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10 Different Types of Seabirds with Images


10 Different Types of Seabirds with Images

Sea birds are birds which mostly like to spend their time and life in the sea, just like their name. This has led to the development of their bodies to suit the marine needs. Some of these birds have salt glands and webbed feet, while others have different wing morphology. We can find different types of seabirds in the world. Here’s a quick overview of some common seabirds with names and images that you may or may not know about.

Types of Seabirds with Images:

Here is the list of top 10 types of seabirds with images.

1. Gannets:

Seabird gannets

One of the largest sea birds are gannets. They are known to be the largest for a reason. It can measure out up to 2 metres in width when they spread their wings. They like to spend most of their life flying above the sea and only comes back to the land for rest. These sea birds usually nest high on the steep shores, so that they can take off at a great height, with considerable wind below their wings.

2. Cormorant:

Sea birds cormorant

It is another types of sea bird in our seabirds list. This birds are part of the Phalacrocoracidae family and have about 40 species of aquatic birds including shags and cormorant. They feed on fish which are less than 8 m deep, usually in the shallow water. To catch their meal, they dive underwater, all within 5 km of the shore.

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3. Pelican:

Large seabird Pelican

Another well known large seabird is pelican which has a lifespan of 15-25 years. It can easily catch its prey compare other sea birds as they have a long beak and a large throat like a pouch. This sea bird live warm areas and are found on all the continents except Antarctica.

4. Albatross:

Albatross in seabirds list.

Albatross is another major category of seabirds. They are wonderful gliders of the sea and have the ability to stay aloft for hours in windy weather. They have wings that are small. It usually lies on the sea water surface as it cannot keep itself stout body airborne in clam weather. They drink water from the sea and only come to the shore for breeding.

5. Seagulls:

Beautiful sea birds Seagulls.

Sea goats are smart seabirds. These birds are known to learn, to carry on behaviour, such as tapping their foot to indicate rainfall and to trick earthworms into reaching the surface. They pass on this ability to the others. They have a highly developed repertoire for communication. Further, they can drink both sea and fresh water and have a special gland above their eyes that helps to flush out the salt from their system. These are medium to large in size.

6. Murrelets:

Small seabirds are Murrelets.

This small seabird is native to North Pacific. We can find their length about 25 cm. They feed in the inshore areas as well as off shore areas. Their breeding success has been reported poorly and have high chick mortality. They are often though as strange and mysterious seabirds.

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7. European Shag:

The European shag also known as the common shag belongs to the species of cormorant. This sea bird is usually referred to as shag in the Britain. This is a medium-large sized bird that range from 68-78cm and the length of the wingspan will range from 95-100cm. These European shags are known as the deepest divers among the family of cormorants.

8. Fulmar:

The fulmars are normally small sea birds which are white in colour along with a pearly grey mantle. But at some places we can find the fulmars with some dark colours. The fulmars generally fly over the waves of the ocean and they feed on almost anything like small fishes, squids and some crustaceans. These fulmars also take the garbage of the ships.

9. Sea Duck:

As the name itself indicates these sea ducks are mostly adopted to the life at sea as they spend majority of the year at the sea coasts. The major number of the sea ducks breed in the Canadian Arctic, Alaska and in other northern areas. These sea ducks have a special adaptation for the life in the cold environments.

10. Sea Eagle:

Large sea bird sea eagle

Any of the larger fish eating eagle comes under this seabirds category. These sea eagles are adopted to live along the rivers, big lakes and tidy waters. These eagles generally consists of high-arched beaks and some lower legs and their length range from 3.3 metres long and the length of their wingspan range double to the length of their body.

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Sea birds are another fascinating group of birds. They are blessed with good flying and diving skills. Some of sea birds, in search of their prey, can deeply dive into the water. They come to the shore at the time of breeding. They are an interesting set of birds that you need to know about.

Images: Shuttersctock

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