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10 Best Symbolic Tattoos For Men and Women – Latest Design Ideas


10 Best Symbolic Tattoos For Men and Women – Latest Design Ideas

Life is symbolic. Hence, it can be better interpreted with symbolic tattoos with intrinsic meanings in them. Searching the web will help to come across a good number of tattoos with meaningful ideas. These ideas are rather based upon symbolism that is found in indigenous or ancient cultures across the globe. Tattooing for some can be a practice to galvanize permanently a symbolic belief or tenet system. There are tattoos in this category that stands for self-improvement and self-development.

Latest Symbolic Tattoos:

Here are the top 10 symbolic tattoos for men and women.

1. Gorgeous Mother Symbol:

Love Symbol Tattoo

If you love your mother and want her to be near you always, then there are present symbolic tattoos for family. It is best suited for women who love their mothers the most. There is etched a red colored heart sign surrounded by red roses. The letter ‘Mother’ is etched across the heart in this life symbol tattoos.

2. Fabulous Skull and Rose Design:

Symbolic Tattoos For Strength

This symbolic tattoo for strength is one design to look out for. This tattoo is preferred by men and is best done on the arm. This design showcases strength of the person. It has a skull with couple of roses to its side. It is done in single color, but appears fabulous.

3. Beautiful Skull Design:

Symbolic Tattoos For Guys

If you desire to show your masculinity, then there is nothing better than this colorful skull design symbolic strength tattoos. The skull is seen wearing a hat with colorful flowers and leaves to its sides. Covering them below is the phrase ‘Pirate King’. Meaning tribal tattoos is best tattooed by men in their arm.

4. Wonderful Abstract Art Design:

If you are a serious person and want to show your boldness to the whole world and a manly figure, then this tattoo symbol is the perfect choice. It can be done on any of the shoulder near the joint and moving towards the chest. There are symbolic christian tattoos which make you appear manly.

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5. Beautiful Love Anchor Sign:

Infinity Symbol Tattoo

These are symbolic love tattoos that women can sport on their back on the shoulder region. It has designs of love being anchored with a heart sign. There is also a beautiful phrase that shows what is in the person’s mind. Symbolic Japanese tattoos are the perfect tattoo for those in love.

6. Cute Anchor Sign Symbol Tattoo:

 Small Symbolic Tattoos

Men are sure to find this small tattoo to be quite interesting. It can be etched near the foot, where it is more visible. It shows how much anchored the person is towards his lover. Such symbol for tattoos and their meanings although simple does have an inner meaning of being anchored in deep love.

7. Enticing Anchor, Skull & Cross Sword Design:

Symbolic Tattoos Small

This is an amazing symbol for tattoos. There is beautifully etched an anchor or harpoon. Just below to it are swords in crossed position with a skull above it in the middle. Such symbolic tattoos for men are best done in the arm. It shows the symbol of being serious and deadly.

8. Spiritual Om Symbol Tattoo:

Indian Symbol Tattoo

This is one design that is taken from the Sanskrit scriptures of the Hindus. It is not restricted to the Hindus, but also is spreading in popularity across the globe. The symbolic tattoo is amazingly etched on the left chest region. Such symbolic tattoos and meanings show the person’s devotion to Lord Shiva.

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9. Pretty Small Finger Symbols:

Finger Tattoo Symbols

Women are sure to enjoy having this design. It has roman letters etched as symbols with some figures depicting it just below the letters. Also symbol tattoos can be tattooed on all the fingers as desired. It shows the boldness of modern women who love to sport symbols and display their feminine side.

10. Amazing Hand Symbol:

Viking symbol tattoos enhances the grace of the person. This is indeed a unique symbol that is simply mind blowing. There are patterns of tridents etched in circular fashion in the middle of the back of the palm. Surrounding this trident design are some letters. It is best etched by men.

The above are symbolic tattoos with meaning or symbolic concepts which are worthy of integrating fully in your life. It is only by tattooing that this total submersion gift can be integrated as symbolic ideal. It should be approached holistically as tattooing is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience.

Images: Shutterstock and Instagram.

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