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Rangoli Designs with Dots: 10 Easy and Creative


Rangoli Designs with Dots: 10 Easy and Creative

Most beautiful and simple rangoli designs are dots rangoli designs. There prevails a common misconception that to create rangoli designs with dots, you need to have excellent expertise in rangoli designs. But it is absolutely not so! If you have an interest and the quest for learning creative designs, you can eventually get the knack of it. Below is a brief on 10 excellent choice of rangoli with dots that will inspire you to start practicing Kolam from today.

Simple and Beautiful Dots Rangoli Designs:

Here are the top 10 Rangoli designs with dots, you can try in every festival season.

1. Diamond Shaped Rangoli Design with Dots:

Rangoli Designs with Dots for Diwali

Here is a multicolor diamond shaped Rangoli design that is welcoming and beautiful. This comprises of vibrantly colored diamonds all around with a central rangoli design. This is one of the common pulli kolangal design created for special occasions with lovely borders.

2. Complex Spinning Kolam with Dots:

Check this spinning kolam that is created with lovely dots spread all over. Creating this small kolam with dots is a meditation by itself as you need to put your heart and mind into crafting the tactful design. It’s one of the daily designs put at household entrances.

3. Green and Yellow Colorful Spinning Kolam:

Rangoli Designs with Dots and Colours

There is one more spinning kolam design with beautiful shades of green and yellow. The design is symmetrical on its top and bottom. And on either side, there are pretty flowers. Towards the bottom, there is an adorable simple rangoli with dots created to enhance its beauty.

4. Four Parrots and Swastika Rangoli with Dots:

Rangoli Designs with Dots Simple

There are four parrots in the design created in its typical green color. These are seen resting on a multicolor pot. Among the rangoli designs of dots, this is such a simple kolam with dots that anyone can try. There is a central swastika symbol that is colored with multiple shades as well.

5. Pink Rose Design:

This is one of the commonest kolam with dots that is often created for celebrations like Pongal or New Year. There are multiple rose flowers with leaves. These are colored beautifully in their typical rose shade. And there is a central star design for added beauty.

6. Welcome Butterfly Design:

One more adorable design is here for you. This is a pretty kolam designs with dots where there are four butterflies each of a different color. And in the centre, there is a text written as Welcome which is highly recommended when there is a special party in your home.

7. Shiva Lingam Design:

To all the Shiva devotees out there, check out this magnificent chukki rangoli created with multiple Shiva Linga designs. And there alternating rangoli designs in between the Lingams with a central dash of floral print. This is often drawn at the shrine.

8. Pretty Girls Holding Hands:

Rangoli Designs with Dots for Competition

Here is a gorgeous design with many girls holding hands with each other. And their hands join to form a chain in the centre. There are flowers tossed adjacent to these girls. You may try this muggulu with dots if your baby girl is celebrating her birthday or for other kids parties.

9. Complex Rangoli Design with Dots:

Dotted Rangoli Designs with the Number of Dots

For those who are highly fond of creating small rangoli designs with dots with a little bit of complexity, check out this chikku design. The minute details found in the design will simply leave you spellbound with its intricate elements.

10. Geometric Rangoli Design:

Who wouldn’t love a geometric Rangoli? Among all the rangoli with dots, the geometric design is easy to crate and quick to color as well. Here are 6-faceted stars that are beautifully formed in the rangoli print while each carrying a tiny circle in the centre.

There are a number of dotted kolam designs of which this article shows you some of the best and quick-make rangoli designs with dots. These are going to be quite tough to look at, but with a little practice and concentration, you can upskill yourself in creating them and enjoy the art form.

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