic work, then this name design is sure to impress you a lot. The name is written in bold and in beautiful patterns. This design is eye catchy, large and easily visible. Such name tattoos for men design is done on the arm.

8. Colorful Heart And Flower Name Design:

Name Tattoos On Arm

Who does not love hearts! This love tattoos with names has plenty of red colored hearts with names written across them. Surrounding the heart are sunflowers and leaves. This design is stunning and is sure to be loved and praised by the onlookers.

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9. Timeless Name Design:

Being among the best name tattoos, this design is meant for those who have undying timeless love for their beloved one. It is best tattooed on the arm. It has an old pocket timepiece. The name is written artistically, as if it is emerging from the timepiece.

10. Beautiful Name Design On Neck:

This design is meant for those who are madly in love and want to show the world their being in love. This design is tattooed on the back of the shoulder in large letters. The letters are well designed, artistic to look at. There are few patterns done in the tattoo that makes it more beautiful.

There are plenty of name tattoo ideas easily available with the professionals. You need to choose the right one, so as to depict your love to the world. Making the right choice is sure to make you and your beloved one happy as it will clearly show your undying love.

Images: Shutterstock, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

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