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List of Top 10+ Traditional Games of India with Images


List of Top 10+ Traditional Games of India with Images

Majority of the international games like Chess, Kabadi and Kho-Kho originated only from India. In the famous epic namely Mahabaratha there is a narration where rival teams played board games like Chatarung which is somewhat like chess. People living in villages spend their free time by playing game of cards, snakes and ladders and Kabadi and enjoy their moments happily. Inscriptions found in ancient temples outlines the fact that Indians played lots of popular games like Solah Seedi which is also a board game played using stones. You will understand the importance of playing traditional games of India only when you decode it.

There are hundreds of traditional games that are still popular in Indian continent. Listed below are the Top 10 traditional games which are still played by millions of people all over the world.

Traditional Games of India:

The list of traditional games of India can be divided two categories like outdoor games and indoor games as follow.

Traditional Outdoor Games of India:

1. Kabbadi/Chedugudu:

Traditional Sports and Games of India

If you want to stay strong and lead a healthy life all that you have to do is to take part in Kabbadi game which is one of the most popular game in the list of traditional sports and games of India. Street children play this game in deserted streets, beaches and playgrounds and spend their time happily. There are two teams of 12 players each. But only seven members from each team will only participate during the match and others shall be reserved. This one of the traditional games in India which you love playing with friends.

Other Names:

  • Kauddi – Punjab
  • Hu-To-Tu – Western India
  • Sadugudu – Tamil Nadu
  • Hu-Do-Do – Eastern India

2. Gilli Danda/Gooti Billa/Tipcat:

Traditional Games in India

Gilli danda which was invented in South India originated around 2500 years back. But still millions of children and adults play this game and improve their playing skills. Player has to use danda to hit the gilli like how cricket batsman hits the ball using his bat. You can watch videos or explore tutorial articles to get maximum information about this famous game.

Other Names:

  • Kittipul – Tamil Nadu
  • Dangguli – West Bengal
  • Karra Billa – Andhrapradesh
  • Gulli Danda – Punjab
  • Kuttiyum Kolum – Kerala
  • Vitti Dandu – Maharashtra
  • Tanguti – Assam

3. Hopscotch/Pandi Attam:

List of Traditional Games of India

Hopscotch is a popular game in India and children especially boys and girls living in rural India love this game. You will find this game taking number one spot in the list of traditional games of India. The player will toss a pebble or stone on the numbered spaces and jump through the boxes to retrieve it.

Other Names:

  • Nondi or Pandi Attam – Tamilandu
  • Tokkudu Billa – Andhrapradesh and Telangana
  • Kunte Bille – Karnataka
  • Kith-Kith – West Bengal

4. Hide and Seek:

Traditional games from India

Hide and seek is a popular children game which dates back to 19th century. In this game at least three or four children will conceal themselves in a hideout and the one or more seekers will have to search and find their hideouts. Millions of children play this game during weekends and holidays.

Other Names:

  • Kannamoochi – Tamilandu
  • Dagudu Moothalu – Andhrapradesh

5. Marbels/Kancha:

List of Traditional Outdoor Games of India

There is no expenditure involved in this game other than buying marbles and anyone can quickly learn it effortlessly within a short time. You have to purchase few dark green marbles from the nearby shop and start playing the game. There are lots of tutorial videos in popular social media channels which will train you thoroughly and once you learn the intricacies of this game you can start playing the game.

Other Names:

  • Goti Aata
  • Goli Aata

Traditional Indoor Games of India:

6. Snakes and ladders/Moksha Patam:

List of Traditional Indoor Games of India

Kings and queens those who ruled India in the past have played lots of traditional board games of India and spent their moments happily with their team mates and opponents. One such board game which will keep you active is snakes and ladders game. If you want to understand the complexities that are involved in this game, then you should decide to explore tutorial videos.

Other Names:

  • Parama Padam – Tamilnadu
  • Vaikunthapali – Andhrapradesh
  • Paramapada Sopanam -Andhrapradesh
  • Mokshapat – North India

7. Chaturanga/Chess:

Traditional Board Games of India

Chaturanga which is nothing but Chess is one of the most popular board game in the world. India has created lots of chess champions in the past and still creating new ones. You can improve your concentration and focusing powers when you play Chaturanga regularly. But you need patience and passion to learn this board game which is categorized as one of the best traditional games of India in Hindi.

Other Names:

  • Chaduranga – Karnataka
  • Chadarangam – Andhrapradesh & Telangana

8. Pallankuzhi:

Traditional Games of South India

Pallankuzhi is one of the most popular traditional games of South India which dates back to 4th century AD. Children living in Tamil Nadu play this game with their friends and family members and enjoy the day happily. This famous rectangular board game has 2 rows and 7 columns. Try your luck in this game and see positive results.

Other Names:

  • Vamana Guntalu – Andhrapradesh
  • Pallankuli – Tamilnadu
  • Ali Guli Mane – Karnataka

9. Goats and Tigers:

Tigers and Goats is also a popular traditional two player board game in India. Tiger will try to attack the lambs and all that you have to do in this game is to block the movement of the tiger. It is an interesting game and you will enjoy it thoroughly. Explore the videos to get information about it.

Other Names:

  • Aadu Huli Aata – Karntaka
  • Aadu Puli Aatam – Tamilandu
  • Puli Meka Aata/Puli Joodam – Andhrapradesh
  • Huli Gatta – Karnataka

10. Indian Ludu/Pachisi:

There are lots of popular board games in India which are played by adults as well children. Pachisi is an ancient board game which originated in India long time back. It is also called as the“Indian National Game”. The board will look like Holy cross and you will understand the intricacies of this game quickly once you start playing it with others.

Other Names:

  • Pagdi Pat – Maharstra
  • Sokkatan – Tamilnadu
  • Pagade – Karntaka
  • Chaupad – Hindi
  • Chausar – Hindi
  • Pachikulu Aata – Andhrapradesh

11. Five Stones/Gutte:

Five stones are also one of the best traditional outdoor games of India which involves no expenditure. You have to throw one stone in the air and pick other stones which are lying on the ground without dropping the stone in the air. Explore tutorial videos and get better insight about it.

Other Names:

  • Pacheta/Pachika
  • Kugelach

12. Dice Game/Dhaya Kattai:

Dhaya kattai (Tamil) which is also popularly called as dice game in India falls under the category traditional games from India. You will like this board game since there is no complexity involved in it. Children will fall in love this game since it is easy to learn and play. All that you need is a board and dice for playing this interesting game.

You will feel energetic, young and healthy when you play some of the games that are listed above during holiday seas. These are not just interesting, but also helps in activating your mind. Above all, these games help you get rid of mobile addiction or gaming addiction which is often the case with most youngsters these days.

Images: Amazon, YouTube and Flickr

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