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Top 10 Pictures of Jeffree Star With No Makeup On


Top 10 Pictures of Jeffree Star With No Makeup On

Jeffree Star is a renowned beauty YouTuber who is also a passionate song writer and an ardent makeup artist! He owns and runs the company called Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He makes use of the online media and goes on world tour to promote her music albums. Moreover, he is in fact the 5th in the list of highest paid YouTubers for her beauty channel. So, get ready to feel excited and thrilled about seeing Jeffree Star no makeup pictures here below.

Images of Jeffree Star Without Makeup:

1. So Serious And Staring At Someone With No Makeup:

Jeffree Star No Makeup

Jeffree Star is staring at someone with his hands held along the lower jaw. He seems to be infuriated about some question raised to him. He looks without makeup where he gets accompanied by one other person who sits by his side.

2. Staring With His Side Face:

Jeffree Star With No Makeup

Giving a side pose, Jeffree Star is seen without any makeup on the face. With open hair, he is wearing an orange jacket and looks like he is so serious about something while allowing to click him a picture. His look is so rigid and robust.

3. Uttering “Oh” With Palms Held High:

Jeffree Star Without Makeup

Having both the hands held along the cheeks with each and every finger filled with yellow nail polish, Jeffreee Star is in a blue jacket. In this picture, all the tattoos he has at the back of hand and neck are so visibly seen.

4. Jeffree Star In Doubt:

Jeffree Without Makeup

Being in doubt, this picture of Jeffree Star without makeup has him asking explanation about something that is confusing him altogether. Perhaps he is irked by something or that some happening has annoyed him in a way that he didn’t expect at all.

5. Sipping His Cocktail Without Makeup:

Jeffree Star Without Makeup On

Jeffree Star is seen so relaxed and sipping his favorite cocktail from a straw! With his eyes pinned at a specific point, Jeffree Star is without makeup and wearing a white bath robe. This picture also clearly shows his tattoos in the right hand fingers.

6. Tough and Untouchable At The Gym:

Carrying the dumbbell in one hand, Jefree Star without makeup is working out at the gym with two of the men to accompany him in the sweat game! With furious expression carried in the face, this is indeed one of the most furious pictures of him without any makeup.

7. In a Bright Light Without Makeup:

Posing in an absolutely bright light, Jeffree Star is seen without makeup in this picture. He is topless with his body tattoo visibly seen. He is posing with his friend whom he holds with his hands along the cheeks.

8. Carelessly Looking Without Makeup:

Image of Jeffree Star With No Makeup

To Jeffree Star, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. This picture has him looking carelessly at the camera. With neck and hand tattoos seen visibly, Jeffree Star is seen in a black jacket and has no makeup on the face.

9. Tongue Out And Crazy:

Jeffree Star No Makeup Image

Jeffree Star has gone crazy in this picture where he is seen with his tongue out and having his hands closing half of his face. This picture yet again has him without any makeup on face.

10. About To Doze Off Without Makeup:

In this no makeup picture Jeffree Star, he looks like he is about to doze off. He is lying on a bed with pink coloring on his hair and pinning his vision towards the camera with a tired look.

These are 10 handpicked pictures of Jeffree Star that has him without any makeup on his face. This shows his natural look and skin tone which is clearly a reflection of whom he his originally. Do check out and get to know his innate personality.

Images: YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

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