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Shrubs: 10 Types of Shrubs with Names and Uses


Shrubs: 10 Types of Shrubs with Names and Uses

What are Shrubs?

Shrubs are the smaller version of trees that generally has a round shape. The best evergreen shrubs include shrubbery, crepe myrtle, abutilon indicum, calotropis gigantean, hyptis suaveolens, leonotis nepetifolia and many more. These shrubs and ornamental bushes not just add colour to the garden, but also create a fresh environment. The scented flowers of these flowering shrubs are not only bring out the perfect mood for your day and also protect your health. So, let’s find the 10 different types of shrubs with names and images.

Types of Shrubs with Names and Images:

1. Frangipani (Plumeria Alba):

Types Of Shrubs Plumeria Alba

The white frangipani or the Plumeris Alba is an outdoor deciduous shrub that grows up to 25 feet. Other common shrubs names of Plumeris Alba include the pagoda tree, the caterpillar tree and milk tree. The caterpillar tree grows nicely when ample sunlight is received. Flowers are bloomed in white and yellow colours thus making it an attractive flowering shrub. The bark of Plumeris Alba is bruised and applied as a plaster over bruises and tumors.

2. Lion’s Ear (Leonotis Nepetifolia):

Shrub Plants List Leonotis Nepetifolia

Native to Southern India and tropical Africa, this herb shrub tree is also known as Lion’s ear. Leonotis nepetifolia is a thorny shrub that reaches up to 8 ft tall. The flowering occurs in November – December. There are 2 varieties of Leonotis nepetifolia. The leaves of Leonotis nepetifolia are used to make tea for curing cough, fever and malaria. Applying the stem and leaves as paste on to the skin removes skin blemishes and gets rid of skin infections.

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3. Oleander (Nerium Oleander):

Example Of Shrubs Nerium Oleander

Nerium oleander is a small flowering shrub that can be grown at home gardens. The flowers come in light rose colour. It is said to be one of the most toxic garden plants in the world. It’s a native of India and grows well in tropical and subtropical weather conditions. The medicinal uses of Nerium oleander are comparatively less as the toxicity is high. But still the plant is said to gave anti-cancer properties.

4. Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia):

Shrubs Names Crepe Myrtle

Crepe Myrtles is one of the best shrub plants examples in India. All crepe myrtles bloom in new wood. Crepe myrtles are fast growing types of shrubs that reach up to 3 feet per year. Their colourful and long lasting flowers make them one of the most liked shrubs in India. It looks perfect to plant crepe myrtles at home garden as you can see flowers throughout the year. A paste made with the flowers of Crepe myrtle is used to heal wounds and cuts.

5. Hyptis Suaveolens:

Shrubs Representative Species Hyptis Suaveolens

Hyptis suaveolens is among the woody type of shrubs plants list. It is native to Asia, Africa and Australia. Flowers of Hyptis suaveolens are seen in purple or pink colours. Hyptis suaveolens can grow up to 2.5 metres high but are generally seen lower than that. Hyptis suaveolens is used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat stomach ache. People also use its leaves and twigs to heal burns and wounds.

6. Indian Mallow (Abutilon Indicum):

Abutilon indicum is one among the small tree shrubs that grow in tropic and subtropical areas. It is planted in home gardens as an ornamental bush. Abutilon indicum is widely seen in Tamil Nadu home gardens. The roots and leaves of Abutilon indicum are used for curing fever. The anti-inflammatory properties of Abutilon indicum are used to treat ulcers, bladder infections and headaches.

7. Crown Flower (Calotropis Gigantea):

Calotropis Gigantea is a shrubs tree name native to Southern Asia and Northern Africa. They are also known as milkweeds as they produce latex. This plant is a home for many butterflies. Calotropis gigantean has sticky flowers which come in either lavender or white colour. People use the bark and leaves of Calotropis gigantea as a medicine for treating digestive disorders, constipation, joint pain, toothache and cramps.

8. Castor Bean (Ricinus Communis):

Ricinus Communis is a flowering shrub native to Africa. It’s a large growing short lived shrub grows up to 3 meters in height. The leaves are also pretty large that measures 70 cms. The shrub is commonly known by the name Castor oil plant. Medicinal uses of Castor oil are many. It protects your liver from certain poisons. Bone regeneration is another medicinal benefit of castor oil plant.

9. Camphire (Lawsonia Inermis):

Camphire is none other than our henna plant. It is a flowering plant and the main purpose of this shrub is to dye skin, finger nails and hair. Camphire is a medium sized shrub that has leaves that grow opposite each other on the stem. The flowers are small in size that comes in white colour. Henna helps to treat high fever, relieves headache and acts as a natural remedy for sore throats.

10. Red Hibiscus (Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis):

List Of Shrub Plants Red Hibiscus

This flowering shrub belongs to mallow family and which is scientifically called as hibiscus rosa-sinesis. We can find this flowering plant in China, India and other Asian countries. Its flowers are widely used in traditional medicines to regulate disorders like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hair loss and grey hair. Moreover, Most of the Brazilian traditional medicines are prepared with red hibiscus flowers.

Finally, above are the few examples of shrubs. Planting a shrub in your home garden adds colour and warmth to your outdoor space. And it’s an added benefit when these shrubs possess several health benefits. As it requires less space and maintenance, people having a passion for gardening can try planting these shrubs. Always make sure that you plant these shrubs where plenty of sunlight is available.

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