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10 Amazing Punjabi Mehndi Designs to Try In 2020


10 Amazing Punjabi Mehndi Designs to Try In 2020

Punjabi mehndi design is a unique mehndi design which resembles the Punjabi culture and their tradition through its art form. Punjabi women love to apply the mehndi on all the possible occasions. They are used to decorating their hands and feet with the mehndi during the wedding ceremonies and for the festivals like karva chaut, baisakhi and lohri. The Punjabi mehndi designs are naturally elaborate and traditional in their own way. It is quite difficult for the people to select particularly a single design among them. Here we have got a hand-picked Punjabi mehndi designs collection which will make you fall in love with them. So, let’s we go through them without any delay,

1. Punjabi Bridal Mehndi Design:

Punjabi bridal mehndi design for Hands

Bridal mehndi is one of the Most important and traditional mehndi design. We can see this image most often in the Punjabi wedding ceremony. This particular Punjabi bridal mehndi design is the most beautiful and traditional mehndi design. It is with a simple and cute icons of the bride and groom which resembles the wedding mood.

2. Beautiful Punjabi Wedding Mehndi Design:

Beautiful Punjabi wedding mehndi designs for hands

Here we have another new Punjabi mehndi design which you can easily opt for a wedding ceremony. This pattern also contains the icons of dulha and dulhan which looks cute yet beautiful at the same time. Apart from the icons the art form carried out one the arms and fingers stand out beautifully.

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3. Beautiful Punjabi Henna Design for Feet:

Beautiful Punjabi henna designs on feet

As a matter of fact, most of the Punjabi women prefer to apply the mehndi on their feet during the rituals. So, here we have one of the most beautiful mehndi design for feet which will go good on almost all kind of occasions especially during the weddings. The simple floral work carried out on the feet is the most beautiful portion of the entire design.

4. Awesome Mehndi Design with Floral Pattern:

Latest punjabi mehndi design with floral pattern

A beautiful and simple mehndi pattern is all we need during the special occasions. So here we have one of the most simple punjabi mehndi design with a floral pattern which will go good almost all kind of occasions. The simple floral art form carried out at the centre of the hand stands as the point of attraction.

5. Unique Punjabi Mehndi Design on Hands:

Unique Punjab mehandi design on hands

By seeing the above Punjabi mehndi design image, we can say that this is one of the most unique and attractive design in our collection. This art form consists of different type of unique floral art forms at the centre and it is extended to the wrist with a stylish finish. This art form will stand attractive due to its unique and stylish pattern and it will be a perfect choice for the teenage girls.

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6. Attractive Punjabi Mehndi Design:punjabi mehndi photos

Attractive Punjabi arabic mehndi design on hands

If you are looking for an awesome and stylish mehndi design for your back hands, then here is one of the most beautiful mehndi pattern for you which you will find very attractive. This art form consists of different kind of beautiful floral patterns at the portion of the wrist. Some beautiful art form is carried out at the fingers which stands as the main attraction.

7. Punjabi Mehndi Design for the Forearm:

Simple Punjabi mehndi design on forearm

Apart from the hands and the feet, forearm is the most common portion where women love apply the mehndi. Here we have one of the most attractive and traditional mehndi art form for the forearms and it consists of different kind of patterns like flowers and the cute idols of dolaks which resembles the Punjabi tradition.

8. The Latest Punjabi Mehndi Design for Back Hands:

Whether it is a festival or any other special occasion the jali work on a mehndi always works. Well this is one of the most beautiful and attractive latest mehndi design for the back hands which will go good on all kind of skin tones. The jali work carried out at the centre of the design is the most attractive part.

9. Simple Back Hand Mehndi Design:

Simple punjabi mehndi design on hands

Nothing can be more adorable than a simple and stylish backhand mehndi and here is one such mehndi pattern for you which will go good on your hand during all kind of simple occasions. This kind of patterns will also go good on almost all kind of skin tones. Nowadays most of the teenagers opt for this kind of simple designs.

10. Unique Floral Mehndi Design:

Whether it is a festival or a wedding ceremony one of the most commonly opted mehndi pattern we can get to see is the Floral art form. From children to the elder women these floral patterns plays a favourite for the women of all ages. This particular pattern stands attractive due to its unique and adorable art form.

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The Punjabi mehndi designs always have a unique and different art form in their patterns and it is obviously difficult for one who want to select a single pattern from among them. Hope we have helped you with this beautiful Punjabi mehndi designs collection and we are sure that these patterns will definitely go good on you for your special occasions. Do let us know which design you are going to opt for your upcoming occasion.

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