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25 Beautiful Rainforest Animals: You Should Totally Bookmark This List!


25 Beautiful Rainforest Animals: You Should Totally Bookmark This List!

From Ulysses Butterflies to rainforest scorpion, you can see a wide variety of animals that live in the tropical rainforest. Rainforests are just a beautiful hub for many wildlife species to shelter. The trees and forests are just a perfect place for these diverse animals and plants to live in their own world. It is said that there may be millions of species of plants and animals still living in the rainforests that are still to be recorded and discovered. Here in this article, we shall be seeing the list of 24 rainforest animals facts with pictures. The list of rainforest animals are mainly classified as insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals and arachnids.

List of Rainforest Animals with Names And Images:

A. Rainforest Mammals:

1. Orangutan:

Bornean orangutan in tropical rainforest of Borneo Island. Indonesia

Orangutan is a mammal species that lives in the dense tropical rainforests of Malaysia. It is the largest species of the monkeys and are seen living in trees most of the time. They have a strong bulky body with reddish brown colour. Ripe fruits, leaves, flowers, orchids and vines are what they love to eat.

2. Rainforest Lemur:

Critically endagered black and white ruffed lemur in Madagascar rain forest

Lemur is a small primate that lives in the Madagascar tropical rainforests. They are endemic to Madagascar Island and are found nowhere else in the world. They were ancestral to monkeys and apes. These mammal species of Madagascar have a grey colour skin with white under parts.

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3. Fruit Bat:

Furit Bat in in Kuranda rainforest

Fruit bats are also called by the name Flying fox in some locations. Among the entire bat species in the world, the fruit bat has the best vision. This is one of their strengths as it helps them to tackle traps and dangerous situations. The wings may form certain designs which help them to cope with the wind and other environmental changes.

4. Maroon Leaf Monkey:

Another mammal species in the tropical rainforests is the maroon leaf monkey. The main food source of maroon leaf monkey includes leaves, seeds and fruits. When suffered by digestive disorders, these animals tend to eat the soil of terminate mounds. You can see them sitting in the tree, or on a branch throughout the day. They hardly get down to the ground.

5. Capybara:

Large Capybara in the rain forest near Chagres river in near the Panama Canal

Capybara is a mammal species that lives in the South American tropical rainforests. This animal is found to live in the dense forest near water bodies. You can see Capybara walking in groups rather than alone. Capybara is not a threatened species and hence abundantly found.

6. Pygmy Marmoset:

Pygmy Marmoset is one of the cutest tropical rainforest animals in the list. They are known by variety of names like the pocket money, little lion, dwarf monkey etc. Among the monkey species, Pygmy Marmoset is the smallest and one of the very small primates in the world. They weigh less than 5 ounces when fully matured.

A. Rainforest Reptiles:

7. Komodo Dragon:

The Komodo Dragon is one of the largest living lizards in the rainforest and earth as well. Their massive size, bowed legs, flat heads with thick and long tails is what sets them apart from other animals. This dragon like creature lives on the Indonesian island of Komodo.

8. Chameleon:

Chameleon at the​ rain​forest​ in Thailand

Chameleon is another type of reptile species found in the tropical rainforests. They are tree dwelling lizards known for their ability to change the body colour. Half of the species of Chameleon is found in Madagascar, while others in sub-Saharan Africa. Two of the species are found in Asia, native to Southern India and China.

9. Paradise Flying Snake:

Paradise flying snake in rainforest

Paradise flying snake also called as paradise tree snake is one of the reptile species seen in rainforests. These are mainly found in Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and other parts of Singapore, Philippines and Southern Thailand. Paradise tree snake is one of the smaller snakes in the group which have a maximum length of about 4 feet.

10. Leaf-tail Geckos:

Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko in Ranomafana rain forest.

Among the animals found in tropical rainforest, comes the next reptile species – Leaf tail geckos, native to African island of Madagascar and other small islands surrounding it. Sadly, all species of leaf-tail geckos have been threatened to be extinct due to mass deforestation. These reptile species are night time hunters who search for food only in the middle of night.

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B. Rainforest Birds:

11. Tawny Frogmouth:

Tawny Frogmouth looks exactly like an owl in appearance, although it’s not. The extraordinary camouflage resembles a broken branch when at rest during the day. These are silent hunters, who remain still while waiting for their prey to come to them, rather than hunting for food. Insects, small animals and frogs are what Tawny Frogmouths hunt for.

12. Harpy Eagle:

Majestic harpy eagle in the rainforest in Brazil

Harpy Eagle is a tropical rainforest bird species that are found in South Mexico. These are one of the largest and most powerful birds in the tropical rainforest. Deforestation has cut short its population and led to major number of Harpy Eagles found in Central America. Harpy Eagle is also known as Royal Hawk.

13. Keel Billed Toucan:

Keel Billed Toucan is a colourful bright bird species that lives in rainforests of tropical climate. They have a unique multi-coloured beak for which they are named. The neck comes in bright lime yellow colour with beak with black feathers throughout its body. These birds spend most of their time hunting for food by roosting high up in the canopies of forests.

14. Cassowary:

Cassowary in the rainforest of Queensland

This flightless cassowary bird is from Queensland rainforest. It is one of the most dangerous bird on earth and even it can kill human. It also resembles the second largest bird emu except in height. Food habits of this bird include frogs, fishes, snails, mice, rates, flowers and fruits.

C. Rainforest Amphibians:

15. Red Eyed Tree Frog:

Red eyed tree frog in tropical rainforests in Central America

Red eyed tree frog scientifically known as Agalychnis Callidryas is an amphibian that lives in the tropical rainforest. The frogs are identified b y their bulging red eyes and body markings covered. When provoked, they flash their eyes and reveal their webbed orange feet with bright blue yellow flanks. This technique pauses their predators for a minute, which gives a room for escaping.

16. Glass frog:

Reticulated glass frog in tropical jungle rainforest

Glass frogs exactly look like a plastic transparent frog with jelly body texture. It’s a unique frog that is named after its translucent skin. As per reports, there are 60 different types of glass frogs, which are scattered in Southern Mexico, Central and South America.

17. Lungless Salamander:

Lungless Salamander is one of the animals found in the rainforest. 90% of these species are native to the Western Hemisphere, from British Columbia to Brazil. Lungless salamander has a vertical slit between the upper lip and nostril which makes it unique from other amphibian species in the world.

18. Red Strawberry Poison Dart Frog:

Red strawberry poison dart frog in tropical rainforest

Red Strawberry poison dart frog is an amphibian found in humid lowlands and premontane forests. The diet of poison dart frog causes the skin of the amphibian to become toxic in nature. Their main source of food is algae and insects found in pools and streams.

E. Rainforest Arachnids:

19. Goliath Birdeater:

Here’s the world’s largest spider Goliath Birdeater that lives in the dense tropical rainforests of South America. By mass and size, Goliath Birdeater stands on top as the largest spider. This anarchid species is a nocturnal animal that hunts for food only in the night. These spiders have long legs of 28 cms with a body length of 11.9 cm.

20. Wandering Spider:

Brazilian wandering spider in in Costa Rica rainforest

Wandering spider has a distinct mark and patterns in its body which sets it apart from other spider species. They belong to the Ctenidae family and are highly defensive. These are the only spider species that are known to harm humans. The Guinnes Book of World Records has marked the Brazilian Wandering Spiders as the most deadly spiders in the world.

21. Liocheles Waigiensis:

Liocheles waigiensis in Australian rainforest

Also known as rainforest Scorpion, Liocheles waigiensis is an Australian arachnid species found in the tropical rainforests. They live in forests which receive an average rainfall of above 550mm with temperatures above 15 degrees. It has mild venom and rarely stings. They defend their predators using their powerful claws.

F. Rainforest Insects:

22. Ulysses Butterfly:

Rainforest Ulysses Butterfly

The Ulysses Butterfly is one of the most unique and distinctive insect species living ion the tropical rain forest. A lot of visitors come to see this beautiful blue butterfly to snap a photo. The bright blue colour of this butterfly makes it easy for its predators and hence they fly very quickly. You can see a large number of Ulysses Butterflies in the tropical rainforest areas like Northern islands of Australia, Northern Queensland and Papua New Guinea.

23. Army Ant:

One of the deadliest species of insects / animals found in tropical rainforest is the Army ant. These are notorious animals that can cause destruction for plants and animals in their path. The ant has a red colour skin coating that is native to South America and spread throughout the Southern United States.

24. Grasshopper:

Another group of insects found in the tropical rainforest is the grasshopper. They are basically ground-dwelling insects with powerful legs that help them to escape from threats by vigorously leaping. These are plant eating insects that grow to about 2 inches long. For other predators like reptiles, mammals and birds, grasshopper is a stable food source.

25. Jewel Beetle:

If you are looking for some tree bugs to see in the tropical rainforests, then here comes the Jewel beetle. These insect species are also known as metallic wood boring beetles because of their glossy shimmering colour. Jewel beetle gets attracted to recently burnt trees to lay their eggs. The fore wing of this insect is used in the making of beetle-wing jewellery and decoration in few Asian countries.

Although some of these above listed rainforest animals are highly dangerous, the whole animals list contribute to the rainforest animal species. Each of these animal species are deteriorating in numbers due to deforestation and animal hunting. It is said that still there are endless number of wildlife species yet to be discovered and reported.

Images: Shutterstock

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