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9 Best Small Trees (with Pictures) You Can Grow in Your Tiny Yards


9 Best Small Trees (with Pictures) You Can Grow in Your Tiny Yards

A garden without a tree is incomplete in every means. No matter what type of tree you plant, but leaving a garden empty makes it meaningless, just like a mother without her kids. People living in small spaces can utilize their garden area by planting small ornamental trees. In this article, we shall be seeing some of the small trees that are good to grow at small gardens and tiny yards.

Best Small Trees with Images:

Here is the list of top 10 small trees with pictures.

1. Bottle Brush Tree:

Small Tree Name Bottle Brush

These are small evergreen trees that grow up to 15 feet. These are also known as Callistemon come from Myrtaceae family. Its flowers start blooming in the summer season. The flowers have bright shades of red or crimson colour except for the species; sieberi, which has light yellow flower spikes. It is used as a hot tea for treating diarrhoea, gastroenteritis and skin infections.

2. Lemon Tree:

Small Tree Plants Lemon Tree

It is a small tree that is widely grown in indoors. This small tree plant is native to South Asia but can also be seen in all over the World. It reach a length of 10-20 ft with long narrow leaves. Flowers are bloomed in long branches in white colour. These are good at removing fat and other harmful toxins from the body.

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3. Royal Poinciana:

Royal Poinciana is one of the best small trees, known by another name Gulmohar. It’s a species of flowering plant that is grown as an ornamental tree. In India, it can be widely seen as a street tree in the cities. The flowers have a bright orange colour with 5 petals. It needs a tropical or near tropical climate. Its flowers and leaves are used to treat asthma and bronchitis. It is also given to babies before bed.

4. Blueberry Tree:

The next list of very small trees is the blueberry tree. Blueberries grow nicely in acidic soil. There should be moisture content in the soil. For people living in apartments, blueberries can be planted in a container or pot. The height can vary depending on the variety of the seed. Although there are no scientific reports proving the benefits of blueberry, it is used for treating urinary tract infections and depression.

5. Cockspur Coral Tree:

Short Trees Cockspur Coral Tree

The Cockspur coral trees is another small decorative tree that is ideal to grow in small gardens. It is a national flower of Uruguay and Argentina. It grows up to hardly 10 metres. The flowers are bloomed and arranged in a bilateral symmetry. Its anti-inflammatory properties are well known for treating wounds and cuts. Some tribes in Brazil use this to get a restful sleep.

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6. Indian Tulip Tree:

Indian tulip tree which is also known as Thespesia Populnea in scientific terms, is a small shade tree that belongs to the mallow family – Malvaceae. It is a perfect tree to grow in small patios or garden. It is extensively found in Indian soils, grows up to 40 ft or more with its branches spread of 10-20 ft. The inner bark of Indian tulip tree is used as a stimulant. The tea made from Indian tulip leaves can be used to treat indigestion, cough and fever.

7. Night-flowering Jasmin:

Night-flowering jasmine or parijata is a native of South Asia and widely seen in India. It is also known as Kalpavriksha, in Sanskrit, which means that it fulfills any wish or desire that you may have. It is fairly tall and looks beautiful. The bark of this tree is used in treating eye diseases, ulcers and bleeding gums. Reports have also shown that Parijat helps to treat arthritis.

8. Bombax Ceiba:

Bombax Ceiba is a short decorative tree which is also known by the name silk cotton tree. It has large red flowers as same as that of Gulmohar. It is a native to India and reaches a height of 30 m. Basically, the wood of it is used for plywood works. It has many health benefits. Some of them are cholera prevention, relief from toothache, coughs, snake bites and fractures.

9. Yellow Oleander:

Small Evergreen Trees Yellow Oleander

Yellow Oleander is one of the very small trees for small gardens. It is a dwarf tree that rarely gets to 10 feet. The flower of yellow oleander comes in yellow color with the shape of a narrow tube that flares out at the tip into 5 petals. This mini tree has many medicinal uses on one’s health. Oleander as a poison is well known than its benefits. Oleander can be used for getting relief from heart diseases, malaria, cancer and asthma.

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Planting a mini tree at your backyard or home garden is a joyful experience, especially when it’s a flowering tree. The flowers fallen on the ground after each fall, makes it look extremely mesmerizing. These trees bring you privacy and shade. Even a small plant can make a big difference when it is properly taken care of.

Images: Shutterstock

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