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10 Best Snake Repellent Plants and Trees – You Can Grow At Home


10 Best Snake Repellent Plants and Trees – You Can Grow At Home

Are you living in a place where Snake sighting is prevalent and worried about being bit by Snakes? If so, this article is for you. It lists the plants that snakes dislike and therefore can be used to repel them. It is also for people who hat or prefer to prevent using chemical repellents. These plants act as natural Snake repellents and some rodents like rat and mice etc. We can grow these snake repellent plants in our homes and gardens or used as fencing plants. So, wondering what plants repel snakes?

Best Snake Repelling Plants and Trees:

Here is the list of top 10 snake repellent plants and trees.

1. Black Turmeric Plant:

Plants That Repel Snakes Away

Planting this perennial herb in the garden around the house will act as a Snake deterrent. It is a native of north-east and central India. The scientific name for this natural snake repellent herb is Curcuma caesia. These snake prevention plants are a must at your home, especially if you are living in a place that is home to frequent snake visits.

2. Marigold Plant:

Plants That Deter Snakes

These are beautiful flowering plants that repel snakes. It is a commonly found in home gardens in India. Their roots emit a strong smell that keeps snakes and other garden pests away. Not only that, it can add colour to your garden and make it look beautiful. These plants not only repel snakes but also keep away mice.

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3. Snakeplant:

Plants To Keep Away Snakes

This snake repellent plant is also called as mother-in-law’s tongue, and viper’s bowstring hemp. We can find this plant in tropical West Africa. It is also a low maintenance plant and has many other advantages too. It is considered as an air-purifier as it increases the oxygen level in the air and is planted indoor as well.  Moreover, It is believed that Snakes do not like its appearance and hence stay away from it.

4. Rue Plant:

Plants Against Snakes

This plant is found in Balkan peninsula, but is now grown across the world. It also acts as an insect repellent. It tastes bitter and people use the leaves as a flavouring agent to their food. The tender branches of this plant too are used as food ingredients. Rue plants will therefore be another good choice of plants that keep snakes away.

5. Indian Birthwort:

Plants That Snakes Are Afraid Of

The best snake repellent plant is Indian Birthwort which is called as Nagadamani in Sanskrit since it looks like a snake.  It also has other names, such as Visarpini, Gandhanakuli, Iswarmul and Eswari Chettu. The scientific name for this creeper is Aristolochia indica. These natural snake repellent plants are found in Southern India and Sri Lanka. It has medicinal properties and is used for snake bites as well. Farmers in India tie the roots to their hands to protect themselves from snakes.

6. Devil Pepper:

Natural Snake Repellent Plants in India

The Devil Pepper are another good plants to avoid snakes. They are native of central and south Americas, Mexico and West Indies. It is now also present in tropical countries like India and referred to as Sarpagandha, Indian Snake root, and Insanity herb. It is also one of the renowned plant among the snake repellent plants in India. The scientific name for this bush or small tree is Rauvolfiatetraphylla.

7. Lemon Grass:

Plants That Snakes Don't Like

It is a native of Australia, Asia, and Africa and belongs to the grass family. Snakes don’t like the strong citrus smell that comes from the leaves. It is also easy to maintain if we compare with snake repellent plants as regular watering is not required. Its by-product, citronella is used as a mosquito repellent.

8. Wormwood Plant:

The Wormwood plants are another easy maintenance plants that chase away snakes. We can find these plants in northern Africa, Eurasia, Canada and the northern United States. Its scientific name for this plant is Artemisia absinthium. It eliminates worms and parasites that can cause diseases. It is not only repels snakes but also repel rodents.

9. Wild Guava Tree:

This tree is also known as Slow Match tree, Patana Oak tree, and Ceylon Oak tree. It is found in Indian subcontinent and Afghanistan. The berries of this tree can be kept around the house as their smell is repulsive to Snakes and hence acts as a Snake repellent.

10. Senna Tree:

This tree has an unpleasant smell and thus is a plant that snakes hate. It is a native of tropical America but is now distributed to Asian and African tropics. It’s scientific name is Senna Hirsuta (L.) H.S. Irwin. As it is a beautiful flowering plant, you can grow it at your home without any doubt.

Snakes flourish in areas with thick foliage and where rodents and insects are present. For people residing in such areas or surroundings, it is vital to design a garden by planting the Snake repelling plants and trees. This will act as a protection to an extent, particularly when people are at homes. Snakes also hate pungent and bitter smells. So apart from the above mentioned tried and tested repellent plants, people can also use the plants and trees with pungent and bitter smells as natural repellents. Plants that will keep snakes away are actually planted. You simply have to find pungent and bitter smelling plants, that don’t please them.

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