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10 Beautiful and Simple Peacock Rangoli Designs


10 Beautiful and Simple Peacock Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is a traditional floor painting, an ornate arrangement of colours and very bright and shiny pictures done on the floor, manually done using hands. This tradition is prevalent both in South and North India under different names and formats. However, in case of Rangoli, the designs are created mainly as a part of festive occasions and special celebrations. Of all the different kinds of Rangoli designs, the Peacock Rangoli designs are very popular for it consists for intricate details and graceful peacocks created in the design.

Best Peacock Rangoli Designs:

Here are the 10 latest peacock rangoli designs.

1. Charming Peacock Rangoli Kolam Design for Everybody:

Latest Peacock Rangoli Design

Here is a soothing and very evocative designs created at the entrance of the house. Among the peacock rangoli kolam designs, this peacock rangoli kolam holds a very special resemblance in the land of gods and goddesses and hence vividly used in simple peacock rangoli designs. This serves best for special occasions like family functions, wedding, birthday parties, etc.

2. Peacock Rangoli Design Suitable for Pongal Celebration:

Beautiful Peacock Rangoli Design

Check out this pretty and easy peacock rangoli designs. This is highly recommended design for celebrating Pongal in your home. There is a Pongal pot drawn in the centre with a beautiful peacock created around. This is colourfully created using blue, green, orange, and white shades to give it a vivid outlook.

3. Pongal Rangoli Designs with Intricate Details:

Peacock Rangoli Design for Competition

Colours play a major role in determining the best peacock kolam designs amongst the lot. In that sense, here is a colourful and best peacock rangoli pattern that you will love in and out. This is suitable for Pongal celebrations that are especially one of the important festivals that fall in the month of January every year.

4. Good Choice of Peacock Designs to Choose From:

This is one more design where you can find 2 Pongal pots. There is a beautiful rangoli crated all around. This new peacock rangoli design carries a purple coloured peacock in the middle with text stating ‘Happy pongal’. It carries stunning elegance and beauty. In this design, you can play around with colors as you wish.

5. Stunning Peacock Rangoli Kolangal for All Age Groups:

When the children find their time and way amidst the rangoli patterns, then there is scope for a little magic. The usage of broad definition of colours as used in this design along with its eloquence makes it hugely attractive. This beautiful peacock rangoli design can be created and colored even by children.

6. Multi-coloured Pretty Peacock Design:

Easy Peacock Rangoli

Gaining one step ahead in the mastery over floor painting requires years of practice and determined efforts. And once you have acquired this, here is a peacock bird kolam design you must give a try. There is a multi-colored peacock along with a little flower to enhance its elegance. The key elements of this artistic value are professional touch and taste.

7. Rangoli Pattern With Simple Peacock Design:

Best Peacock Rangoli


This design will literally make you say ‘wow’ for it has got lovely prints. There is a pretty peacock in the centre lying within a circular design and this is surrounded by beautiful rangoli prints of adorable colour choices including red, green and pink. This is truly one of the seldom rangoli designs that can put everyone in awe.

8. Artistic Rangoli Pattern for Festive Times:

New Peacock Kolam

This is one more Pongal design with easy peacock rangoli. Take a look at the pretty peacock lying in the centre. There is the Pongal pot with two sugarcane placed by the side. The Rangoli print that surrounds the peacock is of huge significance and can grab the attention of everyone in no time at all.

9. Simple Peacock Rangoli Design:

For those who love simple rangoli designs, here is one. This shows you an elegant peacock created with sky blue shade. There are lovely features and a floral pattern in the body of the peacock to give it the deserving glory. This can be tried for daily designs to welcome guests in your home.

10. Rangoli Design of Lotus Print:

The many different varieties of peacock muggulu designs are those that seems to capture one’s true imagination leaving them spellbound for times ahead. In the same line, here is a lotus design with peacock that you will love. There are two large lotus flowers with leaves and flowers all around to create a simple, yet expert-level Rangoli pattern.

If you are too fond of peacock rangoli designs with colours, the aforementioned designs should have truly mesmerized you in and out. Now it is the time for you to try these designs in your home and awe your guests and neighbours with the intricate details and intellectual choice of colors in creating the final Rangoli.

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