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Top 15 Best Talking Birds in the World with Images


Top 15 Best Talking Birds in the World with Images

Birds are by themselves cute and interesting creatures. All of them are unique in their own respect and certain ones exhibit unimaginable traits of particular interest to humans have been the talking capability of these birds. While some of them can be trained to talk, others are by themselves capable of talking without having to really train them. Here is a look into the top 10 best talking birds that you may come across.

List of Talking Birds with Pictures:

We are aware of how fascinating birds can get. So, how about to make it more interesting, we run you through some talking birds across the world. Lets a look on them,

1. Amazon Parrots:

Talking bird Amazon parrot

The Amazon parrots are said to be one of the largest species of birds that are commonly kept as pets. The length of these parrots will be 18 inches starting from their beak to the tail feathers due to which they need a room or a spacious cage to fly. Generally, these large talking birds need a responsible owner who loves to play with them most of the time as they are too intelligent. They get bored very quickly if they are left to their own devices.

2. Hill Myna:

Top talking birds Hill myna

Hill Myna is a commonly seen bird. It is commonly seen in Sri Lanka and in the Nilgiris and Western Ghats. They can learn words and also phrases. But since they have a high pitch, they can’t really imitate the human speech or alter their voice to make it close to human speech. They feed on berries, nuts and other small insects.

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3. Ravens:

Talking birds ravens

Ravens have been said to be the most intelligent animals on earth according to scientists. They have also been said to be good problem solvers, with good capability to mimic human speech. They are one of the birds who can recognize themselves in the mirror. The lifespan of these birds is about 10-15 years and belong to the raven family.

4. Cockatoo:

Funny talking parrots Cockatoo

Cockatoos are the beautiful looking birds that need certain level of experience to train them. If the owner has an experience of having handled real talking parrots, this one is an easy task. They feed on seeds, nuts and coconuts. They can mimic human speech perfectly. But, remember this cannot be your first pet.

5. Budgeriga:

Small talking birds Budgeriga.

This small talking bird is another parakeet that is a cage bird. It comes in a range of colours. They are only about 1.1 to 1.4 ounce in weight. They have a playful and outgoing personality. The one reason why they are favourite pets is because they don’t really need any effort to tame them. They become very friendly and can talk easily.

6. European Starling:

Talking birds European Starling.

European starlings are commonly seen in towns and cities. They are stocky black birds who have short tail, long and pointed tails. When provoked, they can get aggressive. The insects like centipedes, earthworms and moths are their foods. They are intelligent and also are capable of talking when trained well. They only weigh about 55 to 100 grams.

7. Common Myna:

Common Myna bird is regarded as the most talkative bird of the list of talking birds. They are also called as ‘beauty with brain’. They are not simply smart, but are intelligent too. It can mimic words and phrases even after hearing it only once or twice. They feed on insects and fruits.

8. Cockatiel:

Funny talking parrots Cockatiel.

Here is another small talking bird. They are endemic to Australia and have been regarded as the best companion and household parrots. They are very sociable birds and will probably feel depressed when left unattended for a long time. Further, they can mimic human speech and will talk quite easily.

9. Indian Ringneck Parrot:

Indian talking ring neck parrot

Here is the most common real talking parrot. These Indian talking parrots are medium sized, most often in green and dark red beak. They can mimic human speech and can do it almost perfectly, when trained well. The nuts, fruits and other grains are their foods. An average adult will weigh about 130 grams.

10. Blue and Yellow Macaw:

Big talking birds Blue and Yellow Macaw.

These real talking birds are brightly coloured and have a pleasing personality. This species is meant for people who can tame birds that are bigger than parrots. The blue and yellow Macaw needs attention and lives about 30 years. They adapt to various situations quite easily. They feed on grains and nuts.

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11. Long Billed Corella:

Talking birds long billed corella

This long billed talking bird that is native to Australia. They are white mostly, with a reddish-pink face. Their long beak helps in digging out their seeds and roots for food. They are medium sized and can live for about 50-60 years in proper care, attention and diet.

12. Quaker Parrots:

Medium size talking birds quaker parrots.

The Quaker parrots are recognized as one of the best talking parrots as they are able to build some larger vocabularies. These parrots are also extremely intelligent. They are known to develop strong bond with their owners. These species are blessed with a larger personality. So these birds will be a perfect choice for those who want to have funny and big talking birds.

13. African Grey Parrots:

Over the past few years these African grey parrots have gained a lot of popularity as pets. They are one of the most intelligent species. Moreover, they are known to pick up their words with more clarity. These real talking parrots will need a lot of care from their owners.

14. Eclectus Parrot:

The native of these eclectus parrots are Solomon Islands and some places of north-eastern Australia. The male parrot of these species consists of a bright green plumage while the female parrots consist of bright red and blue plumage. Their beautiful colours and their talking ability made them one of the popular and top talking birds that are available as pets.

15. Scarlet Macaw:

As the name itself indicates the scarlet macaw primarily consists of the red colour. This is also considered as one of the largest talking bird with a length of 32-39 inches. Like most of the remaining birds the scarlet macaw needs to be kept free in a friendly environment rather than putting in a cage as they are more likely to suffer in the cages due to their large personality.

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Talking birds have always been our fascination. These smart creatures are gifted with the ability to mimic human speech along with their other unique traits. While some of them talk quietly, others simply scream their lungs out. They also have a good memory and can remember exactly what they have been taught. Interesting isn’t?

Images: Shutterstock

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