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5 Oceans of the World with Names and Images


5 Oceans of the World with Names and Images

How Many Oceans are There in The World?

Earth constitutes about 70% of water, of which 96% is enclosed in oceans and seas. This includes major oceans of the world. There is a interconnection between all these oceans and seas of the world, but broken up into large and small bodies by the 7 continents and other landmasses. In the early years, the number of oceans in the world was just 4. Later on in the year 2000, the International Hydro-graphic Organization established the Southern Ocean and dogged its limits.

5 Oceans of The World With Map

Name List of all Oceans in The World:

  • Pacific Ocean
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Indian Ocean
  • Arctic Ocean
  • Southern Ocean

Here are the details describing all 5 oceans names.

1. Pacific Ocean:

Biggest Ocean In The World Pacific ocean

For those who don’t know the name of the biggest ocean in the world, Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean on earth. It covers 63,784,077 sq miles, which is approx. 165,200,000 km sq. The Pacific Ocean lies in the area between the Eastern coastlines of Asia and Australia. It is also bounded by Arctic Ocean in the north and Antarctic Ocean in the south. Of all the five oceans of the world, the Pacific is larger than the landmass area on the earth’s surface area. The deepest point on earth – Mariana Trench is situated in the Northern Pacific Ocean. Pacific Ocean has very limited chances of damaging ocean movements, which thus makes it a peaceful ocean.

2. Atlantic Ocean:

Second Largest Ocean In The World Atlantic Ocean

The second largest ocean in the world is none other than the Atlantic Ocean. It has an area covering 106,400,000 sq kms. The Atlantic Ocean is surrounded by Americans and African Americans in the West and Europeans in the East. The Atlantic Ocean comprises the Carribean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. You can see a wide range of marine species in the Atlantic Ocean that includes sperm whale. Among the 5 oceans list, Atlantic has the saltiest water. It is because of the precipitation, evaporation, river inflow and sea ice melting. Atlantic Ocean has also got the title of being the second youngest ocean in the world. It is said that 30 million years ago, this ocean didn’t even exist.

3. Indian Ocean:

Among the list of oceans from largest to smallest, Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean. It covers an area of approx. 73,556,000 sq kms. The Indian Ocean is surrounded by the coasts of Africa, Middle East and India to the northern coast. You can find rich species of medicinal value plants and animal kinds in the Indian Ocean. Among the total oceans, Indian Ocean is the youngest. Europeans and Americans are connected through this sea passage to East Asia. Comparatively, Indian Ocean has a warm climate due to which life in this ocean is limited. Indian Ocean paved way for colonization and spice trade. For this reason, the Indian Ocean has a great record of all sorts of humankind, throughout the history of the world.

4. Arctic Ocean:

Smallest Ocean In The World Arctic Ocean

For the question which is the smallest ocean in the world, here’s the answer. The Arctic Ocean is the world’s smallest ocean. Among the five oceans on earth, Arctic Ocean is the shallowest and falls within the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Ocean is surrounded by the North American, Europe and Asian continents. It has a geographical coverage area of 5,400,025 sq miles which is approx. 13,986,000 km sq. Arctic Ocean includes North, Barents Seas and Hudson Bay. For most of the time, these seas are seen as a mass of ice with hundred feet thickness, even during the summer. Further, this icy landscape was a great exploring opportunity to find passage from the North Atlantic through to the rich shores of Asia. In size, the Arctic Ocean is just the size of Russia. It is well known for diverse species of fishes like jellyfish, whales.

5. Southern Ocean:

The 4th biggest ocean in the world is the Southern Ocean. Although its exact boundaries are yet to be determined, it has a rough area of 7,848,299 sq miles (approx. 20,327,000 km sq). Southern Ocean is the newest ocean, developed by the International Hydro-graphic Organization. It is surrounded by the Antarctica. The Southern Ocean has an extreme climate because of which it has been unexplored to understand the basic nature and geographical aspects of the Ocean. Moreover, the Southern Ocean is a hub to a large diversity of marine animals that rely on it. Also, you can find treasured minerals, massive oil and gas fields.

Apart from these 5 oceans, there are seas where one can sail and explore. There are much more seas than oceans, which are surrounded by continents. Each of the seas has their own unique currents, marine life and evaporation rates. Oceans are also called by the name ‘Controller of the Climate of Earth’. But these days, oceans are facing a major threat of environmental pollution. Industrial waste from the sea, over-fishing, driftnet fishing etc has led to endangered marine species. If we can preserve our nature’s wonders as it is, then our Earth would be a wonderful place to live in.

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