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Top 10 Small Neck Tattoos for Guys and Girls


Top 10 Small Neck Tattoos for Guys and Girls

Today’s youth are found to be more attracted towards inking tattoos on the different parts of their body. Their placement & subject matter does continue to have lots of social significance. The most visible place on the body is the neck. Even few years ago, one could have neck tattoo only after having the whole body tattooed. Today’s tattoos have finer lines and soft imagery. small neck tattoos are indeed cute and also appear sophisticated, provided it is done by a professional tattoo artist.

Latest Small Neck Tattoos:

Here are the top 10 small neck tattoos with images.

1. Butterfly Tattoo:

Small Butterfly Neck Tattoos

This is definitely among hot favorite small tattoos in neck among young girls. The tattoo drawn on the neck is of a butterfly. It is colorful and done on the side of the neck. It may be partly visible or covered by women’s long hair. Whatever be it, this small tattoo is beautiful to look at.

2. Seahorse Tattoo:

Simple Neck Tattoos

This tattoo is of a seahorse in vertical position. The design is just mind blowing. It is done just a couple of inches below the ear area. It is trendy looking and is visible to others. This simple neck tattoos design is a great choice for young girls and women of all ages.

3. Lip Tattoo:

Simple Neck Tattoo Designs

This is one of the small neck tattoo for females that are gaining popularity these days. It is inked in red color and is tattooed on the side of the neck. Young girls prefer having this tattoo and it is quite gorgeous. The lips are of a woman that are lush looking and broken in places appearing romantic.

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4. Heart Tattoo:

Small Neck Tattoos For Females

Those who are romantic in nature can have this heart tattooed on their neck. This is a top rated and trendy small back of neck tattoos. Young girls and those romantic at heart will enjoy tattooing this design. The heart is not complete on one side and is quite lovely to look at.

5. K Crown Tattoo:

Small Tattoos In Neck

Men who do not like compromise on anything in their life, be it life or love can have this small side neck tattoo for guys inked. This design has the letter K with a heart at the bottom and crown at its top. This tattoo is done on the side of the neck.

6. Alphabet Queen Tattoo:

Small Neck Tattoos For Girls

This small tattoos on the neck design has a letter which can be of anyone’s name you love or perhaps yours. Above the letter is a queen’s crown. Below the letter is a heart. It is done in single color and amazing design. It is generally done on the back of the neck.

7. Phrase & Image Tattoo:

Small Female Neck Tattoos

This tattoo design has the outline image of couple of mountains. To its top is a phrase or message like ‘From …..’. The name inked can be of someone you love and would like to show it openly to the whole world. This small neck tattoos for men and women can be done on the back of the neck.

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8. Music Symbol Tattoo:

Small Side Neck Tattoos For Guys

This tattoo design is a must have among all music lovers across the globe. It interests mostly youngsters who have a strong passion for music. The design is actually a music symbol with stars in its surrounding. It is done on one side of the neck below the ear.

9. Eye & Moon Tattoo:

Cute Little Neck Tattoos

This is the best small neck tattoos for guys with an eye on one side of the neck. The eye is open wide. The other side of the neck has the image of a new moon. It is preferred by young men to show their interesting side. It is best had by those who are emotional at heart.

10. Geometrical Design Tattoo:

Small Tattoos Behind Neck

Being among the popular simple neck tattoo designs, it has patterns like dots. Two dotted lines can be found emerging clearly from a source. They meet to form a single pattern dotted line and terminate at a point. It is done at the back of the neck. This is definitely a cute looking tattoo design for women.

Small tattoos on neck are undoubtedly big commitment. Hence, the best ones should be selected to be inked on your neck. You can choose from any of the top 10 tattoos that are given above and come up with a bold statement that the whole world will see!

Images: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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